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18. If this were a vehicular accident
Sun May 7, 2023, 01:49 AM
May 2023

Isn't an individual obligated by law to help if possible or is that only if one is involved in the accident? I seem to recall from a long time ago (age isn't all that great for remembering details) that if you are part of a chain accident (could a mass shooting qualify) that you were not to leave the scene but to render aid if possible. I am probably delusional.

Any minds changed today? Frasier Balzov May 2023 #1
Among republicans? Mr.Bill May 2023 #23
Make that an Factual fuck no! YoshidaYui May 2023 #24
Steve BeerBarrelPolka May 2023 #27
NRA has what was Cha May 2023 #34
"she had no face." OAITW r.2.0 May 2023 #2
I can not imagine having to witness this tragedy LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #3
Just trauma on top of trauma. Nevilledog May 2023 #4
Traumatized. That's what the aim of terrorism is. Beartracks May 2023 #15
We live in a war zone. pandr32 May 2023 #5
The reporter should have asked him who he voted for last year and who he's voting for next year. LonePirate May 2023 #6
This jumps out at me. sheshe2 May 2023 #7
It jumped out at me too.. whathehell May 2023 #8
Exactly. sheshe2 May 2023 #12
For some it may have been the only coping mechanism at hand. Remove themselves Maru Kitteh May 2023 #14
I don't know either, Maru. sheshe2 May 2023 #17
That stood out to me too. chowder66 May 2023 #9
I posted just above to whatthehell. sheshe2 May 2023 #13
His son worked at the H&M and had called him as it started. 7wo7rees May 2023 #11
If this were a vehicular accident dianaredwing May 2023 #18
THIS n/t malaise May 2023 #26
I have no words ... ...nt Jarqui May 2023 #10
Phucking gun nuts support this insanity so THEY can have what AllyCat May 2023 #16
they are cowards Skittles May 2023 #21
They feel invulnerable because they have guns. wnylib May 2023 #25
This sounds right. They want fear because AllyCat May 2023 #31
this is how the founders intended the 2nd Amendment? Captain Zero May 2023 #19
"I never imagined in 100 years" Skittles May 2023 #20
Abbott Old Crank May 2023 #22
Next he'll need to deal with everything the rightwing conspiracy and lie machine will throw at him. tanyev May 2023 #28
Steven Spainhouer honest.abe May 2023 #29
Of course the nutjobs are already attacking him. johnp3907 May 2023 #32
OMG, this eye witness account from a first responder Emile May 2023 #30
This man was on the Sunday Show with Jonathon Capehart LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #33
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