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40. Works for me!
Tue Nov 30, 2021, 02:20 PM
Nov 2021

She’s got NO business occupying a seat in Congress. Her “seat” should be in a jail cell.

Is it legal for DOJ gab13by13 Nov 2021 #1
It's a moot point, as AG Garland doesn't want to appear partisan. NullTuples Nov 2021 #42
Seems we can't PAY the corporate media in this country for coverage like this EYESORE 9001 Nov 2021 #2
It isn't the right wing narrative. gab13by13 Nov 2021 #9
And there it is. Haggard Celine Nov 2021 #3
Sounds like the mob was getting intelligence from the White House and members of the Baitball Blogger Nov 2021 #8
You wont get an indictment let alone a conviction. Why? cstanleytech Nov 2021 #13
Unless some of the people at the Willard Hotel Mr.Bill Nov 2021 #15
it's been reported that many are talking. mopinko Nov 2021 #31
Now we're really talking "the art of the deal." calimary Nov 2021 #39
Why are Victorian Toensing and Joseph diGenova not mentioned at the Willard war room? Grasswire2 Nov 2021 #45
Maybe they are the ones Mr.Bill Dec 2021 #51
Are domestic media too afraid of this story? Boomerproud Nov 2021 #4
+1 Bluethroughu Nov 2021 #5
Exactly, gab13by13 Nov 2021 #21
Here's the actual article. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2021 #6
Why are these "multiple sources" afraid to go public with their information? Lonestarblue Nov 2021 #10
Does Merrick Garland know this? yardwork Nov 2021 #7
If we know it...hw knows it. FalloutShelter Nov 2021 #12
BBB isn't going to pass this year or next thanks to Manchin berni_mccoy Nov 2021 #27
That sounds reasonable. yardwork Nov 2021 #33
It needs a special prosecutor questionseverything Dec 2021 #49
The Boebert lady gab13by13 Nov 2021 #11
Probably. I think that's why BooBoo's freaking out more than usual. Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #23
Works for me! calimary Nov 2021 #40
Yeah. We really ought to do something about this. It would be really nice if we did. Scrivener7 Nov 2021 #14
You think? I don't know... dchill Nov 2021 #16
For a couple of years, at least! Because it's a lot of work, you know. And for some reason they Scrivener7 Nov 2021 #17
One shouldn't spend too much time pondering the efficacy... dchill Nov 2021 #19
Yes. Because we just don't know if the brakes are already considering engaging or not. We won't Scrivener7 Nov 2021 #20
Sad but great analogy. gab13by13 Nov 2021 #24
Reporter: We should totally write about this! NullTuples Nov 2021 #43
well played nt Grasswire2 Nov 2021 #46
The key to Insurrection #2 is to bury the records from Insurrection #1 bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #18
The Appeals court is meeting gab13by13 Nov 2021 #22
K&R for exposure meow2u3 Nov 2021 #25
PAGING MERRICK GARLAND! berni_mccoy Nov 2021 #26
I think the timing is going juuuust right... CCExile Nov 2021 #28
The nightmare that has been TFG isn't as bad, but still haunts. Any one of us would be behind bars ffr Nov 2021 #29
If we truly can't bring ourselves to prosecute him for this Crunchy Frog Nov 2021 #30
Time is on our side, not his...Arrest for treason etc..up to Biden, not us. Stuart G Nov 2021 #32
Agree. And SCOTUS knows this, too. ancianita Nov 2021 #35
I wish I felt as solid about this as you do. calimary Nov 2021 #41
I feel you. They vote by what Roberts thinks is SCOTUS legacy in helping Congress, and therefore ancianita Nov 2021 #44
The difference now is they made it to the top Tree Lady Dec 2021 #50
Without phone records there's no proof, just s/he-said sources. ancianita Nov 2021 #34
The Slobfather will soon crash and burn malaise Nov 2021 #36
Hoping. Though his indictment looks grim, you got me wanting to believe. ancianita Nov 2021 #37
K&R UTUSN Nov 2021 #38
Tick tock FakeNoose Nov 2021 #47
Get both Liz Harrington under oath and the call records... Pachamama Nov 2021 #48
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