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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2022, 02:13 PM
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Georgians, do not get complacent

We’re going to have the majority no matter what happens, where we can at least confirm judges/justices and hopefully more these next two years.

But we must remember complacency, staying home, is what got us the nightmares of trumpism, Dobbs and more.

The pendulum will, inevitably and unfortunately, swing back to their side. We can either maximize these next two years to the best of our ability or we can give them a head start for whenever the American public sips their Kool Aid again.

Your choice, Georgians.

Should I start eulogizing America now?

All of the numbers I’m seeing on Twitter suggest our side is losing badly in turnout numbers.

Will I even recognize this country when the sun shines tomorrow?

Guess who did it again


He’s got the magic touch, doesn’t he? Let’s hope Americans are as smart as Brazilians are.

Let me lay it out there plain and simple

Democrats, disputed, protested and strongly disliked the 2016 election results.

Republicans actively sought to undermine the 2020 results with fake electors and their base rioting and getting violent at the Capitol.

A Bernie supporter shoots Steve Scalise and Bernie strongly condemns it.

A supporter of TFG commits violence in his name and he says nothing or tells them they’re special.

A man wanted to do something to Kavanaugh and turned himself in before he did it.

A man broke into the house of the Pelosis, injured Paul and wanted to do who knows what (I have an idea and it’s not pleasant) to Nancy.

Both sides are not the same. Neither side is perfect or has people without shortcomings. There’s a difference between not being perfect and being openly and disgustingly vile seeking to attack our way of life and undermine what we’ve known.

Has anyone else noticed this?

In the past six years, I’ve noticed polls favoring Democrats are unreliable, derided, chided as fake, oversampling (Carter 1980, Clinton 2016 cited).

But polls favoring Republicans? Well those polls are cited no problem. The other side lets us know about it and it’s to be treated as if the gospel. They have no problem citing polls showing abortion is lower than the economy on importance or their side is winning, but show them a poll more favorable to us, they’ll decry it.

The gaslighting is obvious.

I would make the slippery slope pitch to voters

I know the economy/inflation is a big issue for voters during midterms, and as I pointed out in my topic yesterday, it should be important, but it shouldn't be all voters care about either.

People might say they don't care about abortion, they don't care about January 6. So, here's my pitch to them on why these things should matter.

First of all, abortion. People can be morally and personally opposed to abortion (like I am), but I would make pregnancy horror stories at front and center of the debate, to let them know that the Dobbs decision has endangered the health and well-being of pregnant women, even if states allow ectopic pregnancies to be treated.



"A Texas woman says she nearly died after suffering a miscarriage because her doctors' "hands were tied" by her state's abortion laws.

In an interview with People Magazine, Amanda Zurawski says that she first learned that she was suffering from a miscarriage when she was 18 weeks pregnant after her doctor informed her that her cervix had dilated too early."


Here's the Missouri one again posted yesterday.



"In August, a pregnant Missouri woman named Mylissa Farmer suddenly needed an abortion, just over a month after her state enacted its near-total abortion ban. Her water had broken 17 weeks into her pregnancy, and her medical records indicated a number of health factors placing her at greater risk of pregnancy-related complications, including increased risk of sepsis, loss of her uterus, and even death. Farmer is also 41-years-old. Doctors treating her recommended an abortion, but, of course, couldn’t provide her one under state law, reported the Springfield News-Leader.

Farmer and her partner consulted with doctors and experts across several states and made “countless phone calls,” with—in her words—“a baby dying inside me.” They learned there was no way for their wanted pregnancy to be viable or even last another six weeks, since Farmer’s cervix was already open. If she waited it out, she and the fetus could suffer tremendously. “The thing [a doctor] said was, ‘There are things worse than death, and I have seen it,’” Farmer recounted."


Let them know that even if they don't know these women and it personally hasn't happened to them, it could happen to them if they're a woman who can become pregnant. It can happen to their spouse, to their children, to their grandchildren. Let them know that not everybody is able to travel or move to another state for care due to finances, mobility, etc.

And let them know many others would love to target marriage.


Birth control is also in question, too.


Let them know that an erosion of one liberty that people have taken for granted for decades won't stop there and will lead to an erosion of others, and who knows what they'll go for next if they successfully take down gay marriage and birth control.

Let them know that an attack on Medicare and Social Security is real under a Republican Congress, and this is not fear mongering, these are there actual words.

I got this from speaker.gov on Ron Johnson, who's in a tight race.


From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“Weeks after saying Social Security and Medicare should be subjected to annual budget talks — a stance that caused political blow back from his foes — Johnson once again weighed into America's signature social insurance program. […] Johnson said Social Security ‘was set up improperly’ and that the system's funds would have been better off invested in the stock market.”


Another, on Steve Scalise.



As part of the on-air appearance, host Shannon Bream asked the Louisiana congressman about the proposed budget plan from the Republican Study Committee, which Scalise is a member of. As Politico noted, the plan, among other things, included proposals for “raising the eligibility ages for each program, along with withholding payments for individuals who retire early or had a certain income, and privatized funding for Social Security to lower income taxes.”


