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Response to kpete (Original post)

... orangecrush Jun 19 #1
Lol.. I didn't now he was. Cha Jun 19 #2
2020 poll? Doodley Jun 19 #3
Actually the only thing that has been somewhat reliable from Fox is their polling. Still I JohnSJ Jun 19 #4
Not just women in Florida. rubbersole Jun 19 #15
Isn't it ironic? DemocraticPatriot Jun 19 #21
Yes. JohnSJ Jun 20 #31
Like Jon Lovitz said in Rat Race: MarineCombatEngineer Jun 19 #5
Been saying this! Johnny2X2X Jun 19 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author anciano Jun 19 #7
Bwahahahahahaha! Blue Owl Jun 19 #8
According to Fox News, Biden is now leading Trump in the latest national poll for the first time since the fall of 2023. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 19 #9
I really don't care, do U? Emile Jun 19 #10
'Get that dog off your board': Trump tests Fox News' loyalty with firing demand LetMyPeopleVote Jun 19 #11
He, again, is doing his very best to find someone to blame for his looming loss. Ping Tung Jun 19 #12
This "one-trick" is so completely predictable. n/t thenelm1 Jun 19 #13
What is his deal with dogs? birdographer Jun 19 #14
Makes me think the puppy shooting woman is back on the shortlist Walleye Jun 19 #27
He probably has a text writer that listens to him jabbering for an hour captain queeg Jun 19 #30
Kids, stop fighting or I'll have to send you to your cell.. rubbersole Jun 19 #16
He's all butt hurt ... aggiesal Jun 19 #17
Maybe, but it started when former Speaker Paul Ryan said he would not vote for Trump. surfered Jun 19 #18
Remember when Paul Ryan was the epitome of evil republicans! Lucky Luciano Jun 19 #24
I'll never forget that keg party they had at the White House after they thought they had repealed Obamacare. Walleye Jun 19 #28
Her sounds like a raving lunatic. Oh, right, that is indeed what he is. Martin68 Jun 19 #19
And there he goes again johnnyfins Jun 19 #20
That "All You Need is Trump" bit gave me an earworm. Buns_of_Fire Jun 19 #22
This will fix it: Lucky Luciano Jun 19 #25
AARRRRGH!!! THAT'S IT!!! Buns_of_Fire Jun 19 #29
Wow! What a complete asshole. nt KPN Jun 19 #23
IMHO Trump didn't write that post. He doesn't know all the details mentioned. CaptainTruth Jun 19 #26
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