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The women's team has to wear bikini outfits FakeNoose Aug 2021 #1
Right. Think if the viewership they would bring in. LizBeth Aug 2021 #3
Fair is fair. AngryOldDem Aug 2021 #2
Exactly Demovictory9 Aug 2021 #7
What's fair for the Goose is good for the...whut? nt JanMichael Aug 2021 #4
I mean, I'm not sure about the lime green, but otherwise that's a pretty nice goose lol, Volaris Aug 2021 #18
lol. I hear ya. LizBeth Aug 2021 #19
Yeah, I believe those uniforms would cause female viewership to launch (for lack of a better term). Blue_true Aug 2021 #27
Uh huh. As I said below, the ancient Greeks made you do this shit naked, Volaris Aug 2021 #28
Succinctly put, Volaris. Our lizard brains rule. But our hyper-inflated prefrontal wants to be erronis Aug 2021 #37
No, it isnt. And I suspect we would do much better as an advanced society Volaris Aug 2021 #39
Money is in the mix also. Blue_true Aug 2021 #40
I'd watch if they wore that uniform! beaglelover Aug 2021 #5
Kind of like a mask, eh? Treefrog Aug 2021 #14
Huh? beaglelover Aug 2021 #16
I'll guess you mean: It isn't covering all of the parts. erronis Aug 2021 #38
lol leftstreet Aug 2021 #6
Yes, and make them such that you always have to tug at the butt side to . . . . Stinky The Clown Aug 2021 #8
And with every tug transferring sand on hand to under the bikini bottom making it that much more LizBeth Aug 2021 #10
Brava! Stinky The Clown Aug 2021 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author Stinky The Clown Aug 2021 #26
K&R for the stunning accuracy of the point made. LanternWaste Aug 2021 #9
i was watching some track today... Takket Aug 2021 #11
+1. Thanks for this example. "Let people dress however they want." LizBeth Aug 2021 #12
In Ancient Greece, you were required to compete buck ass naked, Volaris Aug 2021 #20
Both Should Wear Shorts ProfessorGAC Aug 2021 #13
Of course, but there is a reason for the snark of the OP. LizBeth Aug 2021 #17
I Know ProfessorGAC Aug 2021 #21
You are so totally right on. Clear and cut. Still they held to their sexism. LizBeth Aug 2021 #22
Well said. It just distracts IMO. BannonsLiver Aug 2021 #31
Especially since they're playing in sand. forgotmylogin Aug 2021 #33
No they shouldn't Polybius Aug 2021 #41
Sorry, I Was Only Going... ProfessorGAC Aug 2021 #42
Hahaha Polybius Aug 2021 #43
Beware of loose bananas. Nevilledog Aug 2021 #15
looks good to me..... BRING ON THE MEN !!!!! Trueblue1968 Aug 2021 #24
Fair is fair mcar Aug 2021 #25
Canada ahead of the curve. from 2016. SleeplessinSoCal Aug 2021 #29
A maple leaf instead of a fig leaf. Snarky sarge43 Aug 2021 #32
does the mr. spock left eyebrow raise . ohm myyyyyy AllaN01Bear Aug 2021 #30
Shouldn't they get greased up too? lunatica Aug 2021 #34
Women volleyball players don't wear thongs Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2021 #35
Birthday suits like the original Greek olympics IronLionZion Aug 2021 #36
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