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Member since: Thu Apr 14, 2022, 01:44 PM
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'White Lives Matter' is now a protected trademark

A wise, anonymous someone bought trademark rights to the phrase, protecting it from being used for monetary gain without the oky-dokey. Then, that person gave the rights to a pair of radio hosts in Phoenix, asking that any monetary gains they might make be shared with certain worthy organizations.

Now, anyone trying to sell a White Lives Matter shirt or use the phrase for monetary gain will be handed a cease-and-desist letter by two Black radio hosts who own the trademark.

Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward are the hosts of Civic Cipher, a radio show based in Phoenix. A listener of the show reached out to them and told the hosts that they had acquired the trademark to White Lives Matter but thought protection of the phrase was better left in the hands of Ja and Ward.


Thinking some big left leaning law firm with oodles of resources might look into helping Ramses Ja & Quinton Ward enforce their power over monetary use of the phrase. Pro Bono for the greater good and a helping of F-U to the white supremacists and pandering pols.
Posted by Attilatheblond | Fri Nov 4, 2022, 11:26 AM (6 replies)

Amid all the horrors involving guns, I would like to remember the fake electors AZ GOP pushed

A pal of mine in an Arizona borderlands county, retired educator and driven activist, is having a difficult time getting his local newspaper and local officials to ask hard questions about those people who pretended to be electors. Please indulge me by reading part of his message:


I am a retired Cochise College instructor (faculty emeritus), who is concerned that no local media has thus far investigated and reported on the role of one of our local public official’s role in what some national media have called potential crimes of forgery, conspiracy, and racketeering. One of Arizona’s “fake electors,” falsely naming themselves the “duly elected and official” state’s electors is the chair of the Cochise County Republican Party, Robert Montgomery. I recently confronted Montgomery and asked him about his role in this apparent conspiracy and election fraud. He told me, “It never happened.”

Concerned that no local law enforcement seemed to be investigating, much less prosecuting, Montgomery, I have contacted the Cochise County attorney, Brian McIntyre, via email and voicemail, several times, with no response. I have reported this apparent crime to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, via its official online form, with no response. I contacted the office of the Arizona Attorney General, which responded that it was referring these matters to federal authorities. I called the local office of the FBI, which took my report but has not contacted me for any follow-up.

My biggest concern is that the voters of Cochise County need to know that the chair of its Republican Party was involved in this apparent crime, which included misrepresenting their votes, along with all other Arizona voters. Thus far, Montgomery has not been held accountable legally nor via the local media.


Here is a quick little who's who about the fraudsters who tried to take away the voice of Arizona voters.

My pal has a whole list of citations on the illegal efforts of these insurrectionist wanna-bees, including photos of documents signed by the chairman of the County Republican Party in his county. Cochise County GOP Chair Montgomery tried to deny my pal's assertions and just blow him off, but you know how educators are, they come armed with facts and proof. Alas, to no avail.

Nobody in local media or government is doing anything, save trying really hard to shut down local discussion, near as we can observe. Democracy here is at risk from the fraternity of good ol boys who prefer sweeping truth under the rug.

Do we or don't we have laws? Why haven't we read about investigations of the signers of these fake elector forms that had been sent, claiming that they, and not the electors the voters of AZ voted for, should cast ballots in the selection of the president? Sure seems giving these criminals pass is just begging for more fraud in the future. And of course, it's not just about this stunt pulled in AZ; it happened in other states.

I know there are other pressing issues. I know we all are tired and it's hard to keep up with the dizzying barrage of attacks on American democracy along with major problems like mass shootings, virus mutations, harsh economic realities. A lot of the events in government and soft coups taking place are like carpet bombing the public with problems until we just give up paying attention. It's impossible for us all to keep juggling all the balls the GOP is tossing, but we can pick a few issues to work on. My pal would really appreciate it some more would keep some light on the fake electors that Kelli Ward put together here in Arizon. It might be a good idea to check the names on the list of AZ fraudsters and compare it to any prominent GOP members in your county. It might be a good idea to ask local news media and prosecutors what they are going to do about these people. Keep regularly applying pressure and let them know we won't ignore or forget the violation of our election.
Posted by Attilatheblond | Thu Jun 2, 2022, 08:09 PM (2 replies)

Newbie here, pleased to meet you all

Blue girl in a red state we are turning purple. If favor of wearing masks and getting vaxed. Advocate for the mixing of the generations as opposed falling for the Right's divide and conquer method.

Been active on Twitter for years. Tried a couple other discussion boards over the years. Have lurked here from time to time. This site looks extremely well planned and designed. Still stumbling my way around, checking it out.

Am an old woman, lifelong liberal with progressive leanings. Have lived in rural America, urban America, suburban America, the beach, inland mountain, and the desert southwest. I really think we need to build bridges between those worlds so the populations have a better understanding of how the other groups live and how our various interests need to be considered. Fighting between the populations only serves the powers pushing the Right's agenda.

Got me a big dog, a pair of old cats, and a rocking chair. Putter a bit in the garden, but scaled down my efforts due to old age, which sorta sucks, but beats the alternative. Interested in herbs, comedy, some sci-fi and nature. Used to hike and miss it now.

Any-who, glad to meet you folks. Looking forward to learning from everybody and maybe offer some questions, resources, insights and observations that are useful.
Posted by Attilatheblond | Thu Jun 2, 2022, 01:07 PM (87 replies)
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