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113. Wypipo is self-explanatory, really.
Sat May 5, 2018, 10:03 AM
May 2018

In another thread, I told someone who didn't understand to read it out loud. It's a phonetic equivalent that illustrates how poorly we speak our own language. It's equivalent to "presnitedstates," which is a phonetic transcription of how almost everyone says "President of the United States."

In itself, wypipo really carries no particular meaning. It is just how many people pronounce "white people." And, indeed, it is white people who are the ones treating people of color like second-class citizens. Not all white people, of course. But the ones doing that are almost universally wypipo.

Those of us with privilege need to pay closer attention to our privilege. We didn't earn white privilege. We did nothing to deserve it. It's just something we happened to be born with. It entitles us to nothing.

'Wypipo' Explained [View all] sheshe2 May 2018 OP
Yes, the power imbalance means it isn't the same as using anti-black racist terms enki23 May 2018 #1
"greater fraction"???? heaven05 May 2018 #219
What is the goal of the purveyors of this tactic and how will it work out? Cary May 2018 #227
It certainly does. And you're right. nt 7962 May 2018 #278
White people shenanigans ProudLib72 May 2018 #2
His rationalization for a race based pejorative is weak. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #3
Oh, you mean whites? sheshe2 May 2018 #4
Well said. nt Atticus May 2018 #6
You aren't making the case that "wypipo" isn't a pejorative Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #8
Is that truly a "case" that needs to be made? George II May 2018 #12
I do not understand Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #16
I think they are mostly saying what everybody else has told them nolabels May 2018 #53
I highly recommend the book to others. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #117
I bet heaven05 May 2018 #224
Kudos for "logomachy". n/t sl8 May 2018 #102
It is a great word Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #115
Failed in making the case heaven05 May 2018 #223
+++ sheshe2 May 2018 #272
Exactly. ismnotwasm May 2018 #11
You've done it now, sheshe ProudLib72 May 2018 #26
Sort of ironic for someone with a Hillary Clinton avatar photo to post an article by this person oberliner May 2018 #47
Oops. Tipperary May 2018 #62
I don't get how some people who bash Democrats are OK to post oberliner May 2018 #71
Because people don't take time to research who they're praising RhodeIslandOne May 2018 #72
Bingo. Tipperary May 2018 #74
but this heaven05 May 2018 #228
You mean like people who bashed Al Franken Drahthaardogs May 2018 #175
Yes, exactly oberliner May 2018 #210
Okay some black people heaven05 May 2018 #226
And they can all get bent. n/m RhodeIslandOne May 2018 #265
still grasping heaven05 May 2018 #225
This...all of this!! Docreed2003 May 2018 #85
As a sidenote BumRushDaShow May 2018 #100
Honestly... Docreed2003 May 2018 #106
Believe it or not BumRushDaShow May 2018 #110
++++ nt heaven05 May 2018 #229
++ nt heaven05 May 2018 #221
We? I was never a slave owner. I never lynched anyone, I never raped anyone, I never beat anyone. wasupaloopa May 2018 #253
You didn't fight in the Revolution or know any presidents, but probably celebrate the 4th of July EffieBlack May 2018 #262
This! sheshe2 May 2018 #273
Agree. "Power imbalance" doesn't make it different. Beartracks May 2018 #5
See post 4 sheshe2 May 2018 #7
I did. Beartracks May 2018 #10
I agree. phylny May 2018 #63
Oh Goombas is fine here on DU Drahthaardogs May 2018 #177
"hostile and accusatory" heaven05 May 2018 #220
This is bigoted wonkwest May 2018 #9
not a slur heaven05 May 2018 #230
Are you white? wonkwest May 2018 #281
some white people heaven05 Jun 2018 #282
Just stop wonkwest Jun 2018 #283
no, I won't heaven05 Jun 2018 #284
Yet you'll complain wonkwest Jun 2018 #285
Thank you. Duppers May 2018 #280
The white tears in this thread. WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #13
No tears just shaking head at the blatant hypocrisy Devil Child May 2018 #15
It's hypocritical for an oppressed population to coin humorous terms to describe their oppressors? WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #21
Non POC privilege rears it's ugly head. Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #152
I'm Latino and yes, it is. John Fante May 2018 #179
Why? WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #183
I do hope you are not calling me a hypocrite, Devil Child. sheshe2 May 2018 #170
Is that not permitted? dumbcat May 2018 #186
This reminds me of the phrase "liberal tears" ... Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #17
It's probably from the use of the word "tears" in each example. WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #20
