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18. Some place to sit. Yes!
Sun Apr 22, 2018, 01:05 PM
Apr 2018

While I was stationed in Turkey, while serving in the USAF, I often visited a music shop in downtown Samsun, Turkey. It had all sorts of instruments, from traditional Turkish folk instruments to more familiar western instruments. I spoke Turkish very badly, but I spoke music pretty fluently.

Every time I went in that shop, there would be a group of local musicians, sitting in chairs and playing music together. The first time I went, I just looked around the shop and listened to them. Later, I showed up with my 5-string banjo and sat down with them. I didn't have to speak Turkish. Little by little, I got what they were doing and joined in. I passed that banjo around the room, and taught some licks to the folks playing there. They'd never had one in their hands before. It was great fun.

Over time, I bought several traditional Turkish folk instruments in that shop. Each time, one of the musicians hanging out there showed me how it was tuned and played and I sat in with them and played it a little until I learned the ropes of it. We didn't talk much, but we laughed a lot and made music. I shipped all of those instruments home with me and still have them, 50 years later.

Successful music shops welcome musicians and have places where they can sit and make music. That's how it works. Walls and displays of instruments without that are a lot harder to sell. Hand the instrument you want to sell to the customer and let him or her work with it, and maybe join in the music that should always be going on and you'll make more sales.

fuck Eliot Rosewater Apr 2018 #1
The problem is that there is no place to sit? oberliner Apr 2018 #2
That would suck. Loki Liesmith Apr 2018 #3
Vultures - isnt this Bain capital? Dream Girl Apr 2018 #4
It would have to be some bullshit like this. Dave Starsky Apr 2018 #7
They'll probably merge it with something like PetSmart... KY_EnviroGuy Apr 2018 #10
Guitar Center to Be Acquired by Bain Capital for $1.9 Billion FarCenter Apr 2018 #9
Bain - as I recall they deliberately treestar Apr 2018 #16
That's exactly what they do. That's ALL they do. Dave Starsky Apr 2018 #20
That's the general idea, but the ploy is more complicated than that FarCenter Apr 2018 #24
then Ares Capital came in melm00se Apr 2018 #26
Uh-oh. That's my toy store. (n/t) Iggo Apr 2018 #5
Another brick & mortar store gone CountAllVotes Apr 2018 #6
The problem is licensing Miles Archer Apr 2018 #8
Thank you mshasta Apr 2018 #11
Is Bananas at Large still around? CountAllVotes Apr 2018 #17
Seems they are still around CountAllVotes Apr 2018 #19
GC Owns Musician's Friend as well OneBlueDotBama Apr 2018 #32
Sweetwater Sound... Adrahil Apr 2018 #21
Guitar Center owns Musicians Friend. Eko Apr 2018 #33
I read that the sales of electric guitars have been declining ismnotwasm Apr 2018 #12
There have been rumors of such for years. Someone will purchase what's left of them and salvage Hoyt Apr 2018 #13
This is another retail model that isn't paying attention to consumers... cbdo2007 Apr 2018 #14
And Epiphone is an affordable alternative to a Gibson... Adrahil Apr 2018 #22
Not surprising blake2012 Apr 2018 #15
Some place to sit. Yes! MineralMan Apr 2018 #18
Awesome! NT Adrahil Apr 2018 #23
What a great story Beakybird Apr 2018 #28
No more guitar heroes! nt USALiberal Apr 2018 #25
It had to happen. All of trump supporters are buying banjoes instead. tonyt53 Apr 2018 #27
Just Another Bain Capitol Success. OneBlueDotBama Apr 2018 #29
Good - as a player/collector for years, happy to see this DrDan Apr 2018 #30
Rock is not as popular w/youth as it once was. radius777 Apr 2018 #31
Pretty much every year Eko Apr 2018 #34
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