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The COnvicted felon, Smelvis ,5(3 Sf Slobfather actually believes that malaise Jun 20 #1
And while we're at it, eff Paul Ryan too EYESORE 9001 Jun 20 #2
Mr. Ryan, it wasn't just Trump that cost the GOP. He might have been the catalyst, but... Beartracks Jun 20 #3
fox will fall in line, they always do. spanone Jun 20 #4
Which is great for us NJCher Jun 20 #13
Yet they still faithfully kacekwl Jun 20 #5
"...a very disloyal person". JohnnyRingo Jun 20 #6
Ryan may end up on the convicted-felon's mob-boss-style execution list... Justice matters. Jun 20 #33
"Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat worms..." Buns_of_Fire Jun 20 #7
Long time since I heard that one, but it fits. efhmc Jun 20 #21
Ryan tried to repeal Obamacare in 2017. Grumpy Old Guy Jun 20 #8
Fox will still be loyal no matter what he says. twodogsbarking Jun 20 #9
Truth is like kryptonite to the majority of republicans. They panic and then wither at the truth, BComplex Jun 20 #10
Never forget what a cold, calculating, greedy git Paul Ryan is, AND Greybnk48 Jun 20 #11
This Paul Ryan? ... Hermit-The-Prog Jun 20 #12
This whole run-up to the election is really turning into an uphill battle for Dump Blue Owl Jun 20 #14
I see what you did there! 2naSalit Jun 20 #16
Just keep poking him... 2naSalit Jun 20 #15
The wheels are really coming off. Love it, love it, love it... (nt) Paladin Jun 20 #17
As Nappy B of France said: Botany Jun 20 #18
ROFL. Fox News and the Murdochs need to be Joinfortmill Jun 20 #19
And they should take Sinclair Broadcasting with them. SharonAnn Jun 20 #45
I never thought i would agree with Trump on anything, but here we are. Mr. Sparkle Jun 20 #20
... Wednesdays Jun 20 #22
Was it a response to Paul Ryan or did he get a heads up of their polling. This was released next day krawhitham Jun 20 #23
Not too worry. In the coming days, Fox News ... chouchou Jun 20 #24
Children. Iggo Jun 20 #25
In a rare misspeak, Trump states the truth about FOX News, "nobody can ever trust it's reporting". patphil Jun 20 #26
He bashes Fox, but he won't pass up the next 1,000 "exclusive interviews" with Hannity & co. Initech Jun 20 #27
For once I concur with Donal John Vogon_Glory Jun 20 #28
Wow! Two truthful statements in a week. CaptainTruth Jun 20 #29
MAGA cultists will continue to get their "news" and info from Fox, but will still obey their Great Leader. Martin68 Jun 20 #30
fox news should totally agree with trump like they fucking always do nt orleans Jun 20 #31
But you just KNOW that Paul Ryan will vote for Felonious Trump in November! Just like Nikki Haley, who ragged on LaMouffette Jun 20 #32
"failed and pathetic" "and a very disloyal person," IronLionZion Jun 20 #34
Oh no! I agree with both Paul Ryan and Donald J Trump. NBachers Jun 20 #35
So... is Dumpy 45.... 34... or just plain "Loser" ? 4lbs Jun 20 #36
Narcissists want to be the hub of communication. n/t Harker Jun 20 #37
LOL WHINE HARDER you Sick Fuck. Cha Jun 20 #38
What can Donald Trump do? When He Doesn't Have a Single Clue?" (according to Stu) Stuart G Jun 20 #39
No one can trust it. Unless they kiss your ass, right Mr. Drumpf? Evolve Dammit Jun 20 #40
IMO this is one more instance of tRump bashing people to get them to fall in line and help him. He's lashing out at Ford_Prefect Jun 20 #41
Not a big deal rpannier Jun 20 #42
Republicans: "Please sir can I have some more?" Afrocat Jun 20 #44
Republicans in Dissaray Afrocat Jun 20 #43
The reappearance of ryan reminds me: I don't trust ANY republicans. C Moon Jun 21 #46
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