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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,861

Journal Archives

There's still time... get to work, Congress. Abortion Rights.

Let's call it the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Right to Choose Act.

Many disagree with me BUT I think the GOP may free up enough votes to let this pass and escape filibuster.

They saw the polls.

Abortion was a XXL Sized issue in the 22 Election.

Kansas proved that voters who would never vote for a Dem would still vote to keep Abortion legal.

Allowing a Federal Law to protect abortion rights to pass actually puts them in a MUCH better place for future elections.

Truly bizarre Musk tweet... bizarre even for Musk.

Musk has a history of sending cryptic messages via Twitter... I'm working on this one.

BTW the gun in the foreground is called a RHINO gun.


This one is weird, too... he's stirring shit again. He wants to release internal Twitter documents re: free speech


Now that Election Season is over... smart people need to get together and address abortion rights.

The SCOTUS has done it's thing. Roe is no more.

But it's NOT time to act like abortion is illegal from coast to coast, because it's NOT.

1) Since abortion rights are settled at the State level, abortion rights legislation needs to be job #1 in DEM controlled State Houses.

2) Someone... PP?? Someone needs to organize a convenient way to transport and support women who need to travel a few hours for abortion care. I'm sure funding won't be a problem and I'm also sure that deals can be struck with Corporations like Airlines, Hotel chains, food chains, etc... to support women on their short trips.

Looking at a map, it appears that NO ONE is more than a 90 minute flight from free and safe abortion care.

The most extreme travel distance I can see is around a 450 mile trip from South Texas to NM. Or Miami to NC, 600 miles.

3) Push for a codification of a Roe-like legislation. In fact, I'd try it before the next Congress takes over. I still believe enough GOP'ers might vote YES just to remove this as a political issue in 2024.

International Treasure Mary Beard article about "Newly Discovered Roman Emperor"



Yeah, I love Mary Beard.

BTW this is why Twitter is so valuable. How else can one follow arguments and opinions and debate between world class scientists, historians and archaeologists??? Basically in real time...

Oh and my Twitter account has ZERO appearances by MAGATS or any politics AT ALL because the Twitter AI knows what interests me.

For background, heres an article where scientists say "Yup, Sponsian was real"


Prof Paul Pearson University College London, who led the research, told BBC News that he was astonished by the discovery.

"What we have found is an emperor. He was a figure thought to have been a fake and written off by the experts.

"But we think he was real and that he had a role in history."

CNN: Here are 5 big investigations House Republicans are planning to launch


1) Southern Border

2) Afghanistan Withdrawal

3) Origins of Covid-19

4) DoJ

5) Hunter Biden

My thoughts:

1) This is probably the weakest of investigations. I just don't see any smoke OR fire.

2) Afghanistan. The GOP will blame Biden, hang the deaths of US servicemen on him but overall, it's a weak attempt because Biden was put in a tough situation by Trump.

3) C19

This one has deep roots.

In particular, they'd LOVE to "dirty up" Dr. Fauci. They have a couple years of pent up revenge brewing.

They will focus on Gain of Function Research at the Wuhan Virology Lab and the connections to the CDC and Fauci, directly or indirectly.

Fauci and the CDC have been hesitant to discuss this in depth so it'll be interesting when subpoenas fly.

It's another loser for the GOP if you're hoping for big new revelations... but the GOP is out for character assassination, not truth.

4) DoJ

This is just pathetic. It's the "Deep State was mean to Trump" investigation.

They'll be looking into the MaL raid, the influence exerted before the 2020 election to dampen the Hunter Laptop story and what they perceive as unfair treatment to right wing causes and celebrities like Stone, Project Veritas, etc...

5) Hunter Biden

Not sure why everyone calls this the Hunter Biden investigation.

It's the Joe Biden investigation, Jordan has said as much. The GOP is hoping to find evidence that while VP, Joe Biden profited financially from deals Hunter was making overseas. Expect to hear about the "10% for the big guy" and Hunter lamenting that he's been financially supporting Joe and the family for decades.

This one is hard to judge.

None of the Hunter Biden stuff has been verified. Until people are under oath and I hear expert testimony, it's BS to me.

Post-Mortem for the 2022 Mid Terms. It's the 4 million vote loss in the House.


As of right now, the Repubs lead by 4,043,000 votes.

This is a 8+ million vote turnaround in the House compared to 2020 when the DEMS received 4.7M more votes than the GOP in the House.

I suspect it's a turnout issue.

Might be the time to codify abortion rights.

As we saw today, GOP'ers came forward to protect same sex marriage... to remove that from their bag of electoral problems.

If they'd vote to codify a Roe-like Law... it would remove that as an issue in future elections. Plus it's the "old congress" so I think it's perfect timing.

I bet we'd get 60+

Remember... look at Kansas. Even people who would NEVER vote for a DEM... don't want abortion to be illegal.

Fill your tank... oil prices just jumped 2.3% on the Poland explosion news.

The price of oil has already reacted to the incident, climbing 2.3 percent to $87.82 according to the West Texas Intermediate benchmark.


Polish Reporting: Ukrainian interceptors struck missile that landed in Poland.

Just pulled this off of a Mil Intel Discord channel I belong to...

As soon as I have a concrete link, will add the source.

Weak GOP Majority empowers "Freedom Caucus"... McCarthy "Sad".

To secure the votes of Jim Jordan and Company, he'll have to agree to stuff like Biden Investigations, etc... indeed the weaker the majority the more important the far right becomes.


The state of play: Republicans will hold their leadership elections next week. McCarthy just needs a majority to vote, by secret ballot, to reelect him as leader.

The real challenge is when the whole House votes to elect the speaker. He'll need practically his whole conference to stick together and back him then and that vote is public.

What they're saying: Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), coming out of a meeting of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus on Thursday, told Axios "no one currently has 218" votes to become speaker in a vote of the full House.

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.), who is openly opposing McCarthy, told Axios he's "confirmed with many people that ... there will be a challenge" to McCarthy at next week's GOP leadership elections.

"I think he's in deep trouble ... him prevailing on the floor of the House is going to be very difficult," said former Trump official Russ Vought while coming out of the Freedom Caucus meeting.
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