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Proud Liberal Dem

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Wed Mar 4, 2020, 05:46 PM
Mar 2020

The real test will be, what happens to them once Trump is gone. Are they going to try to reform the Republican Party? Or just a brief sigh of relief that Trump is not making them look as bad as many of them actually are and go right back to their old bag of tricks. I don't really think that I've heard any of them repudiate their party's behavior from the 8 years of Obama or any of their actual policies that harm people. I'm not eager to embrace any of them until they agree to repudiate some of this and agree to work with Democrats in a genuine bipartisan manner. Until then, they should be treated as temporary allies against a common cause.

Nicole Wallace hlthe2b Mar 2020 #1
Ditto. EOM TruckFump Mar 2020 #6
I. LOVE. HER. trueblue2007 Mar 2020 #13
Yes, I love Nicholle. Control-Z Mar 2020 #15
Anne Navarro LakeArenal Mar 2020 #2
I pick two leftieNanner Mar 2020 #3
you might consider adding ana navarro to the poll unblock Mar 2020 #4
I hear you Cary Mar 2020 #8
I put other for none jimfields33 Mar 2020 #5
Nicole Wallace and Ana Navarro obamanut2012 Mar 2020 #7
Ms Wallace. No contest. tishaLA Mar 2020 #9
George Conway is fun just because you know it really AkFemDem Mar 2020 #10
George Conway brought the receipts! Tanuki Mar 2020 #28
George Conway merits a place in the poll IMO tishaLA Mar 2020 #11
Done Cary Mar 2020 #16
George is my favorite Locutusofborg Mar 2020 #21
I want to see which ones run back into the loving arms of the bullwinkle428 Mar 2020 #12
I'm not sure that's fair Cary Mar 2020 #14
I think there will be a transition.. stillcool Mar 2020 #30
None Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2020 #17
Joe Walsh has Cary Mar 2020 #18
Ok Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2020 #20
I have to agree Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2020 #27
They're on record saying that the GOP must die, it is irredeemable. They're hoping to get a new OnDoutside Mar 2020 #24
Because Wilson is the sharpest and most articulate.... he's my pick. Goodheart Mar 2020 #19
Melania? keithbvadu2 Mar 2020 #22
I had to vote for Rick, but my vp would be Nicolle OnDoutside Mar 2020 #23
I like David Jolly. Patterson Mar 2020 #25
Tom Nichols. BusyBeingBest Mar 2020 #26
You know, it was only last year I realized there are two Joe Walshes Recursion Mar 2020 #29
I did not see an option for "none" Caliman73 Mar 2020 #31
Schindler, no contest Blue_Tires Mar 2020 #32
I like Steve Schmidt Dem2 Mar 2020 #33
Conway, Schmidt and Wilson are advisors with an entity called "The Lincoln Project." VOX Mar 2020 #34
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