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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,931

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The media really is pro-fascism

One thing I agree with Mango Mussolini, but for the wrong reasons.

TFG committed sedition and espionage, and despite historic wins for the Democratic party, the media is waiting with baited breath for his stupid announcement, and just putting all the attention on the treasonous bastard.

It's like 2016 all over again - endless free publicity, while ignoring Democratic successes. The fact that he is even allowed to run again proves this country is a failure.

Control of the House looks impossible now

The batch of votes left for AZ-1 is more red than the batch that just dropped, and Hodges only got like 44%.

CA-41 is also looking out of our reach.

Without those 2 seats, assuming we can win everything else, we won't have enough for the majority.

Israel Exit Polls Show Netanyahu returning to power

I know a lot of people here don't like Israel. But for those of us who are Jewish, it's a backup plan for us if Republican Fascism destroys Democracy in the US.

But exit polls in todays election are showing the religious far-right winning in Israel, which means the most far-right, authoritarian government Israel has ever had.

This eliminates my backup plan to leave the US since I won't be safe in Israel either.

It's insane how much the far-right is taking over everywhere.
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