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53. Yeah, some stupid woman was told to wear a mask at a Dollar Store. Refused.
Sun Dec 13, 2020, 01:32 PM
Dec 2020

Went to get her boyfriend, and they came back and shot the poor security guard dead. I forget where it was.

I want to say Michigan, pretty sure it wasn’t in the south. They were arrested at least.

I've heard about this sort of thing in Texas, from a friend who lives there. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2020 #1
just cough loudly kiri Dec 2020 #25
Good for him! That's a smart move. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2020 #27
works for me also. If I have to deal with anti maskers I just cough loudly behind my mask mitch96 Dec 2020 #33
That is a TERRIFIC idea! calimary Dec 2020 #35
I like that idea Bayard Dec 2020 #49
Me too. My cough can sound like death itself. JohnnyRingo Dec 2020 #57
Sounds good, but he's probably inhaling their air Lars39 Dec 2020 #55
Our Governor here in SC SCantiGOP Dec 2020 #2
He could contract the virus and die first. niyad Dec 2020 #38
Funny you say that SCantiGOP Dec 2020 #40
Sadly true. I have several friends from there, they say the culture is insane. niyad Dec 2020 #42
It's like the country as a whole SCantiGOP Dec 2020 #43
If they care about their bottom line, they need to RESPECT the customers who are trying to do the BComplex Dec 2020 #3
Oh they are required here in Texas trc Dec 2020 #32
Wear a face shield and a mask Freddie Dec 2020 #4
"No shirt, no shoes, no service" -- why can't you deny service? intrepidity Dec 2020 #5
I agree, I don't understand this either. OnDoutside Dec 2020 #12
We have a state-wide mask mandate Bayard Dec 2020 #6
Alabama has a state-wide mandate also, but about 10% are ignoring it. And there are no consequences. Ferrets are Cool Dec 2020 #15
I had two similar incidents in a Ace Hardware and now I just won't buy anything from them again. llmart Dec 2020 #17
I hope you called them and told them why you won't be shopping there anymore. Squinch Dec 2020 #51
I emailed the store owner. llmart Dec 2020 #61
Well done! Squinch Dec 2020 #62
In NJ, we have a statewide mask mandate and I haven't seen anyone without as Five-O gets called. TheBlackAdder Dec 2020 #48
I received a complement on my full face shield automotive gas mask today. roamer65 Dec 2020 #7
TRYING really hard to keep my mouth shut vapor2 Dec 2020 #8
Sorry you have to work around unsafe people marlakay Dec 2020 #9
I live in Florida OriginalGeek Dec 2020 #10
They shouldn't be allowed in the store Meowmee Dec 2020 #11
I don't suppose birdographer Dec 2020 #13
I feel so badly for your situation and those others who are in similar ones... Ferrets are Cool Dec 2020 #14
They should have to self checkout alphafemale Dec 2020 #16
If a bar can afford to hire an off-duty cop in uniform to be a bouncer, Mr.Bill Dec 2020 #18
And with bars closed in so many places, bouncers are unemployed. catrose Dec 2020 #23
Good for speaking the truth. These assholes are endangering everyone's lives, in every state. Evolve Dammit Dec 2020 #19
See any parallels? Pantagruel Dec 2020 #20
I'm so sorry you have to endure this. NellieStarbuck Dec 2020 #21
"fun" fact Pantagruel Dec 2020 #22
You deserve more support than that wryter2000 Dec 2020 #24
They are assholes Ahpook Dec 2020 #26
Governments need to handle the mask situation like the seatbelt law. 70sEraVet Dec 2020 #28
Not happening here... LPBBEAR Dec 2020 #29
I hear you. Stay safe. Joinfortmill Dec 2020 #30
Businesses should follow Costco KT2000 Dec 2020 #31
I think you should be getting Hazard pay Tribetime Dec 2020 #34
I stop shopping Smackdown2019 Dec 2020 #36
It's bullshit that the anti-maskers will get violent. PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2020 #37
Have you missed all the stories of people getting stabbed, shot, beaten, ?kILLED???? For niyad Dec 2020 #41
Apparently I have. PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2020 #45
Please google those incidents before you continue with your assumption. niyad Dec 2020 #47
Flint Michigan earlier this year MichMan Dec 2020 #52
Yeah, some stupid woman was told to wear a mask at a Dollar Store. Refused. cwydro Dec 2020 #53
It was in Flint. MichMan Dec 2020 #60
Truth about Texas PurgedVoter Dec 2020 #39
I turn my back and essentially hide from customers MyMission Dec 2020 #44
We FINALLY are allowed to deny them entry... lame54 Dec 2020 #46
Zero tolerance in my workplace, a corporate-owned convenience store pecosbob Dec 2020 #50
You don't "have to let them shop." Ms. Toad Dec 2020 #54
As they're traveling around the store broadcast their location and warn Iwasthere Dec 2020 #56
Last Id heard quakerboy Dec 2020 #58
I don't think I'd stop them. rownesheck Dec 2020 #59
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