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Fri Jun 21, 2024, 10:41 AM Jun 21

In another thread, one about extremes of weather, I noticed [View all]

that some DUer wrote that he or she was glad to have not brought children into this world. Predictably, others stepped in to rail against a statement.

It's something that happens to people who have decided not to reproduce. Those who have reproduced seem to take umbrage about simple statements from those who have not. Predictable, but the politics of it don't make much sense.

In 1965, after reading about the dangers of overpopulation on this planet, I made the decision not to participate in adding to the population. The math made sense. Since then, there are over 4 billion more people on the planet than there were in 1965. The math was correct. Now, the topic is global climate change, which is caused by humans burning stuff and adding CO2 to the atmosphere. The topic is no longer overpopulation, but the impact of such overpopulation on climate.

In 1965, most of the writings were concerned with the ability of the planet to feed and shelter all those additional people. I don't remember any mention of our impact on the weather and climate. But, same cause, same argument.

It was unusual in 1965 to declare that you wouldn't cause any children to be born. I didn't broadcast that, because doing so got the expected, "You're so selfish" comment. Instead I paired up with partners who had the same opinions as I did and we lived happily ever after, more or less.

It's shocking, in a way, to hear the same arguments brought when someone mentions not reproducing. My not making more humans has zero negative impact on anyone else. It has a neutral effect on pretty much everything. Yet, some people find it troubling that I would have made such a decision.

Well, I'll be 79 years old next month. I'm approaching the end of my life. As I think about things as they are, I am reinforced in my belief that I did the right thing. I don't argue that everyone should have done as I did. None of my business, really. But, I'm feeling justified in making that decision, while being sad that more people did not do the same.

I remain glad that I did not add to the problem. It is what it is.

