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25. I call it the 'tRump Trot', to contrast it with the 'Gish Gallop'.
Sun Nov 3, 2019, 01:23 PM
Nov 2019

If you don't know what the Gish Gallop is, just listen to Kellyanne for more than, oh, say 2 or 4 seconds. She spews a firehose of bullshit so fast as she jumps around from topic to topic that it is impossible to correct more than one or two points before she engineers another bullshit train. (Named for Duane Gish, a creationist that used the technique whenever he was 'debating' anyone with a reality-based background. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gish_gallop )

tRump isn't nearly as good at it as Kellyanne, but if you listen to what he spews you'll see the same sort of form - spewing a vast amount of crap in a short time, making it impossible to refute everything that has come out of his piehole.

Plus, as a sociopath, he has no conscience and feels no pain. n/t RKP5637 Nov 2019 #1
AND. He suffers NO consequences. n/t CousinIT Nov 2019 #34
He does wear people down. Why doesn't he ever get worn down? Mike 03 Nov 2019 #2
Because he feeds off the effect he has on other people. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2019 #7
Yeah; it's probably the only thing keeping him alive. Sugar Smack Nov 2019 #11
The harder, more abrasive substance Harker Nov 2019 #23
Adderall and sociopathy. belpejic Nov 2019 #33
"I only feel alive when I'm fighting people..." Roy Cohn LanternWaste Nov 2019 #39
He is very much aided by the mindset of millions... Guilded Lilly Nov 2019 #3
That IMO is what is worse than tRump and could be disastrous. Someone could come along even worse RKP5637 Nov 2019 #5
I tend to agree. His type of treachery has enabled the worst of humanity... Guilded Lilly Nov 2019 #8
Yep! busterbrown Nov 2019 #30
Truth always win! Butterflylady Nov 2019 #4
He doesn't spend energy on work, only on "wearing people down." SharonAnn Nov 2019 #6
I want the impeachment process to wear him down. dalton99a Nov 2019 #9
+1 2naSalit Nov 2019 #10
+2 Delmette2.0 Nov 2019 #14
My better half showed me a recent video clip of him... paleotn Nov 2019 #15
+1. Maybe he'll die at 93 from Alzheimer's like his Klansman father dalton99a Nov 2019 #18
Your post is the best thing I've seen online in weeks Orrex Nov 2019 #24
Isn't wearing me down. paleotn Nov 2019 #12
He's like a toddler. Collimator Nov 2019 #13
Yes, Trump wears people down in the political, socioeconomic environment that we currently live in. Yavin4 Nov 2019 #16
I'd tend to agree. BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2019 #32
Excellent that the Effects of Poverty are Highlighted McKim Nov 2019 #41
This is why I want him to suffer a massive, debilitating stroke Orrex Nov 2019 #17
I want karma to give him a beautiful and perfect demise dalton99a Nov 2019 #20
Oh, yes. ChazInAz Nov 2019 #22
I have dealt with people like him. Blue_true Nov 2019 #19
Absolutely. He never gives up. Everything you mentioned is spot on. But he is intimidated by certain Pepsidog Nov 2019 #21
Great thought DENVERPOPS Nov 2019 #26
I call it the 'tRump Trot', to contrast it with the 'Gish Gallop'. SeattleVet Nov 2019 #25
Post removed Post removed Nov 2019 #27
I have a feeling there are a ton of people just sick of the 24x7 drama he demands. CrispyQ Nov 2019 #28
Donald Trump: making the unthinkable thinkable. dchill Nov 2019 #29
***** the media wears people down ******** erlewyne Nov 2019 #31
The constant barrage of bullshit is rather exhausting...and that's by design, of course. Garrett78 Nov 2019 #35
He's a floating, swirling turd that never quite flushes Blue Owl Nov 2019 #36
The media allows him to go mostly unchecked. LiberalFighter Nov 2019 #37
He's not gonna wear me down! Fuck him! ElementaryPenguin Nov 2019 #38
He is a malignant narcissist. This is what they do. Claritie Pixie Nov 2019 #40
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #42
The "Flying Monkeys"? kentuck Nov 2019 #43
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