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25. I don't think it's a good point
Wed May 15, 2024, 05:15 PM
May 15

If this article can be believed, this woman deserves respect. She's not "sitting back"; she's actively organizing against the far-right disinformation that she'd previously imbibed. She's taking on her own. Good for her.

maga news sources fail them once again. They are perpetually bewildered when reality is not what they thought. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz May 15 #1
I think they see the same material. They just don't want to report it. erronis May 15 #8
They see some the same and a lot that is nonsense Bernardo de La Paz May 15 #9
Funny typo jayschool2013 May 16 #48
Purposeful :p You got it, good job! . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz May 16 #51
Thanks! jayschool2013 May 16 #53
I'll go one step farther and say they see the same material NanaCat May 16 #45
Halfway through the story. Wanted to say thanks for posting before it slips my mind. Torchlight May 15 #2
Well, I'll be damned... ProudMNDemocrat May 15 #3
No one but right-wing white evangelicals expected anything wrong with the curriculum. Lonestarblue May 15 #4
The only person being indoctrinated was her. Ligyron May 15 #5
Right wing Emily Litella. tanyev May 15 #6
A couple of Propublica's articles on this piece erronis May 15 #7
I wonder what was the trigger... Think. Again. May 15 #10
The trigger? The election is over. Now she can sit back because there's no reform to do. Hermit-The-Prog May 15 #19
Good point. Think. Again. May 15 #23
I don't think it's a good point 11cents May 15 #25
From reading the article... Think. Again. May 15 #36
She committed the unforgivable crime of independent thought. patphil May 15 #37
Nah, she's a hardcore rightwinger just hoping to be louder than the others. Think. Again. May 15 #38
That's how I see it, too. yardwork May 16 #50
I doubt it. Ms. Toad May 15 #33
So there... Zambero May 15 #11
This won't convince the MAGA dipshits that believe the propaganda. progressoid May 15 #12
People do not understand that school boards AllyCat May 15 #13
Hats off to this person for admitting that her platform was bullshit. Midnight Writer May 15 #14
This is important information Johnny2X2X May 15 #15
Wow. A goober who accepts facts. Marcus IM May 15 #16
Glad to see this person actually looking at SEL curriculum jmbar2 May 15 #17
The article mentions that she received backlash and threats from her former supporters Ohioboy May 15 #18
I was thinking that is must soldierant May 15 #41
Great article. This lady found she'd been fed a load of Texas horseshit & went public w the facts Hekate May 15 #20
"how to be a good friend, a good human." Ha! chouchou May 15 #21
That's my definition of "woke" central scrutinizer May 15 #22
:) :) :) chouchou May 15 #40
No good deed goes unpunished SupportSanity May 15 #24
I don't think an anonymous whistleblower works ecstatic May 15 #28
"Instead, Gore found the materials taught children "how to be a good friend, a good human."' viva la May 15 #26
Now she is a RINO. keithbvadu2 May 15 #39
Interesting... And a little weird ecstatic May 15 #27
me, too. AllaN01Bear May 15 #31
Hah I wondered the same....she seemed too insightful and had too much critical thinking skills... Lucky Luciano May 15 #43
eggscllent. AllaN01Bear May 15 #29
Republicans CLING to their WILLFUL IGNORANCE.. Beware if anything NEW gets into their ears and may inform the mind !!! Traurigkeit May 15 #30
its fun when there bubble gets popped . AllaN01Bear May 15 #32
Open the link and read all of it. It's as bad as you think it is. NM Grins May 15 #34
From the link... Grins May 15 #35
Teaching kids to be good humans is clear evidence of liberal indoctrination Renew Deal May 15 #42
Another tool exposed Old Crank May 16 #44
It's almost like none of them paid attention in school PurgedVoter May 16 #46
Living a fact free life until reality steps in Historic NY May 16 #47
At least she let facts reshape her views Martin Eden May 16 #49
She admitted she was wrong SARose May 16 #52
The GOP's house of cards is built on a foundation of *imagined* problems. Beartracks May 16 #54
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