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37. We are all reading. But we're not all watching
Thu Oct 22, 2020, 11:41 AM
Oct 2020

TV all the time. If you comment on something you saw on TV, it is incumbent on you to provide some context, so we at least know the basics of what you saw, who said it and what was said.

Otherwise, we have no clue whatsoever about what you are discussing. That's not helpful in any way.

What Figluzzi just said on Maddow is [View all] cilla4progress Oct 2020 OP
some context PLEASE Enterstageleft Oct 2020 #1
Me too. That strange announcement had Trump's fingerprints all over it. Marie Marie Oct 2020 #2
Why wouldn't you tell us what that is? LizBeth Oct 2020 #3
Its alot. cilla4progress Oct 2020 #4
Thank you, and that is good. I agree. I thought so also. LizBeth Oct 2020 #5
Aliens built the pyramids? The earth is flat? GulfCoast66 Oct 2020 #6
I think it's weird how folks here nowadays cilla4progress Oct 2020 #7
Unfair. "Reading"? The OP is about something just spoken live on TV. FreepFryer Oct 2020 #9
This Roland99 Oct 2020 #18
Right? Please. (Nt) FreepFryer Oct 2020 #21
I'll give you an example. betsuni Oct 2020 #11
This is much more egregious, as it doesn't identify which story Figluzzi spoke about on TV FreepFryer Oct 2020 #12
I don't even try to figure out OPs like this. betsuni Oct 2020 #17
Good example. SharonClark Oct 2020 #16
I agree. triron Oct 2020 #14
You can't discuss when there's no context. SharonClark Oct 2020 #15
Not everyone can catch a show when it first airs. chriscan64 Oct 2020 #25
There is a lot of news so what News are people talking about ? It's not that difficult to just JI7 Oct 2020 #27
Call congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Ptah Oct 2020 #28
We are all reading. But we're not all watching MineralMan Oct 2020 #37
Exactly Windy City Charlie Oct 2020 #8
This little bit of theater Turin_C3PO Oct 2020 #10
Yes 100%, He knows his shit. triron Oct 2020 #13
Figliuzzi is warning us. pukes are at their BS as well. triron Oct 2020 #19
Hunh? Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2020 #20
Bernardo, clearly you must be uninformed to have been so uninformed by this uninformative post. FreepFryer Oct 2020 #22
Yup, I must be not as cool as the OP. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2020 #23
Why Do People Do This On DU? Is it To Get Attention From Us Having to Ask What Happened? Indykatie Oct 2020 #24
Figluzzi is on with Brian Williams now CatWoman Oct 2020 #26
what did he say? triron Oct 2020 #36
All talk about Iran. Nothing about Russia. bamagal62 Oct 2020 #29
No, the best part was that the guy after him said! DrToast Oct 2020 #30
Thanks for the substance here, folks. cilla4progress Oct 2020 #31
Except we literally have no idea what you are talking about obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #32
The assumption that everyone is watching the same thing you are and the enough Oct 2020 #33
Still don't know what a Figluzzi is. betsuni Oct 2020 #34
I generally MissB Oct 2020 #35
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