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Pass the popcorn! SheltieLover Aug 2020 #1
Make that 2! onetexan Aug 2020 #12
Make it a 3 popcorn night. KS Toronado Aug 2020 #21
Popcorn. Mmmmmmm: tblue37 Aug 2020 #31
I like to add a little heat to my popcorn Fritz Walter Aug 2020 #32
will need a lot of beer, too. bluescribbler Aug 2020 #36
Lordy... Rachel won't get any sleep between now & then. She'll have his book memorized word for word hlthe2b Aug 2020 #2
I remember Rachel saying she wanted him to come on her show... Spazito Aug 2020 #3
it's all too late cyclonefence Aug 2020 #4
Um...he testified before the House of Representatives. Under oath. BComplex Aug 2020 #9
I'm talking about when the crimes were being committed cyclonefence Aug 2020 #11
Better late than never. Michael Cohen's House testimony has caused several investigations to BComplex Aug 2020 #13
Yep, reminds me of the ones that find god and then absolve themselves in their church. RKP5637 Aug 2020 #14
He's already on trump's shit list. He has nothing to lose. alfredo Aug 2020 #27
It's not to late to help beat trump. panader0 Aug 2020 #28
And he's going to have to live with that... SergeStorms Aug 2020 #41
I'm with you, Serge. kag Aug 2020 #49
he committed crimes and got caught. if he hadn't gotten caught he'd still be doing that crap certainot Aug 2020 #37
Starting in 2015 I followed David Corn and Michael Isicoff as they were putting together "Russian fwvinson Aug 2020 #39
Let's go back.. agingdem Aug 2020 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author agingdem Aug 2020 #26
He's definitely no hero but direct kacekwl Aug 2020 #42
I don't think I was clear in my OP cyclonefence Aug 2020 #45
On I agree, I have no love for these supposed tell all books but kacekwl Aug 2020 #47
Yeah baby, YEAH!! Leghorn21 Aug 2020 #5
Michael Cohen's ad Exposing the Ugly Truth was riveting. Cha Aug 2020 #6
Wow!!! Great!!! RKP5637 Aug 2020 #7
Trump will be tuned in. Count on it. nt oasis Aug 2020 #8
When???? redstatebluegirl Aug 2020 #10
ToBeDetermined! nt blaze Aug 2020 #16
I'm betting Friday fwvinson Aug 2020 #40
Oh my Blue Owl Aug 2020 #15
Anyone know when that might be? George II Aug 2020 #17
Rachel works hard to get great interviewees and then pulls no punches rurallib Aug 2020 #18
being interviewed by Rachel cannot be easy IcyPeas Aug 2020 #29
WOW orangecrush Aug 2020 #19
For all those saying he should have done something sooner ... rustysgurl Aug 2020 #20
Agree. Glad he's repentant & is now speaking out to let the country & world know the crimes 45 has onetexan Aug 2020 #23
Even at this point - we'll take what we can get ArizonaLib Aug 2020 #24
Oh boy! SunSeeker Aug 2020 #22
Ratings VA_Jill Aug 2020 #30
Shouldn't we take the truth where we find it? lunatica Aug 2020 #33
SING, my angel of music! calimary Aug 2020 #34
Oh, I like that. tavernier Aug 2020 #50
Rachel will be overworked. BadgerMom Aug 2020 #35
she needs to ask him about when sam nunberg says he "listened to 1000s of hrs of talk radio" certainot Aug 2020 #38
Just now see your post. triron Aug 2020 #43
He actually needs to get himself (back) onto Faux news Farmgirl1961 Aug 2020 #44
Good idea but the problem I think is... jcgoldie Aug 2020 #46
I hope the interview triggers the f*ck out of dump, but ecstatic Aug 2020 #48
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