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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2021, 10:52 AM
Number of posts: 3,307

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Whenever possible, state and federal charges should be brought against all the traitors.

The Fake electors could be charged with state and federal crimes.

Trump and others could be charged with state and federal crimes in Georgia.

Trump and others could be charged with state and federal crimes in New York.

This would make it much more difficult to pardon all these traitors in the future. Corrupt Republican presidents cannot pardon state crimes.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Mon Jan 31, 2022, 05:38 PM (1 replies)

The Trump fools who are still planning to sabotage future elections are in for a surprise.

When they tried to overturn the 2020 election Trump was in power, he had corrupted the justice department. All the Trump fools thought they could do whatever the hell they wanted and they did. Now they are in trouble. There is now a new justice department in place. A new president in place. They will be watching the 2022 and 2024 elections very closely.

Posted by fightforfreedom | Mon Jan 31, 2022, 12:43 PM (1 replies)

Imagine this, A fake elector being questioned in front of a federal grand jury.

Prosecutor; I would like to remind sir you are under oath. Did you know you were not an official elector when you signed this document claiming you were an official elector?

Defendant; Yes, but we were told by Trumps lawyers everything we were doing was legal. I was following legal advise.

Prosecutor; Did you know you were not an official elector.

Defendant; Yes.

Prosecutor; The prosecution rests.

I believe it's fair to say some of the fake electors are going to take plea deals. They are going to turn in order to to save their asses.

I am beginning to believe the fake electors investigation is going to bust open the entire Jan. 6th investigation. It ties everything together.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Mon Jan 31, 2022, 09:23 AM (77 replies)

This is how the fake electors are defending their actions, I shit you not.

Jim Lamon, a Senate candidate in Arizona recently said something like this. As a official elector, he was not, I signed the official document, it was not, just in case the official electors votes were over turned.

All the people involved in the conspiracy to over throw our election are some of the dumbest, foolish people in our country.

They are going down.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Mon Jan 31, 2022, 07:45 AM (23 replies)

Trump is screeching like a rat caught in a trap.

Even a rat knows when they are doomed. Trump has lost all of the protections he had while being a fake president. What we are hearing from him now is pure desperation.

I'm pretty sure calling the people investigating him mentally ill, calling the black women who are investigating him racists, will backfire.

When it comes to Trump inciting his brain dead voters, it could lead to violence, but it will be scattered violence. The violence will be crushed in the end. Trumps brain dead voters are not going to form an army to save Trump. Trumps brain dead voters are not going to take over America.

Imagine how trump is going to respond as he watches the open hearings. Imagine how he is going to respond as his top aides, lawyers are indicted. His sick brain is going to come apart at the seams.

Posted by fightforfreedom | Mon Jan 31, 2022, 07:18 AM (40 replies)

Some of the fake electors can be tied to the fake lawsuits filed by Trumps lawyers and the

Amistad Project. I believe some of the fake electors were plaintiff's in some of Trumps fake lawsuits about the election being stolen.

The Amistad project, a wing of the Thomas Moore society, a conservative legal organization, worked closely with Rudy and other members of Trumps legal team to file lawsuits saying the election was stolen in the swing states. All of the lawsuits were rejected. It was a lawyer from the Amistad project who tried to deliver the fake slate of electors in Michigan and was turned away by the state police. Remember the video?

That same day the Amistad Project's Director Phill Kline, fanned across the right wing news media promoting the fake slate of electors. He appeared on Bannons podcast.

It is believed John Eastman was the first to bring up the idea of creating fake electors in early Dec.

On dec. 22nd the Amistad Project filed a federal lawsuit claiming the state law makers whose fake elector slates were rejected, would have there constitutional duties prohibited. The lawsuit was dismissed, the lawsuit sought a judicial order that would have forced Pence to accept the fake electors.

This is just the tip of the iceberg showing a organized, coordinated, conspiracy to over throw the election, the government.

I believe the Jan 6th committee is going prove beyond reasonable doubt the conspiracy to over throw the election. Their evidence will be turned over to Garland who will follow the evidence and present it to a federal grand jury.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Sun Jan 30, 2022, 02:54 PM (10 replies)

I wish the Jan. 6th committee would announce the official starting date for the open hearings.

I am tired of wondering.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Sun Jan 30, 2022, 12:13 PM (3 replies)

No one can repeat, follow the footsteps of a freakishly immoral, freakishly mentally warped Trump.

When Trump is finally gone some Republicans will try to be like Trump, it won't work.

Trump does not have one moral, none. I do think Trump understands, recognizes the word immoral. He has no shame, none. He has no empathy, none. He does not like or dislike people in a normal way. Do something he likes and he will love you. Do something he does not like five minutes later, he will hate you. Do something he likes 5 minutes later he will love you.

Trump doesn't even like pets. Even Hitler liked pets. Have you ever seen Trump hug a child? Grabbing his daughters ass does not count. I saw him hug our flag pretending he loves America, I almost threw up.

When Trump breaks laws, gets caught lying, he doesn't get nervous, he smiles, makes a joke. For him it's perfectly normal. Not too many people can do that.

Trump is truly a freak of nature. When Trump is finally gone, the Trump madness, the Trump voters will fade away without their mad king. Some politicians will try to follow in his foot steps and they will fail. There can be only one Trump freak.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Sun Jan 30, 2022, 11:51 AM (10 replies)

Trump has completely corrupted the presidential pardon, time for some changes, don't you think?

Trump used the pardon to get people to commit crimes for him. Don't worry I will pardon you if you get caught.

He tells people who are being charged or investigated to keep their months shut when says he will pardon them.

He pardoned people who were imprisoned for crimes they committed with Trump.

Laws must be passed to end that bullshit.

All of Trumps power, his corruption, when he was in office happened because of loopholes in our laws. Trump is so freakishly immoral, he will not carefully, reluctantly, walk through a loophole in the law. He will gleefully dive head first through a loop hole in the law.

There is no law against that? YIPPEE!
Posted by fightforfreedom | Sun Jan 30, 2022, 11:12 AM (11 replies)

I heard Rep. Raskin say something like this and it says it all.

Our nation cannot begin to heal until there is a reckoning.

I have no doubt he was talking about Trump and his band of traitors when it comes to a reckoning.
It is clear, if we indict, convict Trump and his enablers, the rule of law will stand and our nation can begin to heal.

If we do not indict , convict Trump and his enablers the rule of law will collapse along with our democracy.

The members of the committee know this and so does Garland. I am just guessing, I believe the committee has the goods. The evidence that they will turn over to Garland. Evidence that will send these no good rotten traitors to prison. Evidence when shown to the American people in open hearings will wake them up. As you know most Americans do not follow the news like we do. The news that comes out of the hearings will be everywhere, impossible to ignore.

During the open hearings I am sure the committee is going to make clear what is at stake to the people. It will be too frightening to ignore. It will terrify the people and they will demand action. We all better hope this is true.

Posted by fightforfreedom | Sun Jan 30, 2022, 09:28 AM (35 replies)
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