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Well, Howdy! You may know me better as GreenPartyVoter. GPV Jun 22 #1
🙌🏽 blm Jun 22 #2
Hello, lurker LotusBlossom!! Lunabell Jun 22 #3
IT'S ABOUT TIME! Skittles Jun 22 #4
How nice to meet you! leftieNanner Jun 22 #5
I lurked a long time, too Easterncedar Jun 22 #6
Me too! MotownPgh Jun 23 #101
The time for a thing is when it happens. WheelWalker Jun 22 #7
Your words have to be the most profound words I've heard in a long time. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 22 #18
Thank you! lotusblossom Jun 23 #82
Hello! Kaleva Jun 22 #8
I lurked for three years before joining Xavier Breath Jun 22 #9
Hi. Don the asbestos undergarments of your choice Disaffected Jun 22 #10
5 posts of all time AND willing to serve on juries Tetrachloride Jun 22 #11
A new bright shiny star, too! n/t Backseat Driver Jun 22 #22
Hi! Go Joe!!! 🌊 !!! Think. Again. Jun 22 #12
Yeah 😀 malaise Jun 22 #13
Why the rush? JK. Wecome and pleased to meet you!! appalachiablue Jun 22 #14
Flowers for you LotusBlossom, I didn't mean be snarky. Glad you're here! appalachiablue Jun 23 #88
No problem lotusblossom Jun 23 #106
Hi There ProfessorGAC Jun 22 #15
Welcome to DU lotusblossom. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 22 #16
i was online when the great du hack of 2016 occured . du is one of my main contacts with the ouside world and AllaN01Bear Jun 22 #17
I sensed you were there. So many remain anonymous. Glad you came out with your pseudonym. jaxexpat Jun 22 #19
You may be what's needed to encourage others. Arne Jun 22 #20
Welcome to DU! . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 22 #21
We've been waiting for you to speak up! Nevilledog Jun 22 #23
welcome into the daylight ms blossom rampartc Jun 22 #24
Welcome lotusblossom! Glad you finally decided to take the plunge. Look forward to your posts. Fla Dem Jun 22 #25
Nice to meet you SallyHemmings Jun 22 #26
I lurked for several years before joining. ChazII Jun 22 #27
STAR Former Lurker too!! WELCOME!!!! IA8IT Jun 22 #28
Well,... aren't you the shy one. magicarpet Jun 22 #29
Aloha! pandr32 Jun 22 #30
Hi! tavernier Jun 22 #31
Hi there lotusblossom canetoad Jun 22 #32
Hi! I remember seeing your name on a post in a thread no too long ago! ms liberty Jun 22 #33
I'm nearly 20 years and very low posting count,,,, KarenS Jun 22 #39
Most of us lurked. Glad you stepped out from MOMFUDSKI Jun 22 #34
Hi!! KarenS Jun 22 #35
I also lurked for twenty years. Grumpy Old Guy Jun 22 #36
Good for you! badhair77 Jun 22 #37
Glad to see you I've been here and posting for 23 years myself. Archae Jun 22 #38
Welcome lotusblossom!!! Glad you're here. I lurked for a decade. Evolve Dammit Jun 22 #40
Your post inspired me to speak up. lotusblossom Jun 22 #75
Cool! It took me a long time too Evolve Dammit Jun 23 #86
Welcome! ChazInAz Jun 22 #41
I'm glad you finally took the plunge! Don't be shy, we're all friends here. catbyte Jun 22 #42
Welcome Star Member Lurker! Hekate Jun 22 #43
I've been donating for years. lotusblossom Jun 22 #68
Welcome to DU Marthe48 Jun 22 #44
welcome aboard! Takket Jun 22 #45
So glad you finally took the plunge.....welcome. a kennedy Jun 22 #46
This place has always been a haven in a crazy world. sellitman Jun 22 #47
I'm overwhelmed! lotusblossom Jun 22 #48
Hello, from another long time lurker. lobointexas Jun 22 #49
