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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,443

Journal Archives

The markets are on a cliffs edge...

I was lucky... made $$ with SPY put options purchased at open this morning...

But I'm seeing things that are truly disturbing.

A number of stocks have broken previous support levels and might drop precipitously now that those levels are broken.

Tech is a mess. NVDA, 52 week low hit today. TSM, the Taiwanese chip powerhouse, 52 week low hit today. AMD, 52 week low hit today.

Banking... Goldman Sachs, down 24% in the last year... JP Morgan, sitting at a 52 week low. Bank of America, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley sitting near 52 week lows... banking monster BlackRock down 35% in a year.

And this is just the start...

The Fed Rate folly is just starting to take a bite out of the market.

There will be another 75bps increase in November which will translate to 8% mortgage rates by years end and make auto loans more expensive.

And then the real implosion happens.

When mortgage rates are prohibitively high, the real estate market crashes. Hard. Like 2008/9.

I'm just telling everyone... don't believe the sweet nothings being whispered in your ears... trouble is coming.

Oh and I didn't even mention the Ukraine War or oil prices.

Al Jazeera: Separatist Forces claim to retake key Ukrainian villages in major assault


Bakhmut – a wine-producing and salt-mining town on the main road from Donetsk to the capital Kyiv once home to 70,000 people – would be a major prize if Russia has any hope of securing the region after invading Ukraine in February. Intense shelling was audible from the direction of Otradovka, Veselaya Dolina, and Zaitsevo, which are now apparently in the hands of forces loyal to the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic now annexed by Russia.

A Ukrainian artillery commander named Serhiy told Al Jazeera that Ukrainian soldiers were in Bakhmut because “it is a key point”. Another Ukrainian soldier called Nikolai said the Russians were “throwing all their forces at the town”.

“Artillery, air power, even helicopters are attacking our positions,” said Nikolai. “They try to approach during night and day. And it’s their elite units and mercenaries. There are no regular Russians soldiers left.”

AJ coverage is the best... accurate and without cheerleader bias.

People don't seem to "get" why cockroaches like OZ, Walker and Vance can win...

The mistake you're making... is looking at the candidates, comparing them on actual traits like honesty, intelligence, decency, respect for country and kindness.

That's not how GOP'ers think.

To them, a vote for Senator Warnock means a Schumer controlled Senate.

A vote for Walker means a roadblock for Joe Biden. It means "owning the libs".

It's all Team Red vs Team Blue in their minds... they'll vote for Satan himself if it'll "own the libs".

NATO fears Russia preparing to test Poseidon nuclear torpedo for the first time

The Poseidon reportedly creates a 1600' Radioactive Tsunami...


According to the newspaper, the key commands of the NATO member countries have received reports over the past few days regarding the movement of the nuclear submarine Belgorod, which can carry Poseidon torpedoes.

“However, Western intelligence is convinced that (the submarine) did not go beyond the White Sea (in the north of Russia),” the newspaper writes. “In fact, it should next appear in the waters of the Arctic for a series of secret tests.”

The main difference between the Belgorod and all other nuclear submarines in the world is its potential ability to carry Poseidon nuclear torpedoes, capable of traveling hundreds of miles under water and causing "nuclear tsunamis" by exploding near a coast.


Russia’s enormous nuclear submarine, the ‘Belgorod’ that recently became operational, is about to undertake the first-ever test of Russia’s Poseidon nuclear torpedoes, according to a top-secret NATO report cited by an Italian media outlet.

“The alarm stems from a NATO intelligence report, sent to the most important allied commands in recent days. The report concerns the movements of the Belgorod nuclear submarine, which became operational in July. Now she’s back to dive in the Arctic seas, and it is feared that her mission is to test for the first time the super-torpedo Poseidon, often referred to as ‘the weapon of the Apocalypse,” reported la Repubblica.

I don't get the Russian strategy (or lack thereof).


For people who study these things, it's common to look at all sides of conflict. For example, how does Rommel win at El Alamein? How does Germany win at Stalingrad? How do you beat Napoleon at Austerlitz?

These events are looked at with the eyes of an analyst, not a partisan or an interested party.

So... Ukraine.

I think we can all see the initial phase of the war. Putin and the Armed Forces thought the Ukrainians would fold quickly and they'd be able to install a new Leader ASAP.

