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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,443

Journal Archives

If Heaven were real... what would be on YOUR diet?

For my 50+ years, I've always had to watch what I eat... and when I ignored the cost of what I ate, the scale reminded me later.

So... if you were suddenly able to eat ANYTHING without a single consequence... no nutritional deficiency, no blood sugar worries, no problems at all.

What would YOU eat?

Here are MY dream foods:

1) Home Made Ice Cream. Old-Skool with the churner filled with crushed ice... Every batch you can mix in your favorites. Mine are peanut butter and brownies.

2) Krispy Kreme Donuts, the classic round glazed.

3) Pizza. Don't ask me why... but back in the day when you could get Little Caesars 2for1, those were some great times in my life...

Pepperoni and Sausage

4) Chocolate Chip cookies, home made of course with real butter, brown sugar, white sugar and Guittard semisweet chips please.

5) Fettucine Alfredo with pools of standing butter.

6) Filet Mignon with a Blueberry Reduction.

7) Nachos.

8) Corn Dogs and Chili Cheese Dogs. Can Heaven have a Der Wienerschnitzel?

You guys?

EDIT: And Eggs Benedict with bacon and sausage and Pancakes/Syrup (the REAL Maple stuff) every breakfast.

EDIT #2: And Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, cooked differently daily... with different cheeses.

A topic that SHOULD be at the top of the Priority Stack for Congress.

The minimum Social Security benefit.

Let's say you worked and filed taxes for around 20 years... but never made much money.

Your Social Security payment would be around... $480 per month.

That's $480 to keep you alive for the rest of your life.

A lot of people spent decades caring for others, parents and children, etc. A lot of people were self employed and their taxes reflect minimal earnings.

Me personally, I think that no matter HOW MUCH or how little you paid in taxes, the minimum amount you should receive is around $1200 a month if you filed taxes for 20 years.

$500 a month is eating cat food and keeping the thermostat at 62* in Winter...


The same "Puritan scolds" who attack LGBT...

are at least partially responsible for Atlanta.

First they shame young LGBT and they commit suicide... now they fill the mind of the incel with "harlot" this and "smite" that...

Damn primitives.

Instead of buying a gun, he shoulda' bought a bus ticket to Vegas and engaged a professional for some REAL therapy.

When will the Administration address paying the Bill for COVID-19?

Many European countries (recently the UK) are announcing new taxes.

COVID cost the Treasury somewhere in the $3-4T neighborhood.

Being a Fiscally responsible adult...

This means we MUST increase receipts to the Treasury.

Many options (pick one or more):

1) 5% Wealth Tax (one-time) with 1% annually. (The UK Wealth Commission recommends this)

2) Levy a special VAT tax for a set period of time... 5 or 10 yrs.

3) Restructure Tax brackets.

Top bracket, currently 37% to 50%

4) Tax Capital Gains as regular income. Why should a plumber get taxed more in actual WORK than a dude riding in a golf cart sucking up a profit because Tesla went up that morning?

5) "Per Transaction" Wall Street fees.

6) Tax Corporations on their income, not profit.

For me... this is NOT negotiable.

The Tax System in this country is the ROOT of all problems.

NO ADMINISTRATION should be coddling the wealthy to the detriment of the average American.

Minimum wage... inflation... the "Six-Figure" Dream Job...

My first job was at $3.10 an hour...

Gas was 99 cents a gallon. Middle class SoCal houses were $150k.

We all talked about the "Six-Figure" job...

It was something to work towards. I was lucky... I've been making six figures since the late 80's.

But 90% of young people TODAY are STILL dreaming about that "Six Figure" dream job.

And now gas is $4+/gal, that same $150k house is now $850k and I paid $10 for a McD's 1/4 pdr meal the other day.

Nearly 40 years... and the jump to Middle Class is STILL out of reach for many.

It's not a minimum wage problem... it's deeper than that.

Think of dollars as floating objects.

90% of the dollars float to the ceiling and 5% fall to the floor, leaving 5% floating around the middle of the room.

When COVID-19 is in the rear view mirror... where do we leave the bill?

So... this thing has cost the US a fortune, not only in precious lives but in precious CASH.

I think it'd be WRONG to just leave the red ink on the balance sheet and go on.

Today, the UK announced new taxes to compensate for Gov't expenditures due to C19.

We REALLY need to do the same.

Several Options:

1) A special VAT tax for 10 years... maybe an extra 0.1% on all retail purchases?

2) Raising the mid to upper income tax levels. For example

Current 24% tax bracket (folks making 85-163k) increase to 27%

Current 32% tax bracket (folks making 163-207k) increase to 36%

Current 35% tax bracket (folks making 207-518k) increase to 40%

Current 37% tax bracket (folks making 518k+) increase to 45%

3) A limited time increase in Capital Gains taxation?

4) One-Time Wealth Tax?

5) Annual Wealth Tax?

Let's bottom line it... the BILLS need to be paid. NO leaving the red ink on the books. Every other civilized nation on Earth will be raising taxes in the wake of C19.

Will our leaders follow?

It's only logical.

The J&J Vaccine could be a game changer... but it probably won't be.

If I were King... or President or whatever...

Assemble an insulated package with 100 does of J&J Vaccine with a cool-pak and mail ONE pack daily to every pharmacy in the US.

Sound daunting?

Have Amazon be responsible for the delivery.

Pharmacists and their techs give shots year round... they know what they're doing.

Leftover vaccine can be stored in the existing refrigerators in the Pharmacy.

Start poking folks at 9AM, 50 shots available and again at 1PM, last 50 shots.

You'd get FAR MORE vaccines in people's arms without this IDIOTIC NONSENSE of massive football stadium parking lots with 6 rows of cars driving thru getting poked through the window.

Unfortunately... gov't bureaucracy isn't always overly bright.

EDIT: They should also allow self-vaccination. There are ALREADY self-administered syringes engineered and produced.

In addition, a typical city of 100k might have 25 pharmacies. That's 2500 vaccinations a day, 17,500 a week and 70k a month.

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