Democratic Underground - Initech's Journal Initech's Journal Sat, 02 Dec 2023 09:25:09 Sat, 02 Dec 2023 09:25:09 Mixed reactions as Javier Milei wins Argentina presidential election Tue, 21 Nov 2023 02:04:00 The man accused of attacking Nancy Pelosi's husband was caught up in conspiracies, defense says Sun, 12 Nov 2023 02:03:35 GOP Rep. Zinke proposes bill to ban Palestinians from entering US Sat, 04 Nov 2023 01:25:55 Another day, another right wing terrorist. Fri, 27 Oct 2023 18:57:08 Least shocking news of the day: Maine shooter was a Fox News / RW propaganda addict. Thu, 26 Oct 2023 18:59:56 Kevin McCarthy just invented a new unit of measurement yesterday. Wed, 04 Oct 2023 22:16:10 Mike Lindell Pleads For Help as MyPillow 'Crippled' by American Express Wed, 27 Sep 2023 02:53:12 Texas sends 15th bus of asylum seekers to Los Angeles. It's the second in four days Fri, 22 Sep 2023 21:22:12 Megachurch Pastor Jack Hibbs Launches Nationwide Campaign to Out LGBTQ Students Thu, 31 Aug 2023 21:05:47 I figured it out. Fox isn't a news organization. It's a multi-level marketing firm. Wed, 30 Aug 2023 16:05:49 I got to see Metallica at SoFi Stadium last night. Sat, 26 Aug 2023 20:42:47 People flying on American Airlines say they want flight attendants to shut up about credit cards Thu, 24 Aug 2023 21:40:34 Listen up, right wing conspiracy theory stupids: Fri, 11 Aug 2023 03:39:23 Well I called it. The right wing never once cared about women's sports. Mon, 07 Aug 2023 01:55:18 The question we aren't asking enough: How did the GOP get to be so cruel? Tue, 18 Jul 2023 15:50:09 Meme I made: Offensive flags Sun, 16 Jul 2023 21:28:56 A teacher who spoke out after her students were banned from singing 'Rainbowland' by Dolly Parton an Fri, 14 Jul 2023 16:47:12 Tax the churches already! Wed, 12 Jul 2023 02:01:22 Moms for Liberty's focus on school races nationwide sets up political clash with teachers unions Mon, 03 Jul 2023 15:34:43 Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame right now: Thu, 22 Jun 2023 16:51:38 What kind of shithole Congress censures Adam Schiff, but George Santos walks free? Thu, 22 Jun 2023 02:52:28 Marjorie 3 Names is attempting gaslight the Insurrection again. Wed, 21 Jun 2023 19:29:57 The one aspect of the Trump investigation that needs to be discussed more in the media: Tue, 20 Jun 2023 20:17:36 Chino Valley Unified school board delays discussion on gender reporting policy and bans pride flags Sat, 17 Jun 2023 00:17:53 Target worker says store's Pride section caused her to lose shifts Mon, 12 Jun 2023 20:53:56