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Member since: Sat Mar 27, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,479

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It could also mean GQP could lose some GQP politicians in the mid-term......

Republicans say it took 50 years . . ..

I guess they failed history, duh.

The horrors of this decision will be front and center and many republican women and many non-republican women will suffer and die alongwith many babies. Will they care, I hope so, but alas republicans do vote against their own interest.

Well Russia is stealing the grain and making money off . . ..

on the bodies of Ukrainian children, women and men.

To be honest . ....

the GQP cult ....... never mind.

Make it work . ..

Yes, but it would be one-sided . . . .

Syrian fighters are already fighting with the Ukrainians . . ..

and Ukrainians have a much needed advantage, it's their home.

Fall out of windows in high story buildings or watch them abuse . ...

their family and friends.

Got me ......

I hope it doesn't kill them .....

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