My next topic is democracy and national security. If you think January 6 shouldn't matter, think again. Allowing and re-electing people complicit in January 6 and turning the other way and trying to help you know who steal the 2020 election will only embolden them to not only try again, but take even more drastic measures next time, maybe even succeeding.



Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s Senate campaign has paid over $20,000 to a Wisconsin-based law firm that played a role in former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election in the state, paying the firm for “legal consulting,” including efforts for a possible recount, Federal Election Commission records show.


The same thing goes with Doug Mastriano, too.



Pennsylvania Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano has been identified as a key figure by the House Jan. 6 committee in their investigation into the Capitol insurrection and efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Mastriano repeatedly supported Trump’s election-fraud lies, including staging a policy committee meeting in November 2020 that gave Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani — and Trump, who called into the meeting — a platform for disinformation. Mastriano spent over $3,000 to bus over 100 Trump supporters to D.C. on Jan. 6.


Do Pennsylvanians want to be governed by somebody who didn't respect their will in 2020?

If GOP candidates can push the big lie, our side can push January 6 to let people know what Republicans think about democracy and that if they don't win, they will fill constant white noise about how their elections are rigged and try to overturn them.

Now, things like January 6 can be a one-time thing, or people can vote red to lead them to try January 6 again, maybe do something worse, maybe even succeed.

I would let people know inflation is part of a cycle, and that it's worldwide, that other countries are in the same boat we are, if not worse, and that President Biden did not cause this and gas prices and inflation will eventually go down.

You know what also might go down? Democracy, individual liberties, Medicare, Social Security and people's own livelihoods that have already been jeopardized due to the wrongly decided Dobbs decision.

I would also have them look at the worst stages of the pandemic in 2020, a pandemic that still hasn't ended, but we got through it, and we'll get through the inflation and economy, too.

It's important to let them know that a booming economy and low prices are not a good trade off for loss of rights, as what has already happened to some can absolutely happen to them. Don't take my word for it, but rather what Republicans have said and done.

More validation on why I hate the 10th Amendment


Do people not realize the slippery slope that goes along with leaving everything to the states? Maybe, just maybe, the Founding Fathers got this wrong? Hence why the 14th Amendment was a good idea and thankfully has allotted for more federal legislation and court rulings in favor of civil rights.

I have never seen a Republican argue states should have the right to do X that benefits the citizen. They want X to take away marriage equality, to take away interracial marriage, abortion, to take away contraceptives and birth control. The 14th Amendment specifically bars states from making laws denying people equal protection, and Congress *shall have the power* to enforce this amendment via legislation.

So, maybe this wasn't a power of Congress by the time the 10th was ratified, but it is one now because our Constitution may be amended and the 14th Amendment is an amendment. And as I've said before, I believe abortion (making one's own healthcare decisions) to be one an unenumerated right in the Ninth Amendment, and since the Ninth Amendment is one of the Bill of Rights and the Incorporation Doctrine shows the Bill of Rights also apply to the states, that means states can't encroach on Ninth Amendment rights, hence Dobbs being decided incorrectly.

I have yet to also hear from somebody who can justify why they should be allowed to vote on other people's marriages and rights. Would you want us to vote on your marriage and telling you who you can't marry even if you're two consenting adults?

Remember that states rights gave us the Civil War, slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and authoritative state legislatures that are banning abortion without putting the measure on the ballot (Indiana), which is gaslighting. Let the people decide - the people did decide for 49 years to have an abortion or not have an abortion. What those people did, either way, is none of their business.

Human rights, civil rights, individual liberties are role of the federal government. Whereas you make the argument with abortion that this pertains to a potential life, telling somebody your marriage is valid in one state but not another doesn't make any sense.

When people care more about states rights than individual liberties, when they feel people shouldn't be free in all 50 states, you know, as in the *United* States of America, then we're not free, and we're not great.

States rights have always been in bad faith. I truly wish the 10th could be repealed and the federal government may pass legislation like the codifying of Roe and Obergefell into law without worry of any challenges, as states rights mean localized tyranny.
Posted by EnergizedLib | Wed Oct 5, 2022, 03:01 PM (3 replies)

TCU is taking it to Oklahoma

41-17, the Oklahoma secondary is committing dumb pass interference penalties and leaving men wide open.

I hope Dillon Gabriel’s okay, though.
Posted by EnergizedLib | Sat Oct 1, 2022, 12:59 PM (3 replies)

These people have no shame


‘The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.’

- Charles Bukowski

Part of me is embarrassed for him, but he’s a MAGAt, so that cancels that out.

Judge Watch

I’m watching MLB Tonight as it’s a lot of Judge coverage.

Say what you will about them, I remember where and when I was when I saw 62 for McGwire, 71 for Bonds and 756 for Bonds.

I’ve got a job I’m busy with and this is the first night in many days I have to myself, so I’m hoping to see 61 tonight.

Be an Aaron Judge, not a Judge Cannon. Let’s go.
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