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viva la

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Member since: Mon Jul 12, 2021, 04:18 PM
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Does anyone play WordHurdle? You can play 6 letters. I just have to brag.

WordHurdle 316 1/6 #wordhurdle

It was, of course, just a complete fluke. I always try to start with a new 6-letter word, and this time I wanted to start with CR and have 2 vowels, and this happened.

I know it wasn't my brilliance that caused this, but I still have to brag as if it were.


The no-brainers who are um sort of okay why not with Trump

A friend reported that he was playing chess with a guy who, during a pause said with furrowed brow, "What's this about someone trying to kill Mike Pence?"

The friend paused to take in this and consider how to answer. "Uh, it happened January 6. You know, when Trump sent the mob down to the Capitol. Some of them planned to kill Mike Pence if they could get him."

No-brainer asked, "Why did they want to kill him?"

Patient pause. "Well, Trump wanted him not to ratify that Biden won the election."

"Oh. Why Pence?"

"The vice president is the one who does that-- counts the electoral votes and says Biden won. It's just a formality, but Trump wanted to stop it."

No brainer said, "Wait. Mike Pence was vice president? I thought he was governor." (They live in Indiana.)

Friend had gotten tired of explaining, but felt like he had to ask: "Who did you vote for?"

Trump, of course.

Now the no-brainer is wandering around in a fog, no doubt, unable to get it straight. I can imagine him muttering, "So... Pence beat Trump? Does that mean Pence is president now?"

My friend's point is-- perhaps many Trump voters are completely clueless, completely unread, unwilling/unable to read headlines or use google. Then again, apparently this no-brainer doesn't even watch Fox News. Alas, he was aware just enough to remember he was registered to vote, and he probably obediently went down to vote and saw Trump's name on the ballot and thought, hmm. I think I've heard that name before. I'll vote for him.

But... I guess the good news is, at least he heard enough floating in the ether to have captured a fragment of reality, that someone somewhere somehow wanted to kill Mike Pence.

This is another thing we have to deal with when saving democracy... or maybe we can just pat them on the head and say, "Yeah, isn't it weird that Trump wanted to kill someone. I don't like that, do you?"

What's this about? Trump served with... what?


Scuzzy Gaetz pimp Greenberg: American Greed podcast

This podcast is doing a series on Joel Greenberg, the "tax collector" who has flipped and is cooperating with the feds, making Matt Gaetz poop his cargo shorts.

Scary how much crime he was able to do in an official position. At one point, he (allegedly) tries to recruit a cybersecurity tech to create a ransomware virus to lock the county's information so they'd have to pay him a ransom in bitcoin.

Imagine what a non-native speaker would think of this sentence?

"The Gophers are really chewing up the clock."

The execrable Wohl gets fined... big

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen (@NoLieWithBTC) Tweeted:
BREAKING: The FCC has fined right-wing activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman a massive $5,134,500 for their illegal robocall scheme in Michigan that tried to intimidate voters in the 2020 election. This is the largest robocall fine in FCC history. https://twitter.com/NoLieWithBTC/status/1430289669535772676?s=20

Sometimes I read an article and think-- "This would be a good Netflix series!"

This time, I'm pretty sure these three young ladies thought that too--
"Three women said they found out they had the same cheating boyfriend, so they converted a school bus and went on a road trip."

They thought, "This would be a GREAT Netflix series if we got an old schoolbus and went on the road together and wrote a blog about it. Hijinks! Jealousy! Cheater-bashing! National Parks!"

You heard it here first. They're probably already getting an agent.

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