Now see, if anyone dares express a negative opinion to this ridiculous and derogatory term, Tipperary May 2018 #73
Lmmfao... Docreed2003 May 2018 #83
Hey, Dorcreed. sheshe2 May 2018 #172
Hey sheshe!!! Docreed2003 May 2018 #203
Kudos to your wife, Docreed. sheshe2 May 2018 #204
Yeah...well Docreed2003 May 2018 #205
Ummmhmmm. sheshe2 May 2018 #274
Racist garbage? Absolutely, DO TELL! Devil Child May 2018 #14
Oh for Gods sake ismnotwasm May 2018 #18
Tell it, ism. sheshe2 May 2018 #174
"Switch white to anything else and there would be almost universal scorn and derision for such a WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #19
Partially agree Devil Child May 2018 #22
. WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #23
Here you go Devil Child May 2018 #24
Switch white to anything else and it would make no sense unless we switched EVERYTHING EffieBlack May 2018 #42
Yes! Perfectly said. WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #111
Damm! you're good. jrthin May 2018 #119
Yes betsuni May 2018 #121
If you switch EVERYTHING you wont have to worry about quibbling over words or speech Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #155
Now come on, Eliot. Be fair. You know all these things happen Hortensis May 2018 #200
+1 gollygee May 2018 #168
This sheshe2 May 2018 #176
I wonder what the Venn diagram is? Nevernose May 2018 #25
Or maybe some people are true to their liberal beliefs wonkwest May 2018 #30
True liberals understand the imbalance of power and control in America EffieBlack May 2018 #43
Shhhhh... white people can't take a joke! Docreed2003 May 2018 #87
I do understand that wonkwest May 2018 #165
Any white person who stops being an ally because Harriot or someone on DU said "Wypipo" EffieBlack May 2018 #166
Your thought is good in theory wonkwest May 2018 #169
It's not any black person's responsibility to tiptoe around making sure not to offend the tender EffieBlack May 2018 #173
no it isn't heaven05 May 2018 #234
It would look like one solid circle kcr May 2018 #108
Blapipo TCJ70 May 2018 #27
How many do you know use the phonetic term "blopipo"? Even one? George II May 2018 #31
Until today I'd never seen "wypipo" anywhere. TCJ70 May 2018 #37
It's NOT heaven05 May 2018 #236
Respelling a phrase (in this case "white people") and attaching all sorts of negatives to it is... TCJ70 May 2018 #249
"Anybody comfortable with this?" WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #33
What is the purpose of "wypipo"? TCJ70 May 2018 #36
"What is the purpose of 'wypipo'?" WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #38
What a bunch of bullshit. TCJ70 May 2018 #39
It's used as an adjective/adverb BumRushDaShow May 2018 #112
thou protesteth too much heaven05 May 2018 #237
So you're saying all white people are wypipo? TCJ70 May 2018 #250
wypipo heaven05 May 2018 #252
Perfect EffieBlack May 2018 #44
"As always, if it doesn't apply to you, it doesn't apply to you" - there's the problem muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #66
it's a descriptive word heaven05 May 2018 #239
Whataboutism. n/t phylny May 2018 #270
++ nt heaven05 May 2018 #238
That's partly true. Igel May 2018 #55
all blapipo ARE black people heaven05 May 2018 #235
out of respect, you should say afracamericapipo Bucky May 2018 #241
LOL!!!! heaven05 May 2018 #243
okay Bucky May 2018 #244
oh, thank you heaven05 May 2018 #247
Great Article nini May 2018 #28
Yup. ismnotwasm May 2018 #32
I wonder what this author would say about the man whose photo is your avatar oberliner May 2018 #48
So now you're defending the honor of the Clintons. betsuni May 2018 #56
Always oberliner May 2018 #67
Right! brer cat May 2018 #76
I guess all is forgiven. betsuni May 2018 #81
He can't be trusted on anything because DID YOU SEE WHAT HE SAID ABOUT THE CLINTONS?!?! EffieBlack May 2018 #89
You're OK with him not voting for Hillary in the 2016 general election? muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #91
I don"t agree with him on that but that doesn't mean that nothing he has to say has any meaning EffieBlack May 2018 #94
Okay let's do the election again heaven05 May 2018 #245
How many? None, openly. That was why admin made everyone agree to support her. muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #248
I think it heaven05 May 2018 #251
It is meant as a pejorative; that's what the article in the OP is about muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #259
and heaven05 May 2018 #264
Ding ding ding! sheshe2 May 2018 #184
This message was self-deleted by its author muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #70
I read, enjoyed, and learned from William Safire's Sunday NYT column lapucelle May 2018 #211
I loved Safire's "On Language" column, like you I read it every week in the NYT Sunday Magazine. George II May 2018 #212