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Your decision is your decision. yagotme Jun 21 #1
I just didn't want to spend my life taking care leftyladyfrommo Jun 22 #107
When my current wife and I got married, she was thinking about having another kid. yagotme Jun 22 #111
I, too, chose not to have children. Lonestarblue Jun 21 #2
Exactly. MineralMan Jun 21 #4
the same way we feel.... bahboo Jun 21 #32
Amen! LoisB Jun 21 #65
So many peolpe think that education only benfits the students who receive it. That's nonsense, soldierant Jun 21 #97
thank you Skittles Jun 22 #105
Yes many life styles/choices MotownPgh Jun 21 #3
It always seemed odd to me. MineralMan Jun 21 #6
We decided to have a couple children. They are now in their 30's and they have decided NOT to have children progressoid Jun 21 #5
Three of my four children have made the same decision Mossfern Jun 21 #23
I have always found it rather odd, particularly on DU. TwilightZone Jun 21 #7
I've never understood the pro-procreation bit... Think. Again. Jun 21 #8
It's a biological need. Just normal for a species MotownPgh Jun 21 #54
Yes, I understand the survival of the species bit... Think. Again. Jun 21 #69
I have never personally felt any social MotownPgh Jun 21 #93
This is true. It's a tremendous drive, and can only be partly overridden by the rational brain... Hekate Jun 21 #75
I agree about how forced parenthood can be used to enslave women... Think. Again. Jun 21 #84
It keeps women dependent on men and out of the work force. Diamond_Dog Jun 21 #82
Yes, I BlueSky3 Jun 22 #108
Well said. I had been neutral about the subject seeing the benefits of not having children both for myself and earth captain queeg Jun 21 #9
Post removed Post removed Jun 21 #10
What a wonderful memory you have! MineralMan Jun 21 #17
Okay, that's enough. Iggo Jun 21 #24
Women get people's unsolicited opinion about their childlessness even more. CrispyQ Jun 21 #11
That's definitely true. MineralMan Jun 21 #18
This is January 2018 JustAnotherGen Jun 21 #88
Those of us who teach leave a legacy of students taught. Children seem less necessary then. eppur_se_muova Jun 21 #12
Not having children is a personal decision. patphil Jun 21 #13
I made my decision not to have children and have not Polly Hennessey Jun 21 #14
And yet we hear about populations getting older with no young people to fill posts question everything Jun 21 #15
There are plenty of already born persons who would love these jobs that you speak of. 1WorldHope Jun 21 #26
And then what? California and New Mexico suffer from chronic shortage of water question everything Jun 22 #110
Growth is a Ponzi scheme Random Boomer Jun 21 #28
The business environment will need less and less employees as time goes by Stargazer99 Jun 21 #30
There are plenty of people for jobs - the issue is whether greedy owners will pay them. nt TBF Jun 21 #98
In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't make any difference Kaleva Jun 21 #16
Well, of course one person's choice does not affect MineralMan Jun 21 #19
Thank you -- I knew at 12 I didn't want children obamanut2012 Jun 21 #20
Thanks for your reply. MineralMan Jun 21 #21
I made this choice too Johnny2X2X Jun 21 #22
Life is filled with choices Random Boomer Jun 21 #29
Another choice IbogaProject Jun 21 #25
Thank you for your reflections on this MM. Quakerfriend Jun 21 #27
I'm not sure about the tax breaks. MineralMan Jun 21 #33
I think the point was climate change will have catastrophic consequences, surfered Jun 21 #31
You're right, of course. MineralMan Jun 21 #41
We have no children either and I often worry about the end. surfered Jun 21 #43
I do, as far as that is possible. MineralMan Jun 21 #50
Between all of them, my siblings produced 6 kids Bayard Jun 21 #34
I'm concerned, too. I was concerned back in 1965. MineralMan Jun 21 #37
China had a one child only policy.... rubbersole Jun 21 #35
That's true, as far as it goes. MineralMan Jun 21 #38
There were a couple of terrible, terrible flaws in their plan. #1 No social safety net for old people... Hekate Jun 21 #78
I am trying to raise other people's kids to better aware and haele Jun 21 #36
It's all really complex, isn't it? MineralMan Jun 21 #39
Have kids or don't have kids. It's everyone's personal decision IMO and I support having that choice 100% Diamond_Dog Jun 21 #40
I've heard this from rw family members (maga brother). rubbersole Jun 21 #46
Listen, I've heard people complain about MotownPgh Jun 21 #102
Arg ... Diamond_Dog Jun 21 #104
We took the guidance of ZPG (Zero Population Growth) calimary Jun 21 #42
I considered that, and decided that MineralMan Jun 21 #45
calimary, I wish more men were like your husband Diamond_Dog Jun 21 #53
It really nailed it into place permanently for me. calimary Jun 21 #80
Even a normal pregnancy is trauma to a woman's body. Diamond_Dog Jun 21 #81
No shit, Sherlock! And I went back for seconds. calimary Jun 21 #83
My first labor lasted 40 hours start to finish. Diamond_Dog Jun 21 #85
I got lucky in that department. calimary Jun 21 #87
Unbelievable. That poor woman. Diamond_Dog Jun 21 #91
Around the same time I made the decision not to reproduce for the exact same reason. camartinwv Jun 21 #44
It's always an individual decision, or should be. MineralMan Jun 21 #48
My high school class had an unusually large amount of only children. jimfields33 Jun 21 #101
I am fully in favor of whatever people choose for themselves genxlib Jun 21 #47
That's the only sensible thing. MineralMan Jun 21 #49
Yeah....like this Bettie Jun 22 #112
That sounds so "Un-DU'er" like to rail against someones personal decision like that. I did not see the thread but Cheezoholic Jun 21 #51
I agree. I am responsible only for my own choices. MineralMan Jun 21 #52
I never wanted to have children. (A bit off topic.) Dem2theMax Jun 21 #55
Thank you for your reply. MineralMan Jun 21 #57
I'm with you. I never brought children into the world, but Sogo Jun 21 #56
I have no brief with those who did have children. MineralMan Jun 21 #58
Hey MM DENVERPOPS Jun 21 #59
Older Gen X were teh first gen to have a lower SOL than the previous one obamanut2012 Jun 21 #66
I'm with you. I do have children, but with the way the world is right now judesedit Jun 21 #60
Here, here! Charlie Chapulin Jun 21 #61
A few years later (in '65 I was only 17) I made the decision to only have "replacements" i.e. 2 kids Hekate Jun 21 #62
I know. I didn't expect to see the crisis develop as it has. MineralMan Jun 21 #71
What is this choice of which you speak! Croney Jun 21 #63
Unless it is a choice to do something that causes harm to others, I don't understand why a person's LoisB Jun 21 #64
As a young man, I decided not to have children, with the caveat that the right woman could convince me, bluescribbler Jun 21 #67
Yes. I have had to tell more than one person that. MineralMan Jun 21 #72
If someone points out that an evil stupid person Arne Jun 21 #68
Things always seem to reduce to the lowest common denominator... Think. Again. Jun 21 #73
When I recently saw the documentary Arne Jun 21 #74
If entropy has anything to do with it, devolution here we come. Think. Again. Jun 21 #76
Not having children is good for the environment lakeguy Jun 21 #70
Pawprint Arne Jun 21 #77
I too made the same decision. I turned 70 this year. sarchasm Jun 21 #79
I would have adopted or become a foster parent TexasBushwhacker Jun 21 #86
I never wanted children, never did and neither did my two siblings. betsuni Jun 21 #89
I feel that Unwind Your Mind Jun 21 #103
Narcissists! Yes, same. betsuni Jun 22 #106
same vow joanbarnes Jun 21 #90
You were praciticing freedom Ohioboy Jun 21 #92
The fact that others would criticize you for doing something senseandsensibility Jun 21 #94
In those days it must have seemed to violate the whole purpose of life. NH Ethylene Jun 21 #95
It is not just population size - rich countries and people are out-sized greenhouse gas generators. waterwatcher123 Jun 21 #96
my cats + my art are my babies. and then there is my multitude of adopted collections. pansypoo53219 Jun 21 #99
whoa, thank you Mineral Man... bluboid Jun 21 #100
Your choice, of course. My main concern... Happy Hoosier Jun 22 #109
Well, as long as seniors vote... MineralMan Jun 22 #113
You may be in a position to not worry about it. Happy Hoosier Jun 22 #114
Saying that the world is overpopulated by humans is a non-sequitur. hunter Jun 22 #115
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