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59. Back at ya
Sat Feb 15, 2020, 08:41 PM
Feb 2020

Sometimes it's tough to read posts in the forums about the alleged crimes of the "M$M" or the generic "media." We make our mistakes, of course, but the cynical view from which so many people see journalists is discouraging.


Point on... wcmagumba Feb 2020 #1
They've been the problem for forty years. CanonRay Feb 2020 #2
I'd like these people to tell me what corruption he is rooting out. The Genealogist Feb 2020 #3
The "Deep State" jayschool2013 Feb 2020 #24
Waves...hello from fellow writer and former journalist nt Blue_playwright Feb 2020 #54
Back at ya jayschool2013 Feb 2020 #59
The only corruption that Trump fights is weeding out the competition...nt Wounded Bear Feb 2020 #4
That needs to be on a bumper sticker and a t-shirt. Dem2theMax Feb 2020 #21
He knew they were a gullible crowd . Sorry but it was a crack move to bring Pence on. I have to lunasun Feb 2020 #5
Just like their religion... Duppers Feb 2020 #36
Trump figured out long ago that he could con gullible people. CaptainTruth Feb 2020 #6
The BuyBull. What a piece of shit that book is. stopbush Feb 2020 #7
"Every, single word of the Bible is true" That should be a clue bitterross Feb 2020 #8
The most-important BuyBull verse ever: stopbush Feb 2020 #9
I like Mathew 6.5 LakeArenal Feb 2020 #35
Just gonna say that........ Butterflylady Feb 2020 #55
Right wing Catholics are just as bad. hunter Feb 2020 #10
Why Martin Luther left The Church - Hypocrisy rickyhall Feb 2020 #40
... Different Drummer Feb 2020 #11
+1000 milestogo Feb 2020 #20
It needs a few words added to it. Dem2theMax Feb 2020 #23
I read an article several months ago that explained that evangelicals are conditioned by Arkansas Granny Feb 2020 #12
I remember growing up hearing about the "freedom to obey" FiveGoodMen Feb 2020 #15
Years back I was invited to visit a evangelical, Independent Baptist type church by a friend Jake Stern Feb 2020 #60
Scary shit Zeus69 Feb 2020 #13
All that, and he's still alive? 3Hotdogs Feb 2020 #27
Nazis thought of Hitler the same rockfordfile Feb 2020 #14
That is the scary part. overleft Feb 2020 #25
When you confront them on Skidmore Feb 2020 #16
Ask them about those words in red. safeinOhio Feb 2020 #28
Perhaps she misspoke Leith Feb 2020 #17
She was raised to believe whatever the men in her life told her was true and never to question it. Runningdawg Feb 2020 #18
Like "Two Corinthians" for example? mwooldri Feb 2020 #19
I would have to ask her what made her think that ooky Feb 2020 #22
Wish they would "fly" away. Morons. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2020 #67
The more you read up on them... Newest Reality Feb 2020 #26
God save me from evangelicals. Brother Mythos Feb 2020 #29
Linus agrees. Laelth Feb 2020 #30
Evangelicals have problems with brain abnormalities gembaby1 Feb 2020 #31
It's also a quick buck. Scam and con the gullible. Maggiemayhem Feb 2020 #51
They're brain washed Faux pas Feb 2020 #32
Evangelicals should be called Hypocriticals. I can't stand them. Pepsidog Feb 2020 #33
They are complete idiots. smirkymonkey Feb 2020 #63
I was born and raised in an evangelical church family calguy Feb 2020 #34
A Nation of Sheep.......50+ million of them. DENVERPOPS Feb 2020 #37
I call them Evangelicals, never add Christian to it. TNNurse Feb 2020 #38
I call them fundies or fundamentalists lambchopp59 Feb 2020 #43
I've come to realize that a lot of right wing Christians are not big into critical thinking. patphil Feb 2020 #39
Sadly Catch2.2 Feb 2020 #41
on facebook there is a post tiredtoo Feb 2020 #42
I don't believe in this stuff, but Trump seems like a good candidate for the anti-christ himself. milestogo Feb 2020 #58
Her brain is missing Lucky Luciano Feb 2020 #44
Radical Islamists.....our answer radical evangeliKKKals Hulk Feb 2020 #45
They are waiting for the End Days... They think Trump is the person, ugh. secondwind Feb 2020 #46
Agree stuntcat Feb 2020 #56
Which proves that she doesn't read her Bible. LiberalFighter Feb 2020 #47
Sign her to a contract, on the spot bucolic_frolic Feb 2020 #48
Evangelicals are THE PROBLEM peoli Feb 2020 #49
Drain the swamp meant drain logic and reason out of his supporters' minds IronLionZion Feb 2020 #50
Evangelicals are THE problem. hamsterjill Feb 2020 #52
I think it really got started with the holy roller movement out of which the "Charismatic Movement" LiberalArkie Feb 2020 #53
Evilvangelcals I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2020 #57
The answer is in your OP. Pacifist Patriot Feb 2020 #61
You've given an excellent description of what the Bible really is. milestogo Feb 2020 #64
Thanks Pacifist Patriot Feb 2020 #65
All the door-to-door religious folks have quit coming to my house. hunter Feb 2020 #68
Evangelicals are so sickening. And they're think they're so superior raccoon Feb 2020 #62
Show this person Fox's articles on Trump's scams. His stealing from charity and Maraya1969 Feb 2020 #66
This sign says it all Generic Other Feb 2020 #69
I think there are 2 types of evangelicals: the 1 that knows better but doesn't care Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #70
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