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Continuing a very fine tradition dalton99a Aug 2020 #1
K&R for exposure of the emperor's depravity Blue Owl Aug 2020 #2
10 Traits of a Psychopath TomCADem Aug 2020 #22
+1 Me. Aug 2020 #43
Holy Shit!!!!! Wellstone ruled Aug 2020 #3
Thom Hartmann covered this sickening story today. ariadne0614 Aug 2020 #4
Excellent Me. Aug 2020 #10
I should not be shocked backtoblue Aug 2020 #5
Hitler 2.0. I would have expected this to come to light. Newest Reality Aug 2020 #6
Does that include his wife? onecaliberal Aug 2020 #7
No surprise - he also gassed protesters for a photo-op. lagomorph777 Aug 2020 #8
If he gets another 4 years this might be the fate of those who spoke out against him kimbutgar Aug 2020 #9
If RE-Elected...Will It Become "First They Came For the Immigrants"? Me. Aug 2020 #11
Then they came for the Democrats Kaiserguy Aug 2020 #34
Evil, fascist piece of shit! Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2020 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author roamer65 Aug 2020 #13
Shades of the 1920's. roamer65 Aug 2020 #14
+1. A fact seldom mentioned dalton99a Aug 2020 #15
Wow Me. Aug 2020 #17
Not many people know the connection dalton99a Aug 2020 #19
This Is So Shameful Me. Aug 2020 #21
Holy shit! I try to learn something new every day. On a good day it's something uplifting... RussellCattle Aug 2020 #32
Never knew about this, fascinating Rstrstx Aug 2020 #41
Thanks for sharing that. geardaddy Aug 2020 #20
The New Abnormal podcast... Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2020 #16
Cartoons are probably one of the very few things that hold his attention, so... Grokenstein Aug 2020 #18
trump supporters will totally agree these are good ideas but then deny he ever said it LymphocyteLover Aug 2020 #23
Every time if hear of the next impeached tRump atrocity I want to quit my job on the spot ffr Aug 2020 #24
Sadly a lot of our fellow citizens Kaiserguy Aug 2020 #38
Fuck you,, Trump world wide wally Aug 2020 #25
Trump taking notes? Skittles Aug 2020 #31
HOLY SHIT! VA_Jill Aug 2020 #26
OMFG! calimary Aug 2020 #27
The idea of gassing undesirables,... magicarpet Aug 2020 #28
Doesn't surprise me at all. trump is an evil fker. #Vote.Him.Out nt iluvtennis Aug 2020 #29
FASCIST FUCK Skittles Aug 2020 #30
Dear fucking god sakabatou Aug 2020 #33
He went full Hitler. Never, ever go full Hitler! Initech Aug 2020 #35
The evil behind the clown. Nt BootinUp Aug 2020 #36
There's no doubt we will find mass graves at the border when MAGAs are ran out of office. uponit7771 Aug 2020 #37
The Idea Of That Makes My Blood Run Cold Me. Aug 2020 #44
I hope he has the notes....or a tape backtoblue Aug 2020 #39
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2020 #40
Feel like throwing up my dinner after reading this... Illumination Aug 2020 #42
I honestly feel like I am going to throw up. smirkymonkey Aug 2020 #45
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