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3. That gender traitor katie britt(r-AL) (state of the union response)
Fri May 10, 2024, 08:38 PM
May 10

has proposed the oh-so-cleverly named MOMS Act (More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed), which would essentially create a federal registry of pregnant people. Since women are essentially seen as gestating/lactating cows, might as well be honest with the legislation.

Many of us here remember Elsie, the Borden cow mascot.

sorry this makes no sense to me. what are you referring to? dsp3000 May 10 #1
That gender traitor katie britt(r-AL) (state of the union response) niyad May 10 #3
Exposing Ladies' Sensitive Information Everywhere joshcryer May 10 #8
THANK YOU!!! niyad May 10 #9
No thank you for the suggestion, sorry for not getting it right away. I even Tweeted it out! joshcryer May 10 #10
WOW!!! Even bigger THANK YOU!!! I will be interested in what kinds niyad May 10 #14
I don't have many followers on that account... joshcryer May 10 #16
Another one when I asked it to be sarcastic: Endless Laundry, Sleepless In Eternity joshcryer May 10 #13
I like it!!! niyad May 10 #15
Her fascist legislation NanaCat May 11 #27
"crisis pregnancy centers" financed by our taxes, no less. niyad May 11 #28
Elsie? Like Elsie the Cow? Stinky The Clown May 10 #2
Exactly. niyad May 10 #5
Think breeder cows. Livestock. Chattel. TSExile May 10 #7
Any searches for this only bring up this page, what exactly are you talking about? joshcryer May 10 #4
see post 3 niyad May 10 #6
Try searching Elsie the Cow Mossfern May 10 #11
Yeah, OP explained, and it is perfect. joshcryer May 10 #12
Frightening idea a national birth data base. Duncanpup May 10 #17
Next will be a national menstrual data base. niyad May 10 #19
Here's the bill. Don't see where it forces pregnant women to register as part of a national data base. onenote May 11 #29
Did she make a video introducing the Moms act? Iris May 10 #18
Apparently she did. The newsweek article in the DU OP where I niyad May 10 #20
Wow. She really needs to take a step back Iris May 10 #21
off a cliff would be helpful. niyad May 10 #22
Exactly Iris May 11 #26
night bump before I hit the hay joshcryer May 11 #23
Thank you. On both counts! niyad May 11 #24
. . . niyad May 11 #25
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