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33. I would amend that to:
Wed Jun 19, 2024, 04:26 PM
Jun 19

“Wealth and power RARELY go hand in hand with intelligence, education and morals,"

Rich people problems Johnny2X2X Jun 19 #1
We do need rich people who have good intentions and think about others wolfie001 Jun 19 #2
I'd bet my last dollar on that. Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 19 #9
I might be misunderstanding? The result is NOT a "rich people's problem". RandomNumbers Jun 19 #4
no misunderstanding here Ferryboat Jun 19 #12
Here in Maryland wolfie001 Jun 19 #21
As a Ravens fan, Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 19 #29
There was a well known Mariners Prairie_Seagull Jun 20 #46
The tarp is a good idea! Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 19 #7
Well the dead trees are already gone. fargone Jun 19 #17
The people whose trees were destroyed could build a high fence, or put stakes in the ground wnylib Jun 19 #30
Put up an ugly billboard facing the miscreant's property. Make it just high and wide enough to block their view. Stinky The Clown Jun 19 #34
Kit Bond was always a piece of trash ... UpInArms Jun 19 #3
I don't know about everyone else but I am getting damn sick and tired of the wealthy Stargazer99 Jun 19 #5
There are still a lot of BlueSky3 Jun 19 #20
There are more of the good wealthy people, we just don't hear from them because they are not stupid. Escurumbele Jun 19 #25
I've been to Camden. Loved the place. sinkingfeeling Jun 19 #6
New neighbors cut down 3 story Hawthorne tree to show off their house. Peregrine Took Jun 19 #8
here's how it was handled in my neighborhood NJCher Jun 19 #10
Wow! LeftInTX Jun 19 #23
John Olerud VGNonly Jun 19 #11
Save the trees; remove the homophobes. Magoo48 Jun 19 #13
Yup,.that was the example that came to mind. LisaM Jun 19 #37
A severe case of AFFLUENZA n/t aggiesal Jun 19 #14
If I were rich, I'd donate a huge Ferris Wheel and an ugly water tower DIRECTLY ..... chouchou Jun 19 #15
Build a wall to block their view. Build it to last as long as the trees. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 19 #16
In April, the people next door cut down 7 healthy mature pines Marthe48 Jun 19 #18
My next door neighbour hired a tree company to cut their trees in the front of their house, then he told them Escurumbele Jun 19 #24
You may be giving that neighbor more credit than he deserves. In the neighborhood I have KPN Jun 19 #26
That is incredibly BlueSky3 Jun 19 #19
"Wealth and power don't always go hand in hand with intelligence, education and morals," A great quote. Escurumbele Jun 19 #22
I would amend that to: ZZenith Jun 19 #33
Wealth and its privileges ? republianmushroom Jun 19 #27
Who thinks they'll actually be prosecuted? I don't. Scrivener7 Jun 19 #28
Backwards New Jersey? The state will sue on some occasions. Much of the destruction is for the NYC skyline. 3Hotdogs Jun 19 #31
Meanwhile in California, property owners fence off public oceanside walkway after $4.7M fine. CoopersDad Jun 19 #32
Good effin gruef malaise Jun 19 #35
Someone needs to build a ham radio tower, all orange and white stripes with warning lights on it. eggplant Jun 19 #36
I like this idea the best. Very obnoxious. Just what they deserve. Dem2theMax Jun 19 #38
I'm not a ham operator... eggplant Jun 20 #45
Here is the crux of the problem: 70sEraVet Jun 19 #39
This isn't limited to America DFW Jun 19 #40
Amelia Bond and Lisa Gorman are big Republican donors IronLionZion Jun 20 #41
Trees support hillsides KT2000 Jun 20 #42
They're rich, and if republican, they'll get 3 monts and a $2500 fine. C Moon Jun 20 #43
Sentencing recommendation canetoad Jun 20 #44
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