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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,443

Journal Archives

NYT: Russia's Military, Once Creaky, Is Modern and Lethal

Some people seemed confused the other day believing that the Russian military was somehow sub-par??


Under Putin’s leadership, it has been overhauled into a modern sophisticated army, able to deploy quickly and with lethal effect in conventional conflicts, military analysts said. It features precision-guided weaponry, a newly streamlined command structure and well-fed and professional soldiers. And they still have the nuclear weapons.

The new capabilities were evident in Russia’s intervention in Syria in 2015. They were not only effective, but caught some in the U.S. military off guard.

“I’m embarrassed to admit, I was surprised a few years ago when Kalibr missiles came flying out of the Caspian Sea, hitting targets in Syria,” said Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, the former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe. “That was a surprise to me, not only the capability, but I didn’t even know they were there.”

Internet Rambos can line up to the right to go fight.

I'm "all for" local community control over schools and curriculum.

Yes, indeed.

For one, I don't like ANY overarching Federal or State Gov't sticking it's hands into every aspect of daily life.

Example: The majority of States are run by GOP'ers... want them to write the textbooks and study guide?

How about parents in Dallas or Austin? Should they run the schools or a board or committee in the State House?

There are books I'D LIKE for kids to read... and like minded parents should be able to make that choice.

Atlanta schools? Want the curriculum set by the State gov't?

Would you trade a Sinema "yes" on Judge Jackson for a "no-primary" promise?

Just a hypothetical.

I don't want to offend anyone...

But there are a LOT of hawks around these days who'd love them some war with Russia...

Will THEY be on the front line?

Something you might not hear on the MSM... unless you watch the Financials

COVID-19 stocks are getting absolutely crushed.

Peloton, Moderna, Zoom... and today Netflix are getting destroyed after a profitable and unrealistic 2020/2021 inflated values to the moon.

Combined with the upcoming rate hikes and Fed tapering... the market's not going to be happy this year... it's a massive MASSIVE bubble.

Not a bad thing for everyone, though... I'm a daily options trader and make $$ off of a chaotic volatile market if it's going UP or DOWN.

Sotomayor disputes "news" accounts re: Gorsuch.


In a joint statement released by the court, the two said news accounts of the dispute "surprised us" and described them as "false."

"While we may sometimes disagree about the law, we are warm colleagues and friends," the two said in the statement.

Chief Justice John Roberts also disputed the reports in a separate statement.

The highly unusual public reaction came as Gorsuch has broken with the other eight justices in declining to wear a mask during oral arguments. Since the omicron variant triggered a recent surge in infections, Sotomayor has been taking part in arguments remotely from her chambers in the building rather than sitting on the bench.

The other day read a thread where some people think that antisemitism is a 20th Century thing...

Here's my good deed for the day.

I urge people to read things like this... to educate yourself. Today we have someone babbling on about a Constitutional Convention having no clue how it works... smdh.

Remember, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be a good debater if you're clueless about the topic.


The Museum of Tolerance is a priceless resource and I encourage all to use it.

Reader's Digest version:

Antisemitism has been a "thing" since AT LEAST the Greco-Roman era.

Antisemitism has been practiced and advocated by people of all colors and cultures.

Antisemitism has been very widespread geographically.

Roman times, Middle Ages, the Muslim era, Crusades and a number of purges from the 10th Century up into the 20th Century (all Jews expelled from England in 1290)... Jews even got caught up in the Spanish Inquisition!

How liberals learned to love federalism.

An older article from 2019... but a great argument for "States Rights" from the Left...

People in states like California can tell you all about how a State can defend it's residents against a disagreeable Federal Gov't.

Now look at California, trying to establish a Statewide Universal Healthcare system outside of Federal control.

We should ALL be intellectually consistent and certainly NOT long for an all powerful Federal Gov't.


But in the Trump era, many progressives are rediscovering the merits of federalism. They are finding that state and local governments can serve as an important check on a president whose policies they deplore, and — even more striking, given the history of the debate — that states and cities can provide valuable protection for vulnerable minorities.

IF BBB and Voting Rights Legislation is done...

If Biden and Democratic leadership see the door REALLY is closed...

I hope we get some mileage out of getting politicians on the record re: Voting Rights and helping the American people.

But then move on.

We want to win in 2022 and beyond.

We can't just sing Trump this and 1/6 that and win.

How do we win?

Good governance and help the American people.

Focus on Executive policies that directly help working people, even seemingly SMALL things from the Federal Gov't.

Write bills with a narrow focus, seeking bipartisan support when possible.

Some kind of FAIR Student Loan aid?

Why not "reset" the EV Rebate program which would reset the "quota" for brands that "ran out" of slots?

How about further green energy rebates for homes/businesses? Solar panels, battery packs, etc?

How about a "Moon Shot" initiative to get Merck and Pfizer C19 treatments in the hands of every local MD office?

Let's bring back "Cash for Clunkers" to get old high polluting cars off the road? Make the payments larger if you go from clunker to EV

How about restructuring Social Security?

The minimum SS payment for someone with a limited work history, someone who cared for children or other family members for most of their life is around $600/month.

Joe talked about minimum SS payments during the campaign, let's work on it!

I guess my point is...

Don't get bogged down on the things that didn't happen... focus on what CAN happen.

Democrats will WIN elections if they do a good job and help people. Make the Federal Gov't their friend, a trusted friend who cares.

Work on tax reform. Start small.

And for god sake, stop politicians from trading stocks. Did you know there are men and women sitting on the Armed Services Cmte who as recently as last year owned stock directly in names like Northrup Grumman, Boeing and Raytheon...??

Start the flow of successfully passed Bills to the desk of President Biden. I don't care if it's naming a Post Office after a local GOP pol... show the nation the system WORKS.

I DO believe that you will find decent GOP support for MANY items desirable for both sides (like stock trading in Congress and Gov't)

Get up off the ground, rub some dirt in the wound and get back to work.

EDIT: I just wanted to add... I think Manchin now has incredible leverage over MM. He can say "Mitch I had your back on Voting Rights and BBB but now you've got to work with me on some legislation... otherwise I will have to revisit filibuster reform"

Back in the 60's... Soviets were 100 miles offshore and the Nation stopped and held it's breath

Today... in our culture, maybe I'm just being cynical but I don't think anyone would care.

The young folks on their Insta and TikTok?

If Putin thinks that the nation will shut down, paralyzed in fear, I think he's wrong.

Tell a teen to hide under a desk in a drill and prepare for a big eye roll and "whatever".
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