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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
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Journal Archives

Salon: "Infowars" host Alex Jones says Trump will announce 2024 presidency run on July 4th

What a way to ruin the burgers and hot dogs...

Can he just disappear already???

Note for the potential alerters. Salon is ranked as LEFT by the media bias websites. So NO I'm not spreading Right Wing Sources.


"Donald Trump is set to announce his run for 2024 on Monday, which is a very special day. We're shooting this right now during a break during my live show on June 29th, Wednesday edition. That means in five days, on July 4th, President Trump is gonna announce he's running for his second term," Jones said. "Imagine the explosive political, cultural, economic, medical, financial implications of that."

The Loophole That Trump Tried to Steal the Election With Is Still There

Yes it's TDB which is frequently garbage... but the author is Margaret Carlson, former managing editor of the New Republic and first female columnist for Time magazine... hardly a RW'er.

A 5 month old article but describes in detail WHAT legal process the TFG team thought might work, how they attempted it and how it needs to be fixed.


Much of what was broken on Jan. 6 can’t be fixed, but there’s one thing that can: the loophole in the Electoral Count Act on which Donald Trump pinned his hopes of overturning the 2020 election.

That badly worded law—leaving open the question whether the vice president’s role is merely ceremonial or he has the power to replace duly certified electors—is still on the books. It requires only one member from the House and one from the Senate to make an objection to halt the count, with both branches of Congress then retiring to their respective chambers.

From there, the election can be tossed to the House.

Well that's embarrassing. The Kavanaugh would-be assassin is a local kid.

Simi Valley High, class of 2014.

Has anyone EVER been charged with an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice?

Tried googling it but only see Kavanaugh news...

I don't think so... this is unfortunate and historic... shows the bad place the country is in right now. And I think it'll only get worse...

Anyone need a quiet keyboard? My marriage depended on finding one.

I had an older Logitech that drove my wife crazy.

At times she was quite... irritated.

I found a super quiet solution for just $39 at Best Buy.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard.

Full size, has about the same throw as a laptop keyboard.

*Bluetooth only. Requires a PC that supports Bluetooth OR you can buy a $10 Bluetooth adapter dongle.

Congrat's on your EV's and emission standards... we're still screwed.

Car Tire Creates More Pollution Than Vehicle Exhaust, Claims Experts; Tips On How To Maintain Your Wheels

In 2020, UK independent emissions testing firm Emissions Analytics published a research paper claiming that tire particulate wear emissions were 1,000 times worse than exhaust emissions. It generated a huge amount of attention, with the story translated into over 40 languages worldwide.

Thanks to their efforts, they discovered that tires generate more pollution particles than car exhausts. Experts claim that they can easily enter the human bloodstream and lungs once they become smaller.

Other recent research has suggested tyre particles are a major source of the microplastics polluting the oceans. A specific chemical used in tyres has been linked to salmon deaths in the US and California proposed a ban this month.


The most EFFECTIVE gun legislation is something that can become law.

My favorite idea that's based in reality... not the land of unicorns and rainbows is...

Broadening the NFA to include a class of arms we commonly call "Assault Weapons"

I know a lot of well meaning people think that blanket gun bans, ammo restrictions and confiscation can happen... they can't. At least not with THIS Constitution, Courts or Legislature.

Gun legislation that stands no chance of becoming law or is likely to be struck down by High Courts is called Legislative Masturbation.

So what's the NFA?

The National Firearms Act of 1934 was the FIRST meaningful gun regulation since the founding of the country. Basically... it made the acquisition of several classes of "dangerous" firearms more difficult by requiring a formal application with identification, a background check and the payment of a "Tax Stamp".

The NFA has been successfully amended at least TWICE, in 1968 and 1986.

The NFA covers:

Machine Guns
Short Barreled Rifles (barrel length under 16" )
Short Barreled Shotguns
Destructive Devices
Any other weapons (AOW)

The key to obtaining one of these weapons TODAY is you need to fill out an application to the ATF. There are different applications for building your own firearm, for buying one new, transferring one or importing one.

As an example, let's say someone wants to buy a SBR, a short barreled rifle, like this:

One must fill out an ATF NFA Form 4 application. This will require a $200 payment, photographs, finger prints and the approval process takes ~10 months... they do an ACTUAL background check.

NFA laws are stringent... you can't leave the guns stored at someone's home if that person doesn't have a FFL.

They're commonly stored in safety deposit boxes if the owner can't supervise them.

Now the suggestion:

Amend the NFA again... to re-classify ALL firearms that we now commonly call "Assault Rifles" as NFA firearms.

It would immediately END all over the counter sales with dealers selling guns but not transferring them until the ATF NFA application was approved in approximately 10 months.

Two, since the possession of NFA firearm without a Tax Stamp is a Federal crime, ALL Assault Rifle owners would be required to apply for a Tax Stamp by sending $200, photographs, fingerprints and wait the 10+ months... give them a window to become compliant... maybe 24 months.

Just an FYI...

Since 1934 the number of murders committed with a NFA registered firearm is less than 5... some sources say it's 2.

In 88 years.


Why is "Contempt of Congress" only a misdemeanor?

Going on trial for Contempt of Congress is equivalent to indecent exposure or possession of a joint...


No wonder these people just tell Congress to go fuck themselves... no real teeth.
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