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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2021, 10:52 AM
Number of posts: 3,389

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The committee hearings are going to be a mix of witnesses and exhibits.

We are also going to learn things that have not been reported yet. The hearings will have no effect on hardcore Trump nuts. They will have a big effect on democrats, moderate Republicans and independents who don't follow the news closely.

The hearings are going to control the news cycle for weeks. Almost everyone is going to hear about the hearings one way or another.

Posted by fightforfreedom | Sat Apr 30, 2022, 10:53 AM (11 replies)

Two oath keepers charged with seditious conspiracy have made plea deals with prosecutors.

One made a deal yesterday while weeping, poor baby. The other, Joshua jones made a deal last month. He admitted providing security for Roger Stone the day before the Jan 6th attack. Stone was at the Willard hotel, command headquarters for the coup the day before.

It just a matter of time before the DOJ investigation indicts the people who planned the coup from the Willard Hotel.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Sat Apr 30, 2022, 10:39 AM (10 replies)

The Georgia special grand jury starts on May 2nd. The Trump, Meadows phone call is a smoking gun.

This is an investigation that Trump and Meadows, others, should be very worried about. I believe this case will go to a jury.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Fri Apr 29, 2022, 10:22 AM (2 replies)

The open hearings start in June. All of the crimes will be laid out in great detail.

For most Americans there will be no doubt many people must be indicted and convicted. After the hearings come to an end, Garland must be pressured by the Democrats to act. It will be time he starts indicting the leaders of the coup.

The Democrats must make the American people understand, holding Trump and his merry band of traitors accountable is the only way to save our democracy. Garland must hold them accountable. The Democrats must make it clear to the American people, if Garland does not hold the leaders of the coup accountable, it will end the rule of law in America and our democracy.

When you get down to it, these hearings are also about the DOJ and the rule of law in America. When the hearings end there is no reason why Garland cannot start indicting people like Meadows, Navarro, Rudy, Flynn the fake electors, etc.

When the hearings end, Garland has no excuses not to act. It's time.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Fri Apr 29, 2022, 08:41 AM (10 replies)

"Goofy" is a great nickname for Desantis.

Desantis is a nerd who acts like a tough guy. Attacking Disney, attacking Goofy, was Goofy.

In some ways he is like Trump. Both of them are cowards, stupid, weird as hell, vengeful, pieces of shit. Watching Trump voters unconditionally following people like Trump and Goofy is without a doubt the strangest shit I have ever seen in my life.

Trump voters are very strange, weird people. I have no doubt one day Trump voters will become infamous for all time. History is going very cruel to them. They will be mocked, joked about, for all time.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Thu Apr 28, 2022, 10:17 AM (6 replies)

My melanoma nightmare update.

The biopsy on my lymph nodes came back negative, which is good news. Next week I get the pet scan to make sure it has not spread anywhere in my body.

It looks like all the melanoma was removed from my face during surgery. The not so good news is the melanoma they removed was 7mm deep, which is very deep. I am going to start a recently FDA approved treatment. It's called Pembrolizumab, it's a drug that works with the immune system and targets cancer better than chemo. You don't lose your hair.

Overall, very good news and I am having a brandy right now to celebrate. Still a long road ahead, but I can deal with it.

By the way, Fuck Trump
Posted by fightforfreedom | Wed Apr 27, 2022, 12:16 PM (52 replies)

My melanoma nightmare update.

Today I get the results of the biopsy, wish me luck. My insurance company denied the pet scan my surgeon requested. I just received a letter from my insurance company, the pet scan is now approved. Go figure.

If you are unlucky and are told you have melanoma, pray you get it somewhere on your body, not on your face. They had to cut my face wide open and it has been hell to eat, sleep, walk, having trouble with my vision because of the swelling. Pray you get a warning sign so it's caught early. I got no warning, my skin looked normal.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Tue Apr 26, 2022, 06:36 AM (31 replies)

You don't have to be a lawyer to be able to figure this out.

There is more than enough evidence for a grand jury to subpoena all of Meadows phone records, text messages. It's going to happen, times have changed people. Trump and his merry band of traitors are no longer in power. They can no longer corruptly end investigations.

Trump was just held in contempt. That was a major break through. This is the first time Trump has been held accountable. It's a small step, a first step towards justice. Many people who believe nothing is going to happen to Trump and his merry band of traitors are basing this belief on what happened when Trump was in power, had a corrupt AG. They had the power to end , block investigations. Those days are over.

Subpoena Meadows, I can only imagine what is in the text messages he refused to turn over. Let's see Meadows defy a grand jury subpoena.

Justice is coming, nail Meadows and watch him sing. Nail Meadows and watch the the investigation bust wide open.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Tue Apr 26, 2022, 06:17 AM (19 replies)

This is the reason I am still wearing a mask.

Pandemics do not have time lines. They definitely don't come with a two year time line. This pandemic is not over yet, the virus is still mutating, still spreading. The infection rate is still high. We don't know what it will do next. When I see the infection rate drop below 1%, then I will feel comfortable not wearing a mask.

Simple commonsense. Hopefully, someday soon it will become like the seasonal flu. I don't think it will ever completely disappear.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Mon Apr 25, 2022, 06:21 PM (127 replies)

I have posted this time and time again. Mark Meadows is going to sing like a jail house rat.

Meadows was basically the command center for the attempted coup. He was involved in everything and he knows everything.

Meadows is still facing a contempt charge, he is facing voter fraud charges and he is involved in the Georgia investigation. He was the one who placed the call for Trump to the SOS of Georgia.

Meadows was involved with the fake electors, he was involved with every dam thing. Meadows could be looking at serious jail time and there is no way in hell that spineless back stabbing coward will want to do time. He will make a deal, he will sing like a canary in order to save his ass.

Once the open hearings start the pressure on meadows will increase. I believe he will become a big target of the DOJ and they will nail his ass. It's going to take time because this is the largest most sensitive investigation in our history.

In my opinion, if the DOJ can tie the oath keepers, proud boys, who have been charged with seditious conspiracy to people in the Whitehouse or connected to the Whitehouse, that would be a game changer. Meadows may also know about that.

We know the conspiracy between the oath keepers, proud boys and Trumps people took place. But you have to prove it beyond reasonable doubt. A lot of people have already spilled their guts and many more will follow as the open hearings and the DOJ investigation intensify. Mark Meadows is at the top of the list and he going to turn on people in order to save his ass.

Fuck Trump.
Posted by fightforfreedom | Mon Apr 25, 2022, 04:20 PM (40 replies)
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