Russia flailed about for months but without a clear strategy. They never sought to achieve air superiority but continued to feed helicopter and ground attack craft to the MANPADS.

They never concentrated their forces. They never made a concerted drive on Kyiv.

Blunder after blunder.


At some point, SOME Russian leader had to observe the situation and put together some kind of strategy.

I don't think it can all be blamed on "they suck".

There are things they COULD do but have NOT. And I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out.

WHY haven't the Russians

1) Turned the lights off in Kyiv and every major city East of Lviv? Easy to do. Can be accomplished with cruise missiles or other standoff weapons.

2) Turned off the heat?

3) Destroyed ALL rail and highway infrastructure?

4) Hit command and control targets in Kyiv? Daily.

5) Starve Ukraine by cutting off supply routes from the Western border

These are ALL asymmetrical tactical options. That means 1000 Russians can affect 100,000 Ukrainians.

I've been studying war since I was maybe 8-9 years old when my mother would take me to the Library and I'd leave with a foot tall stack of war books.

And I've NEVER seen a more lopsided affair.

It's NOT just the "Orcs suck and UKR troops are Godz" stuff... there's more to it.

The decision making has been beyond terrible. It's been unbelievable.

Next stop $7/gallon... I paid 6.99 tonight.

Holy hell... SoCal gas prices up like $1/gal in the last 10 days...

Just a coincidence that election is 40 days away and gas prices are racing, right?

San Bernardino PD thankful to the Hurricane for taking their teenager killing off the news.

This story just disgusts me.

What a shock.

So the murdering father is running from the cops, shooting at them... tells the daughter to put the helmet and vest on cuz... it's a gunfight..

And as the truck is hit by more gunfire, the man is mortally wounded and the truck comes to a stop.

15 year old girl, freaked out... jumps out of the truck and runs to police... TO BE RESCUED... fleeing this traumatic scene. UNARMED.

And Rambo, Joker, Dirty Harry and the Punisher shoot her dead.



This is why the Earth is screwed. And no, your Tesla and digital thermostat don't help.

In just 48 years, the world population has doubled in size, jumping from four to eight billion. Of course, humans are not equally spread throughout the planet, and countries take all shapes and sizes. The visualizations in this article aim to build context on how the eight billion people are distributed around the world.

China + India + Pakistan = 10x US population.

CO2 footprint, per capita in China/India and Pakistan is growing around 5% per year... reflecting billions of people getting access to modern amenities.

Must be Election (horse race) Season. MSM busy "debunking" DEM claims...

Gotta keep the advertising dollars flowing... with no horse race, no bonuses and overtime. Election season commercials are almost as expensive as Super Bowl commercials...

The latest... from WAPO no less...

Where are the debunked GOP lies and nonsense?


The Pinocchio Test

Murray tweeted that if Senate Republicans win control of the Senate, they plan to end Social Security and Medicare.

This is yet another example in which Democrats strain to conjure up a nonexistent GOP plan regarding Social Security and Medicare. Murray earns Four Pinocchios.

By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post Fact Checker

Glenn Kessler has reported on domestic and foreign policy for more than three decades. Send him statements to fact check by emailing him or sending a DM on Twitter.

A solution to affordable housing... that Americans just don't seem to like.

Travel pretty much anywhere in Europe, particularly Central Europe... and you see these large apartment block buildings.

They're pretty much non-existent in the US, except for some in large cities.

But ever seen one in Orange County, CA? Or in the DFW metroplex?

These are large buildings with hundreds of residential homes inside.

I Know... I know...

Someone is going to slide in here and say "Yeah they're called the Projects and people trash them because they have no Pride of Ownership"

That's the thing. You have to build them nice. Integrate them into shopping areas, hiking trailheads, mass transit (if possible) and build them GREEN with modern efficiencies. MAKE THEM NICE.

And about crime? Undesirable criminal behavior? People abusing the property?

Make the buildings have a Residents Board. Have onsite security. Have the ability to kick people out for undesirable conduct.

KEEP them nice.

Think about it... If you build a couple big ass tract developments of SFH, you might have 150 homes with 500 residents.

You can have 500 people in one building.

It's much more efficient and you can build 2+2 1200sf homes for $150k-ish...

As long as people want their own little McMansion with the 1/4 acre lot and the construction companies make BIG profit off of those, we'll never see affordable housing.

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