I didn't know that George. lapucelle May 2018 #213
Yes, he was the speech writer for both Nixon and Agnew. Even though he was a conservative... George II May 2018 #214
Posts by RW authors generally get alerted on and removed here oberliner May 2018 #216
No right wing author posted here; nor did any poster agree with any right wing political content. lapucelle May 2018 #217
If previous criticism of a Hillary Clinton was a bar to being cited on DU, this would be a very EffieBlack May 2018 #222
K&R Gothmog May 2018 #29
Sorry. I don't give credence to the opinions of anti-Democratic activists Steven Maurer May 2018 #34
But of course RhodeIslandOne May 2018 #40
Also the author of: "Why I Could Never Vote For Hillary Clinton" oberliner May 2018 #49
I object to the implication that loving animals more than people is wrong. Coventina May 2018 #35
Same here. I guess that makes us disgusting racists, huh? Tipperary May 2018 #96
Ironic. given it is the empathetic person who will act to change things, address injustices AND hlthe2b May 2018 #123
Me too Raine May 2018 #202
Ugly, divisive, ignorant, unproductive, racist crap that should have no place in this site. 50 Shades Of Blue May 2018 #41
Well said oberliner May 2018 #51
Clearly, there needs to be a corollary to this discussion that touches on white fragility...Why Whit MrScorpio May 2018 #45
From the author of: "Why I Could Never Vote For Hillary Clinton" oberliner May 2018 #46
Take out a few of his race based complaints.... RhodeIslandOne May 2018 #52
Don't really know who that is oberliner May 2018 #68
Shapiro is a former Brietfart drone RhodeIslandOne May 2018 #75
I know someone.. sheshe2 May 2018 #188
I know some people who wrote in "Bernie Sanders" in the last general election oberliner May 2018 #209
Rec'd and kick'd lunatica May 2018 #50
You should NOT have had to post this, sheshe2. raven mad May 2018 #54
Thank you, raven mad. sheshe2 May 2018 #189
my mom probably would have gone nuts if she knew the places i went for estate sales. pansypoo53219 May 2018 #57
The thing about animals reminds me of what Gordon Gekko says in "Wall Street": betsuni May 2018 #58
Yep. sheshe2 May 2018 #190
... betsuni May 2018 #207
You too! sheshe2 May 2018 #208
Rubbish. GeorgeGist May 2018 #59
Yes, and I just spent some time learning about this person the op quoted. Tipperary May 2018 #65
Did you now. sheshe2 May 2018 #275
Sounds an awful lot like another tired old racist creed. SomethingNew May 2018 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author Duppers May 2018 #279
The power dynamic displayed in the reaction to "wypipo" is interesting. TheSmarterDog May 2018 #61
I'm offended when any group uses a derogatory label towards phylny May 2018 #64
+1 gollygee May 2018 #171
You might want to take the time to read up on this person you quote with such glee. Tipperary May 2018 #69
"Leave Hillary Alone!!!1111!!!" betsuni May 2018 #79
I just find it ironic. I have no doubts that Hillary can take care of herself. Tipperary May 2018 #92
I know all about his writings... sheshe2 May 2018 #191
He's basically what he pretends to hate BannonsLiver May 2018 #246
K&R ck4829 May 2018 #77
Post removed Post removed May 2018 #78
Don't you mean all people are racist to some degree? Hortensis May 2018 #80
Racism is cultural, not biological. betsuni May 2018 #84
Half wrong. But wholly wrong about no genetic Hortensis May 2018 #86
I don't understand what you mean. betsuni May 2018 #88
:) New info. Lots of it. Science may be out of style right now Hortensis May 2018 #101
Nope. betsuni May 2018 #103
True, they are. Hortensis May 2018 #105
in/out group bias is primarily genetic Mosby May 2018 #125
No betsuni May 2018 #126
So your answer to science is a simple "no"? Bradshaw3 May 2018 #135
Anthropology. betsuni May 2018 #136
Deflection. Bradshaw3 May 2018 #150
The emergence of different cultures and languages is the evidence of the instinct to be suspicious muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #95
No, humans don't have instincts. betsuni May 2018 #97
... muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #98
Anthropology. betsuni May 2018 #99
If humans had no instincts, then babies couldn't suckle, there would be no such thing as Coventina May 2018 #122
No. betsuni May 2018 #127
No Coventina May 2018 #130
No. betsuni May 2018 #132
No. Coventina May 2018 #133
That's not science betsuni May 2018 #134
Yes, it absolutely is. Why do people raise their babies? Why do we fear things? Coventina May 2018 #137
Evolution. betsuni May 2018 #140
Evolution builds on what is already there. It doesn't erase the past. Coventina May 2018 #142
No, babies are abandoned, people are disinterested in sex, and computers were invented by betsuni May 2018 #144
I do read, that's why I know the difference between anomalies and normative behavior. Coventina May 2018 #145
