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there are none so blind as he who will not see. maxsolomon Jun 21 #1
It's punishment for parents who do not teach their kids "Christian" values. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #2
Just my opinion atreides1 Jun 21 #4
Yes but they want everyone else to toe the line. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #5
Their line malaise Jun 21 #11
Yes people don't accept their dogma voluntarily. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #12
Absolutely correct malaise Jun 21 #14
Flip it!!! Grins Jun 21 #3
The GQP reminds me of Salem, Massachusetts - witch trials................... Lovie777 Jun 21 #6
The 10 Commandments is NOT "a historical document." pandr32 Jun 21 #7
Not even a Bible version: cbabe Jun 21 #8
The Five Pillars of Islam are also historical. tblue37 Jun 21 #9
I'd like to see this attacked by religionists for using a wrong/false version. RockRaven Jun 21 #10
Most won't care. Igel Jun 21 #23
Post it next to this one. DJ Porkchop Jun 21 #13
ignorant asshole needs to be disbarred. She clearly does not know the Constitution. CurtEastPoint Jun 21 #15
It's pretty obvious she doesn't care about the Constitution. joshdawg Jun 21 #18
They are not her students. LiberalFighter Jun 21 #16
Which version gets posted? surfered Jun 21 #17
It is even more fragmented than that. Wikipedia differentiates 8 variations. RockRaven Jun 21 #20
No ones stopping anyone from hanging them in their homes for kids to see.... Karadeniz Jun 21 #19
Squirm. Tie yourself into a pretzel. BWdem4life Jun 21 #21
I always saw the 10 commandments as a bible story. There is no proof it's an histroical document. patphil Jun 21 #22
"Don't look at it" Skittles Jun 21 #24
Someone there needs to introduce a bill to put the "5 Pillars of Islam" up on the wall. GoodRaisin Jun 22 #25
Arrogance: an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or .... SupportSanity Jun 22 #26
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