In a similar boat catchnrelease Jun 22 #50
greetings, and The Wandering Harper Jun 22 #51
You just blossomed! True Dough Jun 22 #52
Yikes! Well, welcome to the board! Rhiannon12866 Jun 22 #53
Hey lotusblossom! A big flowering HI THERE!!! calimary Jun 22 #54
Welcome LotusBlossom! c-rational Jun 22 #55
Hi! Nice to meet you! I got here just a couple of months after you did, highplainsdem Jun 22 #56
Howdy Charlie Chapulin Jun 22 #57
Hello! Love your post lotusblossom!😍 lucca18 Jun 22 #58
Me too. lotusblossom Jun 22 #66
Same here! niyad Jun 23 #90
Hi! Tyche Jun 22 #59
Welcome aboard! nt Dulcinea Jun 22 #60
Hi MustLoveBeagles Jun 22 #61
Lotus dear don't make a snap decision. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #62
Can someone tell me how one lurks? 1WorldHope Jun 22 #63
Someone who reads the messages on a forum but does not actively participate. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #64
Thank you Irish. 1WorldHope Jun 22 #70
I am on a number of other forums and DU is very well run. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #71
What a lovely screen name. 3catwoman3 Jun 22 #65
Hello glad to see you! Tree Lady Jun 22 #67
Wow. Way to stay 🤫 quiet! AKwannabe Jun 22 #69
Been here myself since the Bush-Gore election debacle in 2000, kskiska Jun 22 #72
Nice to see your lovely font. nolabear Jun 22 #73
I've been a member since 2009 kellytore Jun 22 #74
Welcome to DU DJ Porkchop Jun 23 #76
Nice to meet you, LotusBlossom! Talitha Jun 23 #77
Why now? W_HAMILTON Jun 23 #78
A Pulitzer Prize-worthy Lurker! The Roux Comes First Jun 23 #79
About damned time you came in from the cold! Welcome. niyad Jun 23 #80
Welcome, Lotus! sakabatou Jun 23 #81
Welcome, lotus blossom! electric_blue68 Jun 23 #83
I didn't lurk quite that long but I joined the day after you did. FightingIrish Jun 23 #84
Welcome!!! COL Mustard Jun 23 #85
I don't want to be a dick... (at least for this one moment), but you may want to check your math.. denbot Jun 23 #87
I thought my 'dark' mode was a little brighter. Prairie_Seagull Jun 23 #89
Hey there, nice to meet you! Timeflyer Jun 23 #91
🌸 Donkees Jun 23 #92
What a beautiful greeting.. Deuxcents Jun 23 #102
Hi! Glad you're here with your voice! 70sEraVet Jun 23 #93
I'm a great believer in procrastinating, Conjuay Jun 23 #94
Hello, previous lurker now known to us as lotusblossom, glad to have you aboard. lark Jun 23 #95
Let he, or she, who hasn't lurked, throw the first Tombstone Pizza! So glad you made your move, lotus blossom! Judi Lynn Jun 23 #96
Well, hey there. blogslug Jun 23 #97
Welcome lotisblossom. Glad you're aboard. oasis Jun 23 #98
Glad you are here. Let the party begin. twodogsbarking Jun 23 #99
Well, hello there! IthinkThereforeIAM Jun 23 #100
Thank you all so much for the incredible welcome!!! lotusblossom Jun 23 #103
Howdy from the woods south of the peoples republic of Austin! BlueTexasMan Jun 23 #104
Hi, back! Bayard Jun 23 #105
Hi! And welcome! I hope this isn't too personal soldierant Jun 23 #107
My real name is Lois and my best friend through my school years always called me Lotusblossom or Lotus. lotusblossom Jun 23 #108
Ah! Makes sense. soldierant Jun 23 #109
Welcome. TomSlick Jun 23 #110
I was also a long time lurker, almost 20 years 10 Turtle Day Jun 24 #111
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