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50. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue Aug 25, 2020, 11:33 PM
Aug 2020

Threads like this are just another reason why I LOVE DU, and have for almost 20 years!
This is certainly worth watching. TheCowsCameHome Aug 2020 #1
I like to watch. Hassin Bin Sober Aug 2020 #34
Lol! yardwork Aug 2020 #39
The Chauncey Brothers TheBlackAdder Aug 2020 #49
OK, Jerry, control yourself! RVN VET71 Aug 2020 #70
Here we go. MontanaMama Aug 2020 #2
Agreed, but when students get dragged into the mix, it's about to get very, very real. Wow. nt crickets Aug 2020 #5
Oh yeah...100% MontanaMama Aug 2020 #7
Same. The pool boy situation is just emblematic of their gargantuan hypocrisy. crickets Aug 2020 #11
Never underestimate the capacity for fundies to rationalize. Wednesdays Aug 2020 #36
No kidding. Just look at the MAGAts. calimary Aug 2020 #48
It all the Devil fault Kaiserguy Aug 2020 #64
Hypocrisy is the obvious thing to call them out on, but also the least effective. soldierant Aug 2020 #45
Liberty U will have a terrible time Captain Zero Aug 2020 #55
Liberty Univ. challenging Hillsdale College... Grins Aug 2020 #69
They will fall from grace, but ten others will take each of their places. Blue_true Aug 2020 #13
Do whatever you like Ferryboat Aug 2020 #61
Kick dalton99a Aug 2020 #3
K&R smirkymonkey Aug 2020 #4
... Nevilledog Aug 2020 #6
+1 n/t. rzemanfl Aug 2020 #8
Kind of makes you wonder what else goes on at that farm. TheBlackAdder Aug 2020 #47
... Celerity Aug 2020 #9
I noticed that the pictures taken on the infamous yatch showed several Blue_true Aug 2020 #10
They don't buy those yachts for Grouper fishing. Chainfire Aug 2020 #18
The Grouper part likely applies, except it doesn't refer to a fish. Blue_true Aug 2020 #20
Groper Fishing obamanut2012 Aug 2020 #59
They won't talk unless they get a mega book deal to tell all. They're "conservatives". BComplex Aug 2020 #60
You got that pitch perfect right. nt Blue_true Aug 2020 #68
Do Pool Boy & Rent Boy hang out? Same circles, Miami appalachiablue Aug 2020 #12
Hoo boy... Blue Owl Aug 2020 #14
Whoa! Demovictory9 Aug 2020 #15
Went to clutch my pearls, had none. I'll be laughing my ass off. Falwell deserves the humiliation tulipsandroses Aug 2020 #16
OH - I love those! Tammie Faye Bakker was epic! Totally Tunsie Aug 2020 #52
'Well that escalated quickly.'. Volaris Aug 2020 #17
The knob will be involved somehow, too. Wednesdays Aug 2020 #37
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! calimary Aug 2020 #50
I wonder if some young women will be coming forward Ilsa Aug 2020 #19
Like the old saying goes, first one to confess get the best deal. Blue_true Aug 2020 #22
Ah, Jessica Hahn, where are you? RVN VET71 Aug 2020 #71
"PORN" again Christians W T F Aug 2020 #21
You will be surprised what happens in some churches. nt Blue_true Aug 2020 #24
Conservative Christians are the biggest consumers of porn. SunSeeker Aug 2020 #54
The entire gop image is just complete filth now. And yet, the evangelicals remain loyal lindysalsagal Aug 2020 #23
Birds of a feather Kaiserguy Aug 2020 #65
mic drop TeamPooka Aug 2020 #25
If all parties are consenting adults then Jerry's sex life should have been no one's business TlalocW Aug 2020 #26
Giancarlo SHOULD profit off the truth. Why not? The book might be a best seller! Illumination Aug 2020 #27
I'll wait for the movie ToxMarz Aug 2020 #29
Are you sure you want to go to the theatre?... Illumination Aug 2020 #31
I didn't know there were any of those XXX odeons any more Wednesdays Aug 2020 #41
Wonder if there's any drive-in theatres left? Only thing is, the windows would get all Illumination Aug 2020 #43
Ew. nt crickets Aug 2020 #38
Fifty Shades of Falwell n/t Yavin4 Aug 2020 #32
As expected, Liberty University students were targets of scumbag Falwell. sarcasmo Aug 2020 #28
I'm just sorry that Jerry Falwell Senior isn't still here Raine Aug 2020 #30
Exceptionally well said!! StevieM Aug 2020 #51
How anyone Windy City Charlie Aug 2020 #33
The plot thickens n/t hibbing Aug 2020 #35
Next thing you know.... kentuck Aug 2020 #40
Cohen coverup greblach Aug 2020 #42
curious - Failwells ever show up at Epstein's? sensing a full circle here someplace... bringthePaine Aug 2020 #44
Not to worry. He, realizing his sin, will ask Jesus for forgiveness. 3Hotdogs Aug 2020 #46
Sounds like Falwell Jr. was using his VA farm for sex trafficking of Liberty U coeds. SunSeeker Aug 2020 #53
More Proof colsohlibgal Aug 2020 #56
I hope the m$ is all over this. Cha Aug 2020 #57
Are all Evangelicals sexual predators. Sure seems that way. OregonBlue Aug 2020 #58
Has there been any indication of a connection between falwell and epstein? niyad Aug 2020 #62
This Reminds Me of the Time I was on a Beach on the Black Sea Coast of Romania panfluteman Aug 2020 #63
America is an advanced nation Kaiserguy Aug 2020 #66
I wonder how many times BGBD Aug 2020 #67
Porn to be wild? czarjak Aug 2020 #72
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