Well, at least you can read! betsuni May 2018 #146
Yes, and as a reader, please give me the source of a reputable anthropologist Coventina May 2018 #148
Anthropology is not "the denial of any instincts in humans" muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #138
Yes, and more positively, we're drawn TO our "own," Hortensis May 2018 #118
By the way, I live in Japan and betsuni May 2018 #114
Thanks for introducing this derogatory term, so we can emphasize our differences and fuel up racism! Chemisse May 2018 #82
You're totally missing the point. EffieBlack May 2018 #93
The "you don't know what's in her/his heart" is my favorite. betsuni May 2018 #104
I see your point. Chemisse May 2018 #147
This doesn't "fuel up racism" EffieBlack May 2018 #157
Thank you. cwydro May 2018 #193
White people... Docreed2003 May 2018 #90
Not sure I've seen The Weight-Shifting Dance on that scale before . . . hatrack May 2018 #129
It is captivating! Docreed2003 May 2018 #131
Discomfort vs Danger OneGrassRoot May 2018 #107
Thank you! EffieBlack May 2018 #159
Bingo! Boomer May 2018 #254
Thanks for this caraher May 2018 #109
Wypipo is self-explanatory, really. MineralMan May 2018 #113
If it "carries no particular meaning", why does it need a article that explains its meaning? muriel_volestrangler May 2018 #143
In the author's case BumRushDaShow May 2018 #158
This whole list is so all over the place and disjointed B2G May 2018 #116
Don't ever ask wypipo to bring the potato salad EffieBlack May 2018 #160
It's a Russian Salad Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #178
So to summarize what a Wypipo is, they are B2G May 2018 #120
You are trying to lump all of these things into a single person BumRushDaShow May 2018 #164
This is fucking STUPID. No offense to the OP. Kirk Lover May 2018 #124
I think from those participating, most agree it is a race based pejorative. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #128
Hey, some of us like most animals better than most people spooky3 May 2018 #139
Back when we used to have threads on feminists topics ismnotwasm May 2018 #141
This is just a different flavor of racial stereotyping. procon May 2018 #149
So. ismnotwasm May 2018 #151
Just stop. procon May 2018 #162
Stop what? ismnotwasm May 2018 #163
Very stupid term. IluvPitties May 2018 #153
Thanks for that article. Skidmore May 2018 #154
Well, I have to say I totally disagree on one thing. lark May 2018 #156
Trump and the KKK aren't really Wypipo. EffieBlack May 2018 #161
This term is now being discussed on a number of other threads Gothmog May 2018 #167
"Not all white people are wypipo." Yes, but we really need more things to divide us elocs May 2018 #180
My heart goes out to wypipo. NCTraveler May 2018 #181
As much as I applaud this (My palms ache) GaryCnf May 2018 #182
I can't help but notice that most of the people expressing the most offense about the term "wypipo" EffieBlack May 2018 #185
+1 Afromania May 2018 #187
You are really good at judging people XRubicon May 2018 #192
So far, yeah. Iggo May 2018 #196
Don't quit your day job. XRubicon May 2018 #197
Aw, you're sweet! Iggo May 2018 #198
I noticed that too, Effie. sheshe2 May 2018 #195
Thanks, SheShe - I feel the same about you! EffieBlack May 2018 #199
I second that! betsuni May 2018 #206
Kick and Reced! ehrnst May 2018 #194
WYPIPO DOO Goonch May 2018 #201
Thank you for sharing this pointed article Generic Other May 2018 #215
BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT heaven05 May 2018 #218
Your OP's heaven05 May 2018 #231
... sheshe2 May 2018 #232
Michael Harriot, author of: "Why I Could Never Vote For Hillary Clinton" oberliner May 2018 #240
Liked or not heaven05 May 2018 #242
Though my name and post count do not show it, I have been here since 2001. This wypipo thing is the wasupaloopa May 2018 #258
Dear God, thank you. Used to be we worked against being divisive. That we worked for a common phylny May 2018 #271
Don't know how to look at this get the red out May 2018 #233
Don't lose perspective Boomer May 2018 #257
Totally agree. Caliman73 May 2018 #261
I think you are spot on! BumRushDaShow May 2018 #266
Shock indeed. Caliman73 May 2018 #268
Exactly right. BumRushDaShow May 2018 #269
"Not all blacks are n......, hell there's white n......." Abu Pepe May 2018 #255
Why are so many so upset on here? Maybe 'cause it touches a nerve? HopeAgain May 2018 #256
This is how we lose elections. grossproffit May 2018 #260
No, actually, it's not. EffieBlack May 2018 #267
Wypipo put raisins in the potato salad xmas74 May 2018 #263
I think it is how twitler pronounces the words white people. kimbutgar May 2018 #276
Another offensive thread that uses a slang term to describe people. Doodley May 2018 #277
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