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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 08:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,444

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Wow. Sen. Mike Lee admits he hates Democracy


So Trump apparently wasn't too sick this morning?

He did a Fox call in this morning and didn't sound like he was having a lot of breathing issues.

Lot of people think Pence's eye might be a Covid symptom.

Pink eye can be a symptom of Covid and Pence didn't look too well.

I'm worried about Kamala's health being stuck in that room with that ghoul.

Uh oh. Trump's boss is starting to move away from him.


Basically Putin is unhappy with Biden's "Anti-Russia rhetoric" but he does like Biden's support for arms control and says he's willing to work with any future US President.

I think even Putin is signaling his cheating for Trump might not be enough.

Thom Tillis has a major domestic abuse scandal


>Thom Tillis’ Ex-Wife Cites “Cruel and Inhuman Treatment” in Divorce Documents

People have been writing off Cunningham because of his "sexting scandal." Tillis has a much more serious scandal apparently.

Kamala Harris should request a better stage setup.

The stage is definitely not safe. Those shields might help if someone sneezes directly in the other person's direction, but the desks are too close, and the virus can still spread in the air around the shields.

What a terrible setup. I'm really worried for Kamala's health.


If you're on the gulf coast, prepare yourselves.

Hurricane Delta is insane. It went from a tropical depression to a Category 4 in 1 day. It's pressure has dropped to 955 mb, which is very low.

Some models predict it could hit 175 mph wins since it's such a tight, compact storm.

Current models have it making a direct hit in Louisiana near New Orleans.

Chris Cuomo is going off like crazy tonight.

I don't usually watch him, flipping back and forth between Rachel, but he's great tonight.

Chewing Trump out like crazy, mocking him, talking about how weak he is.

Claudia Conway with some "updates."

Take this for what it's worth - I'm assuming she's listening to her mom talk to her friends in the White House.


Did Rudy spill the beans on Bill Barr?

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