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35. It is an absolutely RESOUNDING success and a win for the President.
Sun May 23, 2021, 09:10 PM
May 2021

Damned near a miracle, compared to what he was left with.

Once we got our program off the ground (ie, were able to get some vaccine in quantity), Canada has done smiilarly well.

Get thee to the greatest page malaise May 2021 #1
Much less than 6 months ago! Just about 4 months ago. Scrivener7 May 2021 #2
Sad to be a downer, but the success is not nationwide. lark May 2021 #3
You're not the downer Bird Lady May 2021 #5
As summer approaches and the possibility to travel soon every decision we make of where to go..... usaf-vet May 2021 #22
Amen! Ligyron May 2021 #29
Amen! Ligyron May 2021 #30
i have never been to Charlotte or Williamsburg and wanted to go there soon. lark May 2021 #38
I know and it irritates the hell out of me. paleotn May 2021 #9
Dont fret. Between the peeps who had covid and lived but didnt get vaxxed, Volaris May 2021 #18
Red states do lag far behind. patphil May 2021 #10
He was just the useful narcissist. The GOP still follows the same mandate. NullTuples May 2021 #17
Trump killed off over half a million Americans with his Trump Virus. keithbvadu2 May 2021 #4
As far as the United States is concerned, it's definitely the Trump virus. patphil May 2021 #12
The ones not getting vaccinated are former douchenozzle's ball-lickers.... lastlib May 2021 #6
Agree completely. 33taw May 2021 #7
And the "natural food" anti-vaxxers Thtwudbeme May 2021 #8
Thank you! paleotn May 2021 #11
Yup. I work at a co-op. Otherwise smart people... druidity33 May 2021 #31
They are the horrible people. Boomerproud May 2021 #25
the are still some "on the fence" folk who are not part of the cult Skittles May 2021 #27
The goal is... lame54 May 2021 #13
Just a year ago, it was more like this: DFW May 2021 #14
Credit where credit is due. calimary May 2021 #15
Yes - if Trump had won & we continued on that same path NewJeffCT May 2021 #26
Hurray! Got my second Friday. Yesterday was like a very mild flu, but that was it. C Moon May 2021 #16
Damn you, whomever REC 100 was! ffr May 2021 #19
100th Rec Hekate May 2021 #20
This is in addition to everything else they've done so far. llmart May 2021 #21
An amazing success mcar May 2021 #23
Nonsense! If Kushner were in charge of vaccinations, we'd be at 110% already. JustABozoOnThisBus May 2021 #24
Businesses should begin to leave red states that don't reach at leas 60% vaxx or joetheman May 2021 #28
Donald Trump has brought us this vaccine @warp speed, and he is UNFAIRLY not being given Progressive Jones May 2021 #32
58%! Like the Red Cross, United Appeal, UNICEF drives in school. elias7 May 2021 #33
Phenomenal and amazing - but it's still just a start if we want to achieve what passes as "normal" Rhiannon12866 May 2021 #34
It is an absolutely RESOUNDING success and a win for the President. BobTheSubgenius May 2021 #35
Hurray, and agreed. mahina May 2021 #36
Best Administration of my lifetime, so far. Roisin Ni Fiachra May 2021 #37
On another website, someone asked where I'd think we'd be if Trump was still in office Johnny2X2X May 2021 #39
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