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12. If he jumps bail, he's out $25,000. Which I'm betting,
Mon Jan 11, 2021, 05:26 PM
Jan 2021

living as he does in his mother's basement, that he doesn't have.

"the other said it will be difficult to defend because of the images." Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #1
No kidding! SheltieLover Jan 2021 #3
Time to start singing. safeinOhio Jan 2021 #22
that's $2500 he will never see again.... getagrip_already Jan 2021 #2
Life with no parole is my preference, but we know that won't happen. SheltieLover Jan 2021 #5
yeah, I wonder what the guidelines are for what they are being charged with? getagrip_already Jan 2021 #10
Dunno SheltieLover Jan 2021 #23
I think the two nights in lock up, a fine and the worldwide humiliation is prob sufficient for this greenjar_01 Jan 2021 #21
More to do with affluenza, imo SheltieLover Jan 2021 #24
It was a PR bond. gldstwmn Jan 2021 #6
He was released on a signature bond - he paid nothing Ms. Toad Jan 2021 #17
Bet you he is not grinning now.* Botany Jan 2021 #4
I hope he is charged with the officer's murder & magat deaths SheltieLover Jan 2021 #8
Privacy? Oh that's a good one. gldstwmn Jan 2021 #9
No kidding! SheltieLover Jan 2021 #25
"Goodbye kids, listen to mommy!" Hav Jan 2021 #13
He didn't seem to want privacy when he was ransacking our nation's Capitol building, Aristus Jan 2021 #7
Exactly my thought! SheltieLover Jan 2021 #11
If he jumps bail, he's out $25,000. Which I'm betting, Aristus Jan 2021 #12
His wife is a doctor and was bringing the money home Hav Jan 2021 #14
Oh, that's right. Aristus Jan 2021 #15
If he wanted privacy DFW Jan 2021 #16
Agreed! SheltieLover Jan 2021 #26
yeah...really affluent area there Roland99 Jan 2021 #18
Substance abuse tests gonna be the worst condition for this guy greenjar_01 Jan 2021 #19
was this the stay at home dad? Where does he get the money for bail and plane tickets etc.? Thomas Hurt Jan 2021 #20
Wife is a doctor SheltieLover Jan 2021 #28
From stealing a lectern to standing befor a bench Dukkha Jan 2021 #27
Is this standard procedure for poor black looters captured on camera? dalton99a Jan 2021 #29
Doubtful, but not sure SheltieLover Jan 2021 #30
If they are waiting trial, they better hope the mob doesn't do worse coming up. LakeArenal Jan 2021 #31
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