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Member since: Thu Sep 30, 2021, 09:06 PM
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Josh Homme -- Brilliant musician, mean drunk

I love his work with Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age

Especially his work with Mark Lanegan (RIP)

But he's a domestic abuser, a stalker, and an all around mean drunk who has almost killed people

So what do I make of all that?

CAN you separate the art from the artist?

"God is dead" -- how do you view this?

I mean other than the Nietzschean argument?

I see it beyond his lament that the enlightenment killed god in our minds

I see it as a necessary evolutionary aspect in which we throw off the chains of "magic thinking" and move towards a more positivist world

Question: Is Ukraine analogous to Spain during the Spanish Civil War?

And Russia is playing the role of Germany?

Remember that the Spanish Civil War was the prologue to WW2
Posted by RFCalifornia | Thu Mar 3, 2022, 03:49 PM (5 replies)


Funny, I hope it belongs here

“Very inconvenient class! Always holds lectures on top of mountains, in middle of the Sea of Galilee—but never close to the main campus.”

“Inconsistent attendance policy. Said we had to be in class by 9:00 a.m. every day. Over half the class showed up late or didn’t attend until the last meeting, but we all got the same participation grade.”

“He’s nice enough, I guess, but he doesn’t vet his TAs: they all provide completely different, conflicting lecture notes. (TIP: Try to get in Luke’s section.)”

“By week one, I was already tired of his anti-rich, pro-Samaritan bullshit. I wanted to take a course in Christianity, not liberalism.”

“Wears sandals too much. No one wants to see your dusty feet.”


Posted by RFCalifornia | Thu Mar 3, 2022, 02:18 PM (5 replies)

Mark Lanegan has passed at 57. RIP Mark.

Sinead O'Connor hospitalized, days after teenage son's death


" (CNN)Sinéad O'Connor has been admitted to the hospital, one week after her 17-year-old son was found dead.

The "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer told fans on Thursday night that she was heading to hospital to receive help after sharing in a series of disturbing Twitter posts that she planned to take her own life.
"I've decided to follow my son. There is no point living without him. Everything I touch, I ruin. I only stayed for him. And now he's gone," she wrote on an unverified Twitter account linked to her official account."

Why is anyone surprised when a congressperson, an MP, etc takes foreign money?

This is capitalism

Everything is for sale

EveryONE is for sale

There is no way around it

Pass a law to prevent it and they find a loophole

Anytime you have the forces of the markets in play, anything is possible if you have enough money to buy the right people

Morrison's End

I think a good case could be made for Jim Morrison having clinical depression:

"During the recording of the L.A. Woman album, Morrison talked about “taking a holiday”—from what, and for how long, never specified. (When you need to take a holiday from being an adored rock star in Los Angeles, things are definitely not right.) Eve Babitz’s sister Mirandi, who knew Morrison and his long-term partner Pamela Courson socially, thought that Morrison’s excessive boozing and drugging were an attempt to cover up undiagnosed depression. She comments: “It was as if he was very unhappy inside.” Perhaps all the drunken bluster and daredevil stunts and authority-baiting were a numb man’s way of feeling something. This suggests another way of looking at his writing, too. For all its mythic yearning, it leaves very little sense of real emotional engagement. There’s just the suspicion that this ready-made poetic syntax might be a perfect way of not saying what it is you’re really feeling (or, worse: what you’re not feeling)."


Posted by RFCalifornia | Sun Jan 2, 2022, 07:19 PM (3 replies)

Why do so many New Yorkers hate Bill De Blasio?

I don't get it

Someone please explain

Question: if COVID 19 evolves into something no more than a nuisance

Do we need to still lock down?

Hear me out -- a successful virus does not kill its host

Thus, viruses evolve until they find a way to be undetected, and keep the host alive without symptoms

So, if COVID 19 takes this route, could this be no more than an addition to flu shots in future years?

Don't get me wrong -- Omicron is real and we don't know all the short term and long term effects of it

But hospitalizations are down, and the next variant may be a "successful virus" that is, asymptomatic and non-lethal

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