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Plus, as a sociopath, he has no conscience and feels no pain. n/t RKP5637 Nov 2019 #1
AND. He suffers NO consequences. n/t CousinIT Nov 2019 #34
He does wear people down. Why doesn't he ever get worn down? Mike 03 Nov 2019 #2
Because he feeds off the effect he has on other people. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2019 #7
Yeah; it's probably the only thing keeping him alive. Sugar Smack Nov 2019 #11
The harder, more abrasive substance Harker Nov 2019 #23
Adderall and sociopathy. belpejic Nov 2019 #33
"I only feel alive when I'm fighting people..." Roy Cohn LanternWaste Nov 2019 #39
He is very much aided by the mindset of millions... Guilded Lilly Nov 2019 #3
That IMO is what is worse than tRump and could be disastrous. Someone could come along even worse RKP5637 Nov 2019 #5
I tend to agree. His type of treachery has enabled the worst of humanity... Guilded Lilly Nov 2019 #8
Yep! busterbrown Nov 2019 #30
Truth always win! Butterflylady Nov 2019 #4
He doesn't spend energy on work, only on "wearing people down." SharonAnn Nov 2019 #6
I want the impeachment process to wear him down. dalton99a Nov 2019 #9
+1 2naSalit Nov 2019 #10
+2 Delmette2.0 Nov 2019 #14
My better half showed me a recent video clip of him... paleotn Nov 2019 #15
+1. Maybe he'll die at 93 from Alzheimer's like his Klansman father dalton99a Nov 2019 #18
Your post is the best thing I've seen online in weeks Orrex Nov 2019 #24
Isn't wearing me down. paleotn Nov 2019 #12
He's like a toddler. Collimator Nov 2019 #13
Yes, Trump wears people down in the political, socioeconomic environment that we currently live in. Yavin4 Nov 2019 #16
I'd tend to agree. BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2019 #32
Excellent that the Effects of Poverty are Highlighted McKim Nov 2019 #41
This is why I want him to suffer a massive, debilitating stroke Orrex Nov 2019 #17
I want karma to give him a beautiful and perfect demise dalton99a Nov 2019 #20
Oh, yes. ChazInAz Nov 2019 #22
I have dealt with people like him. Blue_true Nov 2019 #19
Absolutely. He never gives up. Everything you mentioned is spot on. But he is intimidated by certain Pepsidog Nov 2019 #21
Great thought DENVERPOPS Nov 2019 #26
I call it the 'tRump Trot', to contrast it with the 'Gish Gallop'. SeattleVet Nov 2019 #25
Post removed Post removed Nov 2019 #27
I have a feeling there are a ton of people just sick of the 24x7 drama he demands. CrispyQ Nov 2019 #28
Donald Trump: making the unthinkable thinkable. dchill Nov 2019 #29
***** the media wears people down ******** erlewyne Nov 2019 #31
The constant barrage of bullshit is rather exhausting...and that's by design, of course. Garrett78 Nov 2019 #35
He's a floating, swirling turd that never quite flushes Blue Owl Nov 2019 #36
The media allows him to go mostly unchecked. LiberalFighter Nov 2019 #37
He's not gonna wear me down! Fuck him! ElementaryPenguin Nov 2019 #38
He is a malignant narcissist. This is what they do. Claritie Pixie Nov 2019 #40
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #42
The "Flying Monkeys"? kentuck Nov 2019 #43
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