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What Figluzzi just said on Maddow is [View all] cilla4progress Oct 2020 OP
some context PLEASE Enterstageleft Oct 2020 #1
Me too. That strange announcement had Trump's fingerprints all over it. Marie Marie Oct 2020 #2
Why wouldn't you tell us what that is? LizBeth Oct 2020 #3
Its alot. cilla4progress Oct 2020 #4
Thank you, and that is good. I agree. I thought so also. LizBeth Oct 2020 #5
Aliens built the pyramids? The earth is flat? GulfCoast66 Oct 2020 #6
I think it's weird how folks here nowadays cilla4progress Oct 2020 #7
Unfair. "Reading"? The OP is about something just spoken live on TV. FreepFryer Oct 2020 #9
This Roland99 Oct 2020 #18
Right? Please. (Nt) FreepFryer Oct 2020 #21
I'll give you an example. betsuni Oct 2020 #11
This is much more egregious, as it doesn't identify which story Figluzzi spoke about on TV FreepFryer Oct 2020 #12
I don't even try to figure out OPs like this. betsuni Oct 2020 #17
Good example. SharonClark Oct 2020 #16
I agree. triron Oct 2020 #14
You can't discuss when there's no context. SharonClark Oct 2020 #15
Not everyone can catch a show when it first airs. chriscan64 Oct 2020 #25
There is a lot of news so what News are people talking about ? It's not that difficult to just JI7 Oct 2020 #27
Call congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Ptah Oct 2020 #28
We are all reading. But we're not all watching MineralMan Oct 2020 #37
Exactly Windy City Charlie Oct 2020 #8
This little bit of theater Turin_C3PO Oct 2020 #10
Yes 100%, He knows his shit. triron Oct 2020 #13
Figliuzzi is warning us. pukes are at their BS as well. triron Oct 2020 #19
Hunh? Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2020 #20
Bernardo, clearly you must be uninformed to have been so uninformed by this uninformative post. FreepFryer Oct 2020 #22
Yup, I must be not as cool as the OP. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2020 #23
Why Do People Do This On DU? Is it To Get Attention From Us Having to Ask What Happened? Indykatie Oct 2020 #24
Figluzzi is on with Brian Williams now CatWoman Oct 2020 #26
what did he say? triron Oct 2020 #36
All talk about Iran. Nothing about Russia. bamagal62 Oct 2020 #29
No, the best part was that the guy after him said! DrToast Oct 2020 #30
Thanks for the substance here, folks. cilla4progress Oct 2020 #31
Except we literally have no idea what you are talking about obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #32
The assumption that everyone is watching the same thing you are and the enough Oct 2020 #33
Still don't know what a Figluzzi is. betsuni Oct 2020 #34
I generally MissB Oct 2020 #35
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