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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2021, 10:52 AM
Number of posts: 4,197

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Trumps bizarre behavior has forced Garlands hand.

Garland practically begged Trump to give back the documents. Like a child playing a game, Trump gave back some of the secret documents on multiple occasions. There must have been some people around Trump telling him, they know you have the documents, you should return then.

In June, after Trump had received a subpoena, The DOJ/FBI shows up at Trumps resort and ask for the documents. They talked to Trump. Trump had his lawyers turn over another bundle of secrets. Then they the signed a document stating all documents have been returned. Now here comes the crazy part.

Soon after all this happened Trump went North to his resort in Jersey. Leaving all the secret documents laying around his resort and they were not secure. He didn't even try to hide them. That is fucking crazy.

Garland has no choice, he must indict Trump. A trial over secret documents is going to be crazy. There will be all kinds of problems and delays.

Trump is an emotional disturbed, dangerous, child. The best thing that could happen for our all of us, for the entire country, is Trump being struck down by a heart attack, a bolt of lightning, anything.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Thu Sep 8, 2022, 06:00 AM (10 replies)

The Chief of Staff manages the Oval Office. Meadows knows about the secret documents.

Meadows is at the heart of the J6 investigation and the secret document investigation.

Meadows most likely knows how Trump got the documents and who gave him the documents. The people who gave Trump the secret documents better lawyer up.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Thu Sep 8, 2022, 05:25 AM (18 replies)

18a U.S. Code 6: Procedure for cases involving classified information.

There is a law in place that can be used during trials to handle the issue of classified documents.

The court can authorize a (substitution) for such classified information of a statement admitting relevant facts the specific classified information would tend to prove.

I still have more to read and learn. But the bottom line is, Being these are classified documents does not prevent Trump from being put on trial for said classified documents. They can have a trial and protect the classified documents.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Wed Sep 7, 2022, 11:53 AM (1 replies)

Republicans have awoken a sleeping giant who is really pissed off.

Women. I am going to enjoy watching women kick the shit out of the Republicans this November. Women are registering in droves. Young people too.

If you don't believe me, just look at how the Republicans running for office are now running for the hills on abortion.

We have a chance to hold the House which was not possible a few months ago.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Wed Sep 7, 2022, 11:24 AM (54 replies)

Let me say say this about Steve Bannon.

Stinky Man will be going to prison soon, he was convicted. While he is sitting in a jail cell there is a chance he could go on trial for other crimes. It looks like he will be indicted in New York for his Build the Wall scam. No pardons possible.

There is a chance, while he is sitting in a jail cell he could be indicted for conspiracy to over throw the election. When Stinky Man goes to prison he may be there for a long time.

Justice is happening. More justice is coming.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Wed Sep 7, 2022, 06:10 AM (14 replies)

We all have learned the horror of when large numbers of people lose the ability to rationalize.

Many times I have posted the Trump voters would become infamous for all time. History is going to be very cruel to Trump and his followers.

Like many people before them, the Trump voters wanted to believe in something or someone so much, they lost the ability to rationalize. When you can't rationalize you can destroy yourself and you can destroy everything around you.

Trump voters still can't rationalize how much danger Trump has put them in, how much danger he has put the country in. They are lost souls.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Wed Sep 7, 2022, 04:56 AM (31 replies)

The Trump fanatic judge is as dumb as the Trump fanatic lawyers who ruined their careers.

Her reputation is being torn to pieces. I have never been a judge but I imagine your reputation as a judge is very important for your career.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Wed Sep 7, 2022, 04:35 AM (13 replies)

Today I posted how stupid the Trump judge was getting involved in the secret document investigation.

Now we learn some of the secret documents found were about another nations defense capabilities, including nuclear secrets. This judge is in way over her head getting involved, disrupting an extremely serious national defense investigation. She, like all of us had no idea how much worse things could get. You have to be out of your mind to treat this case the way she is. Now we get a leak. Now we know this is really, really bad and will most likely get worse.

This judge is an idiot.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Tue Sep 6, 2022, 07:52 PM (72 replies)

It is one thing to say," I told you so" nothing will happen to Trump. However

It is a whole different thing to celebrate it. When something good happens that's when you celebrate. When something bad happens you should not cell celebrate. To rub it in, to egg on other members hoping to get a response for something bad that is happening, that is not right.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Tue Sep 6, 2022, 05:58 PM (5 replies)

The silence from DOJ is very loud. Maybe that's a good thing.

I am hoping they have a plan to bypass this idiotic decision by a lunatic judge. They must have known this was coming or believed there was a very good chance this decision was coming.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Tue Sep 6, 2022, 05:01 PM (9 replies)
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