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6. Its original intent
Thu Jun 23, 2022, 12:04 PM
Jun 2022

was to protect against an uprising of the slaves, similar to what occurred in Haiti (I think) around 1791 (history's not my strongest suit) and to protect against a Native American threat that never really was. Since the founders didn't want a standing army, they wanted states to provide militias. And the slave states wanted armed people to be ready to put down any revolt by the enslaved people so they pushed harder for this and the language "...being necessary to the security of a free State..." . It was intended for slave owners. The second really is based in racism.

You can see this with all the Stand Your Ground laws that really only apply when used against Scary Black People(TM) and the police brutality towards all minorities.

This should have been revised when we passed the 14-16th

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