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37. With ya on that! I too want hate radio destroyed.
Tue Aug 25, 2020, 10:15 PM
Aug 2020

I too want Pox Noise disemboweled. And that ridiculous “home of the bimbos” OAN (“One America News” - who are they kidding?!? - btw, I think we know) as well.

They are both the prime reasons why conservatives have gone overboard and are throwing their weight around to the degree they are. They gave aid and comfort to the knuckledragger contingent, validated them, and made them feel justified. And made it okay for them to be out ‘n’ proud about some of the nastiest, most sexist, racist, intolerant, mean-spirited and and unashamedly in-yer-face about it.

They made it okay. Hell, they made it mainstream. I used to be that weird old Uncle Harold who was such a Neanderthal, stayed up in the attic because nice people didn’t say those things, much less actually believe them. Now, those “dirty little secret” feelings you didn’t dare utter in public (what would people think of they knew I felt this way?) for fear you’d have no friends - all that is now out in the open, strutted and not apologized for, and even celebrated!

Hearing that poison repeated for hours on end on little pipsqueak stations out in the middle of nowhere keeping truckers company out on the highway have them a feeling of solidarity and support, and validation. “Yeah! He’s tellin’ it like it IS!”

And all this shit and unspoken grievances and resentments people nursed in private because those feelings were severely anti-social and backwards and unChristian and intolerant and greedy and selfish and mean-spirited and just plain wrong were allowed out of the closet and into the fresh air. Where the toxins could stretch out and spread. They were all suddenly okay! And you weren’t alone anymore because that big rich fat-ass on the radio was saying the same things. He was saying out loud what you were thinking but didn’t think you had the nerve to say out loud. And that made it okay. And you felt not only okay but justified and reinforced. And definitely not alone.

That’s how it worked. And how it spread. Like a metastasizing cancer. And just as deadly. Deadly to our body politic, that is.

We could call it torture, we could call it war... stillcool Aug 2020 #1
An on-going war against the left since WW2 rwsanders Aug 2020 #72
A point made by the attorney during the presser today... 2naSalit Aug 2020 #2
Couldn't agree more. BadgerMom Aug 2020 #3
K&R smirkymonkey Aug 2020 #4
He was getting into his OWN car, and the cop shot him at point blank range. What's to wait for? George II Aug 2020 #5
I've watched all the videos, there should be some cops in jail. KS Toronado Aug 2020 #6
There is a question qwlauren35 Aug 2020 #7
So the FUCK what if he was armed? I've seen 1000s of fucking WHITE people armed with Ferrets are Cool Aug 2020 #11
........ dhol82 Aug 2020 #15
If he was armed. qwlauren35 Aug 2020 #18
I watched this on TV and he didn't not have a weapon. onecent Aug 2020 #25
If he wasn't armed at DENVERPOPS Aug 2020 #73
Its also the case that even if he was armed, Volaris Aug 2020 #29
+1 Ferrets are Cool Aug 2020 #33
Definitely qwlauren35 Aug 2020 #61
- TallMike Aug 2020 #30
1000000000000+ happy feet Aug 2020 #69
Whether or not he was armed has no relevance whatsoever to being shot seven times in the back. Pacifist Patriot Aug 2020 #52
murder rumleyfips Aug 2020 #65
No reason to have guns out. Crazy! Pepsidog Aug 2020 #8
This ends, warmfeet Aug 2020 #9
There is a Go Fund Me page for Jacob Blake. raging moderate Aug 2020 #10
Here you go. Chellee Aug 2020 #16
Thank you. raging moderate Aug 2020 #38
Another one.......... marieo1 Aug 2020 #12
The FBI has been warning for years maxrandb Aug 2020 #21
That fact needs much more attention. Mister Ed Aug 2020 #31
With ya on that! I too want hate radio destroyed. calimary Aug 2020 #37
1000000000000+ happy feet Aug 2020 #70
speaking as an old white lady. grew up in the military, met lots of demigoddess Aug 2020 #13
I'm a 65 yearvold white guy, and... MarianJack Aug 2020 #14
Recommended. H2O Man Aug 2020 #17
K&R MustLoveBeagles Aug 2020 #19
paper article in milw paper. he basically was a WITNESS they wanted to question. because of a fight pansypoo53219 Aug 2020 #20
They better be arrested, tried and imprisoned for attempted first degree murder, PatrickforO Aug 2020 #35
Why are they not talking about shooting into a car with children inside? lettucebe Aug 2020 #22
Yes. Such a horrible act. Joinfortmill Aug 2020 #23
why not taze him? Why the fucking lethal force? It's crazy LymphocyteLover Aug 2020 #24
Completely agree... Trueblue Texan Aug 2020 #26
Add that to the list of reasons to be shot Aussie105 Aug 2020 #27
No call for 7 bullets in the back - none. And his Babies were in the vehicle!!! Talitha Aug 2020 #28
Talitha Unwin was a character in Stephen King's Gunslinger series. PatrickforO Aug 2020 #34
Cool, I didn't know that! It's supposedly mentioned somewhere in the Bible, too. Talitha Aug 2020 #41
The black cop that killed the white woman who had called in a possible assault was actually tblue37 Aug 2020 #43
You're right. There is no justification even possible for grabbing an unarmed man PatrickforO Aug 2020 #32
Why was he even stopped? And I've already rushed to judgement. Buckeyeblue Aug 2020 #36
This is NOT intended to be an alibi but to answer the OP ? NotANeocon Aug 2020 #39
"From the LEO POV: the man was probably getting a weapon from the lower area of the driver seat." Atticus Aug 2020 #40
You will interpret as you wish! NotANeocon Aug 2020 #42
He WASN'T a "perp." He was a witness, a bystander who had tried to break up a fight! tblue37 Aug 2020 #44
To a stressed LEO in a conflict situation EVERYBODY is a perp except those wearing the same uniform. NotANeocon Aug 2020 #45
That's why this is systemic. You paint a far bleaker picture muriel_volestrangler Aug 2020 #46
But systemic WHAT? Systemic "get home from this shift alive"? NotANeocon Aug 2020 #47
Systemic "convert people into frightened killers" muriel_volestrangler Aug 2020 #48
Thank you for taking the time to respond to this stuff. nt Atticus Aug 2020 #50
We disagree. NotANeocon Aug 2020 #53
Your repeated defense of this indefensible action makes me doubt the accuracy Atticus Aug 2020 #49
Not an apologist - NotANeocon Aug 2020 #54
No one said "cops are the enemy". But, THIS cop apparently decided he could shoot an Atticus Aug 2020 #57
What weapon? Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #51
When the car was entered - NotANeocon Aug 2020 #55
BS Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #56
Great to have all that time to second guess with no threat to your life!! NotANeocon Aug 2020 #58
He wasn't a threat to anyone's life Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #60
The killer pulled at his waist before shooting. That's why he 'leaned'. muriel_volestrangler Aug 2020 #59
Some cops should be bagging my groceries HAB911 Aug 2020 #66
No. TommyCelt Aug 2020 #71
Nope, the LEO was pointing a gun already so Black was already seen as someone to be stopped ... uponit7771 Aug 2020 #62
There are three young black kid who for the rest of their lives won't NOT TRUST A POLICEMAN...Sad! usaf-vet Aug 2020 #63
Still no arrest of the guy with the assault rifle at the protest where 2 died. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2020 #64
What I saw wryter2000 Aug 2020 #67
Absolutely aleesiazane Aug 2020 #68
Ancient white man here too, Atticus. SergeStorms Aug 2020 #74
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