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Sun Jun 9, 2024, 07:27 PM Jun 9

FINALLY someone has said what Dems should have been saying for months! [View all]

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Maxwell Alejandro-Frost (D-Fl), on the Chris Hayes show on Friday, punched it home. Everything costs too much, and it's caused by corporate greed!

I've never really noticed inflation until this go-around. An unimaginative sandwich with no sides costs $14!!!!!! What-the-f????????

Isn't corporate greed a great Dem rallying cry? And it's based on real, lived experience.

I was so glad to hear this after months and months of talking heads rattling off employment statistics and other stats and scratching their heads, wondering why the population doesn't think the economy is great. BECAUSE A SANDWICH COSTS $14???

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Greed, greed, greed, & more greed by the corporations...but M$M doesn't address the elephant in the room. n/t iluvtennis Jun 9 #1
That's no reason why we Dems shouldn't do it. wnylib Jun 9 #24
The political impact is just the cherry on top RVN VET71 Jun 10 #66
So true Farmer-Rick Jun 10 #70
The thing is, and people may not like to hear this, the Administration should be placing brakes on the greed Escurumbele Jun 10 #47
What is an audit going to do and what would the government fine companies for? Trekologer Jun 12 #86
Where are you buying your sandwiches? Doodley Jun 9 #2
It was a McDonald's somewhere in Connecticut. nt Shipwack Jun 9 #8
Northern California, homegirl Jun 10 #72
A basic subway footlong is 14 bucks Bettie Jun 9 #15
Outrageous. I had no idea. Doodley Jun 9 #23
It looks like many of the fast-food joints are giving deals only on their apps... keep_left Jun 10 #39
The $18 Big Macs have been on tollways. mwooldri Jun 10 #41
Oh, sure, that makes sense. But even the fast-food joints not on tollways... keep_left Jun 10 #62
18 bucks for a McDonalds! Darned apps! Kroger app is the worst! Doodley Jun 10 #83
Corporations are going to charge whatever price the market will bear. Walleye Jun 9 #3
Biden has been saying this. "That's corporate greed" "still too many corporations in America ripping betsuni Jun 9 #4
EXACTLY. And some of us here have been saying it too. Yet there are still B.See Jun 9 #35
My local mom & pop stores and restaurants are increasing prices too. Even local farmers. Silent Type Jun 9 #5
Mom and Pop stores have to pay their employees more... maspaha Jun 9 #10
Wonder how much their distributors raised their rates? Traurigkeit Jun 9 #12
Right?!? Part of the upward spiral of prices maspaha Jun 9 #29
Dems have been saying this. orange jar Jun 9 #6
Thank you. Democratic message on the economy, don't know how anyone could miss it. betsuni Jun 9 #7
Yep! orange jar Jun 9 #11
The old adage is true... NanaCat Jun 10 #46
Yes, and no. Ms. Toad Jun 10 #79
GREEDFLATION !!!!! oasis Jun 9 #9
someone told me the other day a crab sandwich was costing 50 dollars..... YoshidaYui Jun 9 #13
A crab cake sandwich? Captain Zero Jun 9 #38
And here we thought a generous, well-stuffed lobster roll in Boston was crazy at $35 DFW Jun 10 #45
WTF NanaCat Jun 10 #51
If anyone is willing to pay $50 for a sandwich or even $35 then there WILL be a seller. cayugafalls Jun 10 #61
I use Predatory Capitalism. Emile Jun 9 #14
Sheridan brown's been running commercials like that for months now Tribetime Jun 9 #16
The Democratic "message" is whatever is selected for repetition by media outlets. hay rick Jun 9 #17
It really hit home to me when I saw that Red Lobster was in financial distress. I am not japple Jun 9 #18
All you can eat isn't what caused Red Lobster's downfall TexasBushwhacker Jun 9 #33
I guess you didn't read my post. japple Jun 9 #34
John Oliver covered this last Sunday. B.See Jun 9 #36
That is not what happene equity firms brought it down...and they are doing it to nursing homes and hospitals... Demsrule86 Jun 10 #68
That is exactly what my post says. Also the linked article. Guess you didn't read japple Jun 10 #69
$18 where I live HandmaidsTaleUntold Jun 9 #19
And what are they doing with those windfall profits? Warpy Jun 9 #20
What's an "unimaginative" sandwich? JoseBalow Jun 9 #21
Monopolies set the price. Nululu Jun 9 #22
There are lots of posts about what fast food franchises are charging. Are they monopolies? onenote Jun 10 #50
Buy from monopolies Nululu Jun 10 #81
THIS is the real "trickle down" economy! colorado_ufo Jun 9 #25
Really? Wringing my hands over inflation. gab13by13 Jun 9 #26
Can you explain your post in light of this chart of inflation? onenote Jun 10 #49
$14 ?!?!? In a few weeks, on June 25, McDonald's will have their inflation-buster menu. 4lbs Jun 9 #27
Arby's BidenRocks Jun 10 #76
I don't eat at Arby's anymore and refuse to, I got food poisoning there back in November. 4lbs Jun 12 #85
I said this yeaterday in a store ms liberty Jun 9 #28
We need to raise corporate tax rates. CaptainTruth Jun 9 #30
I'd add in a windfall tax. mwooldri Jun 10 #43
Yes, at least 60% on all business MichMan Jun 10 #56
As a small business owner (my wife & I both)... CaptainTruth Jun 10 #84
Jimmy Carter orangecrush Jun 9 #31
A loaf of gluten-free bread at trader joe's is almost $5 and the loaf is half the size of a regular loaf of bread. diva77 Jun 9 #32
8.99 for a box of Quaker Oats - might as well be $10 Iris Jun 10 #42
We pay $10 per loaf of gf at sprouts for the 'heritage' triron Jun 10 #63
McChicken pre-COVID $1.69 duckworth969 Jun 9 #37
THANK YOU Skittles Jun 10 #40
Corporations have suddenly discovered greed? That's why prices are higher now? Shrek Jun 10 #44
Opportunistic Johnny2X2X Jun 10 #48
And what should Democrats be proposing to prevent corporate greed? onenote Jun 10 #52
What is your suggestion? Emile Jun 10 #55
To emphasize the positive elements of the economy. Employment. Wages. onenote Jun 10 #59
That's great. But how do you explain why prices Emile Jun 10 #67
It's hard to fix 'stupid '. triron Jun 10 #64
It's called GREEDFLATION and its been mentioned since late 2013 ... aggiesal Jun 10 #53
Stock buy backs, dividends, and executive pay are fueling greedflation QED Jun 10 #54
Stock buybacks I_UndergroundPanther Jun 10 #75
Lots of people have said this... the problem is they never have a reason why it should matter FBaggins Jun 10 #57
The high interest rates are a real problem for middle class and lower - TBF Jun 10 #58
Sounds like a sandwich specially made for Torchlight Jun 10 #60
Well, the other thing I don't hear (or read) is: Justice matters. Jun 10 #65
Every week the consumers should homegirl Jun 10 #71
Dems have been talking about greedflation for awhile Quakerfriend Jun 10 #73
It was posted last week Aldi's Food Stores dropping Emile Jun 10 #74
Where I work, some of the prices have doubled in the last few years tornado34jh Jun 10 #77
General Mills raised prices five times while racking up record corporate profits. farmbo Jun 10 #78
Wendy's for me and spouse. 3 single burgers with cheese and 1 large fry. $26. LuckyCharms Jun 10 #80
The real clincher to this is samplegirl Jun 10 #82
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