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48. But hey, didn't the donald say the cops should have banged his head on the side of the door
Tue Aug 25, 2020, 11:12 PM
Aug 2020

as they put him into the back seat?

They were far too gentle with him.

Crazy Week Continues Stallion Aug 2020 #1
Tied to the chair SheltieLover Aug 2020 #2
I guess he thought the chair was immobile. JohnnyRingo Aug 2020 #46
Hahahaha! SheltieLover Aug 2020 #47
Back the Blue Proud liberal 80 Aug 2020 #3
About time. I had posted earlier about their Monday shenanigans. Arkansas Granny Aug 2020 #4
Bail? Enterstageleft Aug 2020 #5
Excellent idea. Qutzupalotl Aug 2020 #21
And that comes to a couple million $ at this point. 2naSalit Aug 2020 #26
Damned morons... hlthe2b Aug 2020 #6
Was he shot 7 times in the back? lame54 Aug 2020 #7
THIS! Takket Aug 2020 #12
Exactly yourmovemonkey Aug 2020 #17
+1 2naSalit Aug 2020 #27
Hopefully I_UndergroundPanther Aug 2020 #8
Tough on protests in Idaho. They gave him the chair. Sneederbunk Aug 2020 #9
... nolabear Aug 2020 #13
Lol SheltieLover Aug 2020 #49
Why didn't they shoot first? LiberalFighter Aug 2020 #10
Fuck that maxrandb Aug 2020 #11
Where is the unmarked van with the no-identity camo dudes DBoon Aug 2020 #24
I can't wait for the movie! icymist Aug 2020 #14
Yes, thank you. I might have to frame it. yonder Aug 2020 #18
Yep. I'd bet the cops are sympathizers. Crunchy Frog Aug 2020 #32
Oh, that is priceless! PatSeg Aug 2020 #33
Lead them to prison. warmfeet Aug 2020 #15
The could have, been shot, honestly, Tarc Aug 2020 #16
this is the best news ive heard all day. wish the oregonians would have rousted him AllaN01Bear Aug 2020 #19
He may ask people to send him snacks again. MarianJack Aug 2020 #20
That family should have been locked up years ago. Hoyt Aug 2020 #22
If they weren't white, they'd be imprisoned at LEAST. Dead more likely. flibbitygiblets Aug 2020 #23
100% this. MontanaMama Aug 2020 #25
White AND... 2naSalit Aug 2020 #28
IDS? lindysalsagal Aug 2020 #55
l as in letter, not i. 2naSalit Aug 2020 #56
It's about f'ing time. 2naSalit Aug 2020 #29
Activist? Ummmm...NO. Volaris Aug 2020 #30
Update on your activist comment--good catch. yonder Aug 2020 #54
Throw him the the back of a van and give him a "ride" lonely bird Aug 2020 #31
If I am not mistaken Traildogbob Aug 2020 #34
And few, if any wore masks Traildogbob Aug 2020 #35
A Black man just walking by minding his own business would be shot DBoon Aug 2020 #51
Exactly Traildogbob Aug 2020 #53
What were they protesting? onetexan Aug 2020 #36
Makes my day!! He's not a protester, he's a law breaker Thekaspervote Aug 2020 #37
AA's are shot in the back for LESS than this Ferrets are Cool Aug 2020 #38
About time Ahpook Aug 2020 #39
With any luck Thunderbeast Aug 2020 #40
Remember he'll get a jury of his peers. plimsoll Aug 2020 #44
Try that shit in TN and u get,,,, Cryptoad Aug 2020 #41
Why is that crazy bastard an "activist"? SergeStorms Aug 2020 #42
Maybe we should start calling him Zippy world wide wally Aug 2020 #43
With luck, the arresting troopers kept spinning him around real good as they were hauling him off. yonder Aug 2020 #45
But hey, didn't the donald say the cops should have banged his head on the side of the door calimary Aug 2020 #48
If he was a black man they would have shot him. OregonBlue Aug 2020 #50
There's already a meme going around... Heartstrings Aug 2020 #52
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