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34. Yup, they're just content creators for Sean Hannity and Alex Jones.
Wed Nov 8, 2023, 05:54 PM
Nov 2023

Hell Hannity was at Congress last week, and I assume he was giving his MAGA minions their quarterly performance evaluations. They don't work for us, they work for Fox News and Infowars. Fox News does not own the government, though they like to think they do.

fuck that white power homophobic POS Celerity Nov 2023 #1
More grandstanding for the RW media. grumpyduck Nov 2023 #2
Yup, they're just content creators for Sean Hannity and Alex Jones. Initech Nov 2023 #34
"Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex." - FZ JoseBalow Nov 2023 #46
Zappa FTW! Initech Nov 2023 #53
GOP scared of Pete aeromanKC Nov 2023 #3
When we get the majority she needs to be stripped and banned from the House floor. onecaliberal Nov 2023 #6
I won't watch that. NameAlreadyTaken Nov 2023 #10
No, no, no!!! Mr. Evil Nov 2023 #24
By "stripped", I hope you mean stripped of committee assignments ... JustABozoOnThisBus Nov 2023 #29
Of course that is what I mean. Good lord. onecaliberal Nov 2023 #32
You can't say anything around here with these people BaronChocula Nov 2023 #45
Oh please NO. sheshe2 Nov 2023 #43
No! No! No! ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 2023 #50
Stripping her from her assignments bring me great joy. onecaliberal Nov 2023 #60
Shame! -- Shame! -- Shame! Oopsie Daisy Nov 2023 #61
I hate where we're at right now. TDale313 Nov 2023 #4
The more extreme they get the more elections they lose liberalmediaaddict Nov 2023 #16
Hate, anger, and fear..... SergeStorms Nov 2023 #37
do these ridiculous $1 salary cuts have to pass both houses? jcgoldie Nov 2023 #5
I believe so .... I'm so sick of that horse face, philandering putin-loving, racist, LenaBaby61 Nov 2023 #9
Yes Dan Nov 2023 #22
No Rebl2 Nov 2023 #38
How about Rebl2 Nov 2023 #40
Yes angrychair Nov 2023 #44
I have no idea but I will Disaffected Nov 2023 #58
I don't hate all republicas... Initech Nov 2023 #36
Isn't there a minimum wage? Wouldn't that have been more appropriate of a dig? Freethinker65 Nov 2023 #8
Please proceed. enough Nov 2023 #11
Her karma is gonna hurt... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #12
But one of her colleagues gets drunk/high and engages in sexual acts in public. Irish_Dem Nov 2023 #13
She's projecting her own market value nt Shermann Nov 2023 #14
Must be. Everything else about any Dems from these KPN Nov 2023 #26
Why wasn't she expelled for her role in January 6 RainWalker Nov 2023 #15
Because the DOJ didn't go after the elected officials, neither did the J6 committee. Autumn Nov 2023 #19
That was a big mistake RainWalker Nov 2023 #20
Yes it was a huge mistake. Now they know they can get away with it again. Autumn Nov 2023 #23
agree 100% Evolve Dammit Nov 2023 #25
I fully blame her constituents superpatriotman Nov 2023 #17
Didn't she win... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #39
He had to move out of state ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #54
oh, I wasn't implying that.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #55
That she-thug has got to go Hekate Nov 2023 #18
And they really don't understand why they lose elections! Jim__ Nov 2023 #21
Now that GQP got burned in the election they're doubling down on their radicalism bucolic_frolic Nov 2023 #27
Isn't this the same person from EarlG's Pic of the Moment niyad Nov 2023 #28
Traitorous idiot. byronius Nov 2023 #30
The GOP is the Party of Stunts. It is all they have. Midnight Writer Nov 2023 #31
Hey Marjorie, fuck you you fucking asshole!!! Initech Nov 2023 #33
And this is what the repugs are working on? To assure the American public that they are homophobic, SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #35
This is from the Onion right?? a kennedy Nov 2023 #41
Cut her salary to $1 due to her history of adultery? keithbvadu2 Nov 2023 #42
The next amendment Quanto Magnus Nov 2023 #47
And this woman... GiqueCee Nov 2023 #48
"By their fruits you shall know them" ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 2023 #51
Then Trump's pension would be $1. LiberalFighter Nov 2023 #49
The senate won't bring it to a vote, and Biden would veto it. vlyons Nov 2023 #52
Everyone seems to be ignoring the true headline here. Xavier Breath Nov 2023 #56
And if he wouldn't have traveled to those places TheFarseer Nov 2023 #57
This is kacekwl Nov 2023 #59
Pete should announce that to show service and patriotism for my counrty I will work for free. Then ask, Hotler Nov 2023 #62
Can the senate do anything to stop this? Maybe they can make sure his salary is saved Maraya1969 Nov 2023 #63
It will never pass the Senate. This is all performative bullshit. nt Nittersing Nov 2023 #64
Ohhhh I forgot all about that. Thank you for reminding me! Maraya1969 Nov 2023 #65
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