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20. Apparently she did. The newsweek article in the DU OP where I
Fri May 10, 2024, 11:44 PM
May 10

first read about this insanity earlier today mentioned it, but I have not seen it. It was said to be even more cringe-worthy than her SOTU histrionics.

sorry this makes no sense to me. what are you referring to? dsp3000 May 10 #1
That gender traitor katie britt(r-AL) (state of the union response) niyad May 10 #3
Exposing Ladies' Sensitive Information Everywhere joshcryer May 10 #8
THANK YOU!!! niyad May 10 #9
No thank you for the suggestion, sorry for not getting it right away. I even Tweeted it out! joshcryer May 10 #10
WOW!!! Even bigger THANK YOU!!! I will be interested in what kinds niyad May 10 #14
I don't have many followers on that account... joshcryer May 10 #16
Another one when I asked it to be sarcastic: Endless Laundry, Sleepless In Eternity joshcryer May 10 #13
I like it!!! niyad May 10 #15
Her fascist legislation NanaCat May 11 #27
"crisis pregnancy centers" financed by our taxes, no less. niyad May 11 #28
Elsie? Like Elsie the Cow? Stinky The Clown May 10 #2
Exactly. niyad May 10 #5
Think breeder cows. Livestock. Chattel. TSExile May 10 #7
Any searches for this only bring up this page, what exactly are you talking about? joshcryer May 10 #4
see post 3 niyad May 10 #6
Try searching Elsie the Cow Mossfern May 10 #11
Yeah, OP explained, and it is perfect. joshcryer May 10 #12
Frightening idea a national birth data base. Duncanpup May 10 #17
Next will be a national menstrual data base. niyad May 10 #19
Here's the bill. Don't see where it forces pregnant women to register as part of a national data base. onenote May 11 #29
Did she make a video introducing the Moms act? Iris May 10 #18
Apparently she did. The newsweek article in the DU OP where I niyad May 10 #20
Wow. She really needs to take a step back Iris May 10 #21
off a cliff would be helpful. niyad May 10 #22
Exactly Iris May 11 #26
night bump before I hit the hay joshcryer May 11 #23
Thank you. On both counts! niyad May 11 #24
. . . niyad May 11 #25
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