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Interested in documented reports of RTump's temper tantrums...

If there are verifiable links, they would be appreciated.


That is all...

Absolutely convinced...

that Donald RTump has NEVER transacted an honest deal in his life...

Forget "Art of the Deal"... It's always been "Art of the Steal"...

That is all...

What was the RTumpster going to do when he reached the Capitol on Jan 6th???

He was going to give his "Victory" speech to his adoring followers...

RTump had doubtless practiced all morning long...
Forget the Ellipse speech... It was on a teleprompter...

A copy of the RTumpster's acceptance speech is out there somewhere...

Fallback Friday: Let's reconsider Vicki Larson's "It's time to regulate men's reproductive rights"

"...clearly we must stop seeing sex and reproduction through a gendered lens. If hetero people are going to have sex, which may lead to pregnancy, intended or not, we must hold both men and women accountable."

If men are going to continue to believe that they have rights over womenís bodies, especially when it comes to sex and reproduction, then we women must reciprocate. Guys, itís time for you to be more ďpersonally responsibleĒ when it comes to sex and reproduction.

Itís time to start regulating and controlling menís reproductive bodies. So hereís what I (VL) propose:

-- Every man 15 and older would be required to take out a $1 million (or more depending on history, genetics, etc.)
potential-pregnancy insurance plan, which would cover the cost of raising a child as well as all pregnancy-and birth-
related costs as well as IPV and other unforeseen problems (see below).
-- Every man 15 and older must go through DNA testing and agree to have his DNA on file, in case paternity is ever
-- Every man 15 and older must pay for his own condoms and wear them each and every time he has sex, unless he
and his partner are both attempting to get pregnant. If he refuses to wear a condom ó ever ó even if his partner
uses her own birth control, he will be subject to a fine and/or prison.
-- Every man 15 and older must pay for his partnerís birth control, of her choice, or be subject to a fine and/or prison.
-- Every man 15 and older must undergo monthly drug tests. If he impregnates a woman and had drugs in his system
ó which damages sperm and can potentially lead to birth defects ó at the time, he would be subject to a fine and/or
prison. Same with booze and cigarettes.
-- Every man 15 and older would be screened for a personal and family history of IPV, STDs, mental illness, addiction,
developmental disabilities, diabetes, cancer and other health issues, and undergo counseling. He would not be able
to impregnate a woman unless she signed a waiver indicating she is aware of the dangers of having a baby with him,
and agrees to waive her rights, or he would face a fine and/or prison.
-- If a man is employed in a workplace that is known to have carcinogens or other risks, he must find other employment
and wait until health testing clears him before he can impregnate a woman. If he does not, he will face a fine and/or
prison. If thereís an unplanned pregnancy, he may still face a fine and/or prison, and/or his insurance will kick in (see
above) as he could have chosen to have a vasectomy and continue working in his risky workplace.
-- If a man is engaged in risky sports/activities, he must stop doing them before he can impregnate a woman and
continue to avoid them until the child is 18. If he does not, he will face a fine and/or prison. If thereís an unplanned
pregnancy and he continues to engage in risky sports/activities that would interfere with his ability to care/provide
for his child(ren), he may still face a fine and prison, and/or his insurance will kick in (see above).
-- It would be illegal for men over age 45 to impregnate a woman, naturally or artificially, as the baby would likely at a
much greater risk of having autism and/or ADHD as well as Downís syndrome and schizophrenia; men between 30
and 45 would have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis after genetic testing, and may be rejected unless his
partner signs a waiver.
-- Any man who impregnates a woman through rape would be responsible for paying for all her pregnancy- and birth-
related costs, from medical bills to lost time at work to postpartum depression treatment, and then be responsible
for raising the child by himself, even if he is incarcerated, unless the woman wants full- or part-time physical custody,
or face a fine (that covers all expenses for her and the child, through college) and/or prison.
-- Any man who impregnates a woman ó whether his wife, girlfriend, lover or a one-night stand ó must pay half of all
her pregnancy-and birth-related costs, whatís known as "preglimony," or face a fine equal to the amount plus
-- Any man who engages in Intimate Partner Violence against a pregnant partner would be imprisoned on the first
offense; compensation to her would be provided by his mandatory insurance plan (see above), which may also require
more insurance if thereís a personal/family history of IPV.
-- Viagra would be an out-of-pocket expense no longer covered by insurance: any man who asked for a prescription
would be required to prove he actually needs it. A Viagra prescription may be denied for reasons other than for
-- If a manís porn viewing is interfering with his partnerís sexual life (based on her testimony), he would be subject to a
fine and/or prison (for repeat offenders).

In the alternative, as suggested by Actor Evan Rachel Wood and Oklahoma State Rep. Mickey Dollens, vasectomies should be mandatory for every male that reaches puberty. Itís an easy, quick and safe procedure thatís done in a doctorís office and is reversible.




Four ways to expand the US Supreme Court...

Excerpted from the Harvard Law & Policy Review:

The first and most straightforward approach to expanding the Court is adding two, four, or six new justices to the Court. This suggestion has been advanced by Professor Michael Klarman of Harvard Law School, among others...

The second option is to reconstitute the Supreme Court in the image of a federal court of appeals. This course of action would increase the number of justices to fifteen or a similar number. Panels of justices would be drawn from this larger group, with an option of en banc review. This plan would not only dislodge the Courtís current reactionary majority, but the panel format also would allow a greater number of cases to be heard.

Third is the Supreme Court Lottery, a more aggressive version of the panel strategy. Daniel Epps and Ganesh Sitaraman outlined this proposal in a Yale Law Journal piece. All federal appellate court judges, roughly 180 in total, would become associate justices on the Supreme Court. Panels of nine justices would be randomly selected from this pool. Importantly, decisions on whether to grant certiorari on a given case would be made by panel members who would not know the ideological makeup of the panel that would hear the case. This plan would frustrate partisan maneuvering.

Fourth and finally is Epps and Sitaramanís idea for a ďBalanced Bench.Ē The Court would have ten justices, with five seats allocated to each of the two major parties. Those ten justices would select sets of five additional justices at a time to serve a future, non-renewable one-year term. That selection would operate on a requirement of near-unanimity to ensure that this final set of five justices would be relatively even-handed. This proposal aims to counteract the effects of partisanship on the Court by explicitly recognizing and institutionalizing partisanship presence.


From the Yale Law Journal:

How to Save the Supreme Court

Supreme Court as Superweapon

In case you missed it...

These Republican congressmen asked for pardons after January 6th:

Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ)

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)

Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL)

Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ)

Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Rep Scott Perry (R-PA)

Watch this space...

That is all...

What did RTump promise John Eastman...

if RTump's coup was successful???
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