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Tue Jun 11, 2024, 10:09 PM Jun 11

It never occured to me that in Bush V Gore the SCOTUS should have taken who won the popular vote [View all]

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into account when making their decision.

I'm listening to Jami Raskin taking on a hear about the SCOTUS. It is shocking to hear how corrupt your own country is sometimes.

That's all. I just never thought of it before and it pisses me off

Edit - This is what had me convinced that Bush did not win Florida. And they had the nerve to say they were going alphabetically and that was bullshit.

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Why would the court do that. The issue was who won the popular vote in Florida. onenote Jun 11 #1
Because they just gave the win to Bush. And they knew it. I think they should have taken into consideration Maraya1969 Jun 11 #8
In unofficial recounts after the dcision was made to stop the official recount.... Think. Again. Jun 11 #14
It wasn't proven ITAL Jun 12 #28
It was proven and "factcheck" is run by the fact averse live love laugh Jun 12 #29
It cites all their information ITAL Jun 12 #45
Bush didn't win Florida. lees1975 Jun 11 #20
And don't forget the purge of the voter rolls. niyad Jun 11 #22
And there are also thoughts that Georgia purged its rolls, but got away with it. GreenWave Jun 12 #57
G.O.P. lied and cheat to install Bush BoRaGard Jun 12 #33
Florida newspapers did a recount and the findings Emile Jun 12 #41
No, the media recount was that Bush won. former9thward Jun 12 #52
Right. enough Jun 12 #42
2000 was not the first time a candidate won without winning the popular vote, brooklynite Jun 12 #30
Except edhopper Jun 12 #48
Is there any hard evidence that a full recount would have given the election to Gore? Polybius Jun 12 #56
Well Jamie Raskin was the one who just brought it up. And I think he knows a bit about how things work Maraya1969 Jun 11 #9
He knows that the electoral college system is a broken approach. But that's not the same onenote Jun 12 #36
Gore did win the popular vote. liberalla Jun 12 #50
the SC literally CHOSE the president Skittles Jun 11 #2
No, that was internet myth. former9thward Jun 11 #4
Jamie Raskin discusses that dpibel Jun 11 #15
Well, first of all, it is bush v Gore. Second, please be good enough to list one or niyad Jun 11 #21
Those people who are unaware are not lawyers. former9thward Jun 12 #34
Scalia specifically said edhopper Jun 12 #49
Where in the decision is that statement? former9thward Jun 12 #51
Blurb from Wikipedia: sl8 Jun 12 #53
They unbiasedly interpreted the law Diraven Jun 11 #3
Two suggestions from a sucker and a loser BOSSHOG Jun 11 #5
I care about freedom from religion, tho GPV Jun 12 #59
Why would the popular vote matter in.. DemocratInPa Jun 11 #6
I would bet they did take it into account, but conservatives ignored it. Sure doesn't matter Silent Type Jun 11 #7
If they took it into account, why didn't any of the four dissenters mention it? onenote Jun 12 #35
Definitely agree we should do away with EC, but it won't happen. We have problems in 2024, 2000 is long gone. Silent Type Jun 12 #46
why? that had nothing to do with the case before them. Takket Jun 11 #10
It did the moment they, as federal SCOTUS judges, stepped into the case, overriding States rights. LiberalLovinLug Jun 11 #18
SCOTUS overruled Florida Supreme Court. oasis Jun 11 #11
They didn't need to take anything into account except counting every possible vote. bullimiami Jun 11 #12
yeah that's pretty much how I remember it. crud Jun 12 #24
First of all Jeb Bush stopped the vote count because it was obvious gab13by13 Jun 11 #13
I still live in the center of the storm: Palm Beach County. scarletlib Jun 12 #43
Go easy on youelf. soldierant Jun 11 #16
Really disheartening, isn't it? slightlv Jun 11 #17
So mote it be! niyad Jun 12 #23
Ii think the election of the nation's first black president is what pushed a lot of them over the edge. ShazzieB Jun 12 #27
I so agree with you, Shazzie! slightlv Jun 13 #61
Al Gore would have been a great president, as would have Hillary. Sucks big time. Cheaters will cheat. C Moon Jun 11 #19
Remember hanging chads? Remember Gore's Saturday Night Live recap of his past 6 years as president? fierywoman Jun 12 #25
A popular vote victory and a dollar will get you a pack of gum from the 99 cent store and a penny in your pocket. WarGamer Jun 12 #26
The Florida legislature was ready to send Bush electors either way. RandiFan1290 Jun 12 #31
I agree and think a simple solution to prevent it from happening again should have been passed in all states karynnj Jun 12 #32
That may send elections to the House Kaleva Jun 12 #38
I dont think it more likely karynnj Jun 12 #55
If Gore had won it would have been by a equally small margin... brooklynite Jun 12 #40
I bet everyone would have- as the other states were known- half of Florida means gore wins karynnj Jun 12 #54
There's nothing in the Constitution about the total popular vote Kaleva Jun 12 #37
C-SPAN video of hearing: sl8 Jun 12 #39
+1 onenote Jun 12 #60
No, no, no. It wasn't about ballots. Tens of thousands of minority voters were purged from voting that year. themaguffin Jun 12 #44
This doesn't make any sense. Ace Rothstein Jun 12 #47
It wasn't taken into account because it was irrelevant DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 12 #58
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