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Yep, They will think they have to go further to the right to win davidn3600 Sep 2012 #1
Could be. longship Sep 2012 #2
is the "nuclear option" mean getting rid Nightjock Sep 2012 #11
Yes. That's it. longship Sep 2012 #17
If the Reds keep moving to the right, Jamaal510 Sep 2012 #3
The GOP is dying and B Calm Sep 2012 #4
Our big tent party is big because it stretches in every direction... Astazia Sep 2012 #5
Even if it's close enough to cheat him into office Warpy Sep 2012 #6
The Ts call the Republican leadership the GOP-e or GOPe for "elite". nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #7
they may be emboldened vlyons Sep 2012 #8
The Knives Are Already Out... KharmaTrain Sep 2012 #9
They'll be inclined to believe they lost NewJeffCT Sep 2012 #10
I think the situation is right for the formation of a 3rd party KurtNYC Sep 2012 #12
You are describing what happened in the 1850s nadinbrzezinski Sep 2012 #33
There will certainly be a huge intra-party fight, but I see Big Money beating the tea-party wing. pampango Sep 2012 #13
Well if you ask me, Big Money is late to the game on 'seeing the distater heading Bluenorthwest Sep 2012 #26
They're losing because their rightward push is not supported by most people. porphyrian Sep 2012 #14
This is how bullies come to power Shankapotomus Sep 2012 #15
They've had bullies at the top for a long time -- Boehner, McConnell, Priebus, etc. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #37
Agreed but I'm talking thug incarnations like Hitler Shankapotomus Sep 2012 #42
Romney won't cause it - it'll be the lost of the House that will cause it LynneSin Sep 2012 #16
You think they'll lose the House?? reformist2 Sep 2012 #22
25 seats is very doable for the Democrats LynneSin Sep 2012 #27
The house has been in play since February at least nadinbrzezinski Sep 2012 #34
I know several republicans that are wanting to move to Canada or Mexico if Obama gets reelected. modem77 Sep 2012 #18
And they'll have less chance than those of us who wanted to emigrate tavalon Sep 2012 #20
Tell them to get moving. Panasonic Sep 2012 #23
Hah. Canada has socialized medicine, abortion with no time limits, Doctor_J Sep 2012 #25
They do know of course that both have a form of socialized medicine nadinbrzezinski Sep 2012 #35
"If" went out the window on Monday tavalon Sep 2012 #19
WHEN Romney loses the Republican party will blow up spanone Sep 2012 #21
You're nuts Doctor_J Sep 2012 #24
The demographics are working against them big-time, with every passing month. Lex Sep 2012 #28
Yes, we've been hearing that for at least ten years Doctor_J Sep 2012 #29
Did Nevada and New Mexico used to be red? cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #30
Yep, and Colorado. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #38
New Mexico went green long ago Doctor_J Sep 2012 #50
Yes, the "demographics" move more slowly than we would like but truebluegreen Sep 2012 #32
Nicely analogy, and completely off target Doctor_J Sep 2012 #41
Texas is your example? Lex Sep 2012 #39
Why wouldn't it be? Doctor_J Sep 2012 #40
There will be a bloodbath of epic proportions hifiguy Sep 2012 #31
Damn, you can write! Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #43
You might enjoy the third piece at this link. hifiguy Sep 2012 #44
This is just Republican comedy, tanking the election JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2012 #36
Here's my take on JEB in '16... bluesbassman Sep 2012 #45
Just a thought...given it's Hilary, both campaigns/candidates have some "history" cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #47
I don't see this Doctor_J Sep 2012 #48
This ^^^ 2016 Jeb and Hilary cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #46
Heh Doctor_J Sep 2012 #49
they brought this on themselves. warrior1 Sep 2012 #51
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